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It is my ‘day off’ so to say and I have the weirdest to do list?!

1 - Clean room (like intensly i even got to change my bed covers. The fucking horror)

2 - Shower

3 - Take selfies. Because I feel as though I have not done this in a while and I hope no one has forgotten that I am stunning LET’S BE REAl queen for a reason.

4 - Then buy food

5 - make a video (thanks avengers-on-the-uss-enterprise) called hire me as your babysitter. DON’T EVEN ASK just wait till I have done it.

6 - work on ds9 episode


8 - build a star ship.

Oh and somewhere in there, have a nap too. Poor Worf, he is sleeping but I got get his ass off my bed so I can change bed sheets n stuff. So er, today. Should be interesting?! I mean of course getting 100% distracted by Data thoughts will happen too I often lose an hour or 2 a day because of that, and that is on a good day. Need to build a queue up too. Well it is 9 am. I better get on this shit rn. 

drabble: future

my only excuse is that I love the Krogan. drabble. post ME3

Wrex’s grandson is born with soft grass beneath his feet instead of radioactive dust in his lungs.

He’s not the first Krogan born outside of Tuchanka, but he is the first of Wrex’s grandchildren to be born not on their homeworld. He’s one of the first births on one of the colonies the Council gave them, and it shows. He’s a strange kid, this Urdnot Rylan, now almost a half a century old and one of Wrex’s favorites, though he’d admit that to no one.

(Bakara knows. Bakara always knows.)

He gets his from his mother, Wrex’s fifth daughter, Urdnot Tali. Like her namesake, Wrex’s daughter likes ships and stars more than war and fighting—it never surprised him that she wanted to be one of the first to help colonize one of the new worlds.

Her son is even stranger. Rylan likes poetry and art, wouldn’t know what to do with a gun if you gave him one. He talks excitedly about wanting to attend an Asari university someday. His best friends are a geth and a quarian, and between the three of them, the quarian is probably the toughest, physically. Rylan wants to be an archaeologist someday. Like Aunt Liara, granddad! He wants to make the Krogan great again, wants the whole galaxy to know them as more than fighters, but as poets, lovers, artists, intellectuals–a cultured people.

This is your fault, Shepard. Wrex thinks, not unkindly, about a woman three-centuries dead, and wonders if he’ll be the first Krogan to die of old age.

My Personal Thoughts on Star and Tom

Please note that I am purposefully leaving this out of any ship tags. Also, I am not attempting to stop anyone who thinks Star and Tom are a cute couple. This is simply my take on them. I will be as respectful as I possibly can, and I’m even putting this under a ‘Read more’ so that, if you choose to read this, it is your own choice. I will happily answer any calm and non-hateful asks I get on this subject, I’ll have a friendly debate if you want to. I will not, however, answer or even pay attention to any rude or hurtful messages I get. I just felt that I needed to get this out there.

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I wasn’t super into this show before but this episode won me over! bahaha

also while I was drawing this I realized everybody on the show has 4 fingers….but I drew them with 5 xD 


The Fastest Ship in the Universe: How Sci-fi Ships Stack Up

From the Millennium Falcon to the USS Enterprise, science fiction has shown us a vast array of out-of-this-world spaceships that defy our rules of physics. Website FatWallet has rounded up some of your favorite intergalactic crafts from television, film and video games, along with real NASA spacecraft, to compare and speculate who has the fastest ship in the universe.

Do you ever join a fandom and see two characters and just think; ‘I fucking ship it’ and you start wondering if other people ship it and you start to get worried because it’s such a fucking crazy ass ship but then you search it up AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY FUCKING SHIP IT TOO AND YOU GET SO FUCKING EXCITED BECAUSE THEYRE JUST LIKE YOU

Signs when reading fanfiction


Taurus: I feel so single right now *tub of ice cream*

Gemini:  Ships themselves with everyone in the story

Cancer: Is now convinced that they are destined to marry this person/creature


Virgo: …lol 

Libra: Aww this is too cute just staahp


Sagittarius: Screaming internally….maybe out loud

Capricorn:  Well that was entertaining

Aquarius: Is writing the fanfiction