star shaped design

I havent actually properly finished her outfit and props yet but I wanted to introduce everyone to my new baby


Spomenik: Monument to the Fallen Soldiers of the Kosmaj Partisan Detachment by Vojin Stojic & Gradimir Medaković (1970)

“The most obvious symbolic form embodied in this spomenik is that of the five-pointed star. This star (specifically the red star) was a pervasive and essential symbol to Yugoslavia, which symbolized strength and resistance, most specifically against fascism and Nazi occupation. As such, the star shape of this spomenik, designed by Vojin Stojic & Gradimir Medaković, would seem to be very appropriate given the events which transpired here.” (Info via

Some Ahsokas!


Imo… WTF are SW posters now?
So dark, adult and gritty…

And no… TPM teaser poster is amazing, no.

tried human demons 

or as I like to call it


Dot “If I add eye lashes, you remind me of rock lee” Matrix

and “Cheekbones so sharp they can make a tear in the universe” Kryptos