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After watching “Twin Suns”

Obi-wan is the strongest character in the whole Star Wars universe. No one will ever change my mind about this. Never ever.

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Lost In Star Wars

Part 1: Lost in Poe Dameron’s room

Summary: Poe Dameron x reader. Lost in Austen au. You love Star Wars. You love everything to do with it. You love all the characters except one. You know which one I mean. One day you hear a noise coming from the bedroom in your flat and you go to investigate.

A/N: Lost in Austen was a 4 part mini series for ITV on British tv. It was crazy and it was pretty much a reader insert. You can find it online. Darcy has a big hat. This will contain several new characters and is set just after TFA. Also i’ll mostly base this off just the movies because I don’t know much about the extended universe or anything else. This will be my first series that’s neato. Female pronouns. You live in England just because I wanted to make one single joke.

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It is a truth generally acknowledged that we are all longing to escape. You escape always to your favourite franchise, Star Wars. You’ve watched it so many times now that you dream of it and it’s like you’re actually there. It’s a galaxy you know so intimately, that you can see it and that you can touch it. You can see the Skywalkers, the lightsabers and that time Anakin was shirtless…….Woah there! You thought. Let’s take this down a little. Now where were you?

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sing, o goddess—
the epic starts with her
crossing the threshold
of a book store,
stealing everyone’s eyes,
rendering all the words
in the world
there are:
entire passages
dedicated to how
she is the only thing i see,
to speculation
as to her origin,
for how did one such as her
come to be?
(who is she?
was she carved into life
a la galatea?
or did she rise from sea foam
as dear aphrodite?
is she a witch? a goddess?
or is she a hallucination?
i think she may be a siren song).
there are:
extended similes
that liken her to the sun,
that compare her brief visit
to the life cycle of a star
(nebula, main-sequence star,
supergiant, supernova,
black hole
black hole
black hole).
there is:
an ekphrasis
for her image
(a spring garden in full bloom,
a sunrise, a sunset,
a time-lapse, timeless,
lovely, so lovely,
this poem is for her,
for the fairest, καλλίστῃ)
and it remains
burnt across the back of my eyelids
months after,
—  O.M., dear stranger i hope we’ll meet again and you’ll tell me your name so i can fill in all these blanks in my poetry / from the list of people i’ve fallen for

[prediction] Here’s what may happen in “Bon Bon The Birthday Clown”.

Star and Janna are attacked by either the titular clown or Ludo (either way they’re in great danger). During his date with Jackie, Marco somehow realizes that the princess is in danger and leaves the girl behind, because it’s too dangerous, and rushes in Star’s rescue.

We are then blessed with a great Star/Marco action sequence and the two defeat the villain of the week. Jackie may (or may not) even surprise-join the fight, proving that she’s not afraid to be part of Marco’s (now) crazy life.

After the climax, Star and Marco head back home, but this is where the real disgusting shit hits the fully powered fan. In a scene that mirrors and contrasts the sweet balcony sequence from “Blood Moon Ball”, Marco gets mad at Star. That was supposed to be his night with Jackie, but the princess had to mess things up as usual; he wanted her to stay out of trouble for just one night but no, he had to look after her like a babysitter, as usual.

Star gets teary-eyed but doesn’t say anything, because Marco is right.
She just locks herself into her room, maybe even considering the idea of going back to Mewni. As the princess heads upstairs, Marco tries to apologize for how harsh he’s been but it’s too late: their friendship has been cleaved.


Go on,” Ren says, desperate to give Hux something he needs. “You can have them. They’re all for you.”

“Where did you find them?” Hux asks, a slight tremble rising in his voice when as he continues to stare at the buttons, wanting to take them but afraid, too, that Ren is only ever going to be a cruel trick, another heartless joke at Hux’s expense.

“I made them for you.”


More art from Chapter 4 of Under the Ruins of a Walled City. @hollyhark continues to alternately inspire and destroy me, like some terrible god.


Moon Eternal, Make Up

Description: The command that Usagi Tsukino used to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.

User: Usagi Tsukino
First Appearance: Episode 168
Last Appearance: Episode 196
Upgrade: None
Item Required: Eternal Moon Article


  • Transformation: Usagi used her Eternal Moon Article to transform into her alter ego, Eternal Sailor Moon. This involved changing her appearance and gaining new powers.
  • Hyper Form: This transformation gave Sailor Moon the ability to achieve her strongest form. Her skills, powers, and energy were unrivaled to any other Sailor Senshi.
  • Lunar Empowerment: By transforming into Eternal Sailor Moon, Usagi also became strengthened by the Moon. This allowed her to become stronger, faster, more durable, and unlock new abilities.
  • Feather Manipulation: During Usagi’s transformation sequence, white feathers swirled around various parts of her body to create pieces of her sailor fuku.

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