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okay so there’s a popular post going around that’s having a bit of a laugh at one of the moves steve did in the lemurian star sequence in catws. i’m all for finding the amusement in things but given that steve’s fighting style is an amalgamation of martial arts, one of which i have been doing for 11 going on 12 years, the whole post kinda bugged me.

so here’s an accurate breakdown of this move (under a readmore bc it got long) based on what i know, and what would happen if steve tried it on the winter soldier:

the move:

the techniques:

now it might look like he’s jumping into the guy’s arms, but there’s actually a lot going on here.

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So, about Mark’s new car…

I’m not gonna lie, when I woke up this morning, I was a bit ecstatic. Today was the DAY. October 23rd, the date set in stone. The day Mark promised (wink wonk) he’d be back. And, I was hoping, with answers for all of us about WKM!

But that’s not the case, is it?

When I first watched Mark’s video this morning (or, yesterday, more like, since it’s nearly four f*ckin’ AM as I type this) I just thought Mark Fischbach was back in all his goofy glory, ready to present us with this so-called ‘new content’ he’s kept mentioning. But now, watching it again, my theory nerves are still tingling…

First of all– and yes, I know there’s been posts about this one already, but for those who haven’t seen– take a look at Mark’s starting pose from the video today.

Tell me now, does that pose remind you of something?

Or, more specifically… someone?

Because it should.

I won’t dwell too long on this point since it’s already been mentioned a few times here, but… it’s gotten me thinking.

Next up we have that flashy high-roller dream sequence, starring Mark’s new wheels:

Are those colors around Mark familiar to you? Also– did you notice that the flashy effects were the same glowy effects from a certain, I dunno, drunk sequence?

Because I happen to recall the time 1:30 AM flashing with those same effects.

Besides that (and the uncanny way the video was FILMED, thanks for that Mark) there’s one more thing that strikes me as suspicious…

Why? Why is Mark even doing this?

Because I’m not buying that “4-hour drive to Cracker Barrel any time we want” junk.

Someone buying a used vehicle (a white van, no less) from someone they don’t know over the span of less than 24 hours…

To me, that sounds like an escape vehicle. An escape vehicle that criminal doesn’t want authorities to be able to use to track him down. Yeah, that’s right, Mark. I’ve watched National Treasure.

And not to mention, that whole “RESPEC” thing? The fact that Mark’s initial thought was to get a vehicle others would respect, rather than that whole Cracker Barrel nonsense?

Hmm, I wonder who else demands respect?

Someone who, perhaps, has been pushed aside… replaced… mocked?

That whole “RESPEC” thing– nope. I’m not buying it.

Because it sounds to me like a certain somebody has taken control of Mark, is pretending to be as stupid as he assumes him to be, and is now planning his escape with a vehicle that can’t be tracked to him.

Stay paranoid, my friends.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Mark’s not quite done with us yet…


If Ben & Sophie did a romantic movie together

  • shainblumphotography“Crater Lake Startrails” 🌌 Crater Lake is one of my favorite places to go stargazing. The low light pollution and awesome views, make for a really amazing experience. Here’s a star trail timelapse. The sequence is made up of over 500 images and spans about 5 hours. Music by @jteveringham
After watching “Twin Suns”

Obi-wan is the strongest character in the whole Star Wars universe. No one will ever change my mind about this. Never ever.

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