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@ all the starco shippers who are salty about the new clip about Star and Tom: why can’t y'all just let them dance


SO DARON NEFCY WANTS TO FUCKIN KILL US you genius Just when Tom and Marco were finally getting along… I mean, we know Safe Kid will be totally triggered ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° My dear fandom, are we in for some “A minute ago she was just a friend and now she has feelings for me but now this other guy seems to be getting her attention and idk why but I hate it” drama!!!! Let’s not forget that Marco never actually answered Star ;) I’m just sayin… Careful Tom…

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I see that you finally got around to Rogue One! Any feelings on Spiritassassin (Chirrut/Baze, most married couple in space)? I'm not-so-secretly hoping you ship it and are inspired to write because I love your work. =)

i most certainly do ship it (i CRIED AND YELLED AT THE TV THERE WERE TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE) but hhhhh as inspiring as their tale was, i think it was told so damn well already, i don’t have anything to add?? at least not at this moment in time. idk it’s SO RAW AND MY HEART IS ALL HHGHGHGH *quiet mourning sounds*

but i really appreciate that you’re thinking of my writing 

oh god my feelings help me ;A;



“That’s what you call her, is it not?” Ren said, the natural soft cadence of his voice conflicting with the sharpness that had lanced through it at the mention of his mother. “General.“

An aftermath, of sorts.

A year later, and I finally updated.  Cheers, mate, and thanks to all the people who’ve supported me through the hell that has been finishing my degree.


Headcanon theory!

The new clip is from the past. The castle is too pretty and Star and Tom of COURSE started off as “I’m only accepting you now because our parents are staring…” before they figured out that “Hey, you are actually pretty nice.”

Thing is, if this is from the past there’s only two ways to do it. Reminiscing with your own memories or someone telling it.

I have this theory that Tom is telling Marco this, since why would he be telling this to Star. (Marco PHD anyone?) Tom is starting to get more comfortable around his new friend and is open to tell him about his past with Star.

Of course that means that episode can only end in tears. Their relationship ended, that has to come up in the episode.


Sorta Too Little Too Late

starts about ten seconds after everyone in the crater was wondering where Moon went off to

A portal ripped itself open, and Tom, Janna, Ponyhead, and an axe-wielding Miss Skullnick rushed out. 

Tom looked around before glaring at Marco, “We missed it?”

“Yep,” Marco said. “Sorry.”

 “Wait, missed…what?” Ponyhead asked. “I can’t tell if this was a serious rave or something serious. Star, girl, was this something serious?”

 “How did you guys know to come?” Star asked.

 “Oh, yeah, that was me,” Marco said. “This was kind of my backup plan since I didn’t really know what was going on in Mewni. So I told my parents if I wasn’t back in a week to call Janna over and have her summon Tom and tell him where I went.”

“I’m a week late?!?” Tom yelped, briefly bursting into flames..

“No! Well, yes…I didn’t know I was going to get locked in a dungeon!” Marco said. “…Why is Miss Skullnick here?”

“Well since somebody didn’t leave any details I didn’t know what was going on and mom said to bring an adult since she was worried I’d, I don’t know, burn the kingdom down or something,” Tom said. “I’m pretty sure she meant Brian but he’s on a trip to the Lake of Lost Souls to do some lava surfing and I didn’t want to bother him and then Janna here said your teacher was a troll great with heavy weaponry and I thought ‘you know, probably better in combat than Brian anyway!’”

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