star saphhire

Fusion Attempt #36

Sapphire: So, you feel more comfortable now?
Peridot: No. I mean - Yes! Yes. Okay. I think I can do this now.
Ruby: Okay, baby! Let’s do this!
Peridot: What exactly does a human infant has to do with it?
Sapphire: You’re confusing her, Ruby. Let me do it.
Peridot: W-wait -
Ruby: What? No way! I wanna be the first one to do it with her!
Peridot: Oh my stars.
Saphhire: She needs somebody calm.
Ruby: Oh, so you know who she needs?
Sapphire: No. But I can see.
Peridot: Eh … guys, I-I
Ruby: But I was so excited for this!
Peridot: You were? *sweats
Sapphire: Calm down, Ruby. More importantly what you want, is what Peridot wants. So let her decide.
Ruby: You’re right, Sapphy. Sorry Peridot. Who do you choose?
Peridot: I … I feel a little pressure here.
Sapphire: It’s okay. Relax. Nothing has to happen. We just want to help you. You take your time.
Ruby: Though it’ll be amazing with me, I tell ya.
Peridot: *gulp
Sapphire: With me, too.
Ruby: Weeelll. It’s true. Can’t argue with that.
Peridot: … ngh … .
Ruby: So?
Sapphire: Yes?
Ruby & Sapphire: ….
Ruby: Why does that always happen when we’re apart?