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So, I was going to do a big event or something for hitting 1K followers, but I’m beyond that now, so here’s just some shoutouts to some cool people:

Friend tag: #the punmaster (formerly #I should make a tag for you that’s just “the punmaster”)
Blog content: RWBY, Star Wars, history, puns, current events, and relatable writer feels
You and I have been mutuals for ages now, since the weird early days of both our blogs, and have known eachother IRL for even longer. It’s a weird friendship, one that involves silently liking eachothers’ posts, always submitting an ask when the other reblogs an ask meme, and nodding affirmatively at each other in the halls. Our blog contents are totally different, but it’s never been a problem. You’re a cool dude and I’m glad I’m following you.

Friend tag: #it’s that man again!
Blog content: Art inspiration, bands, absolutely everything Simon Pegg
I scrolled all the way back in our tumblr chat to find out when I first talked to you: last November. You were literally the only active Cornetto blog on my dash, we realized we were the same age, and next thing I knew we were having a conversation in which the world ended via bird invasion because people couldn’t stop swearing. That’s the thing; unlike people I’ve started conversations with online in the past, I never run out of things to talk to you about—movies, artist stuff, cultural and language differences, or just nothing at all—and no matter what, I end up laughing. (And because it’s an internet thing, either can simply vanish without explanation for a while and then turn up ages later like nothing happened with a random anecdote from school or whatever!) Yeah, I just like your art, and your blog, and you make my day better! (This is where I run out of things to say without repeating myself, throw a smoke bomb at the ground, and flee during the ensuing chaos to avoid embarrassing myself further.)

Friend tag: #c'mon and slam and welcome to the BARN VOID
Blog content: OFF (mostly ballman), geology and science, a LOT of Villainous as of late
Let’s make this a list of apologies: I’m sorry I dragged you onto this blue site with me, I’m sorry I got you utterly obsessed with Villainous (and OFF… and Undertale…), I’m sorry that I got you into drawing, I’m sorry that I elbowed you really hard in the clavicle when you grabbed my arm yesterday. Actually, you probably don’t think that I need to apologize for those things (aside from the elbow/clavicle part), but I must admit I feel a little guilty at how many things I’ve sucked you into. Anyways, yay you! I’m glad you find things you enjoy here.

Friend tag: #spork dork
Blog content: Star Trek, memes, more Star Trek, more memes
You. The infamous Spork. Unlike everyone else in this list, who are all sweethearts, you are a heartless bully and insufferable nerd. In all seriousness, though, whenever I open stdiscord you seem to be there, down to argue about star trek or hear out my rambling or whatnot. Being the longest-standing members, we’ve formed an odd sort of rapport built of mutual geekery and antagonism. It’ll be cool seeing you in horse country next November! Nerd.

Friend tag: #spirates
Blog content: Star Trek, Star Wars, Brooklyn 99, space stuff, little bit of Marvel
You’re the newest person to have a tag (get it? Mark Watney, space pirate. It fits the pattern), and I don’t really know what to say here? We haven’t really talked much, but I love your blog. Your stuff on my dash makes me smile, I keep getting drawn into the things that you like, and every time you get into and enjoy something I like (coughhotfuzzcough) I feel some irrational sense of accomplishment. Even if we don’t talk often, if ever, I admire you from afar.

some other various shoutouts: @maximamore, @shadowgoddess1367, @thewhovianthatlivesat221b, @doesnotloveyou, @platinumpencilz, @sandfordsmostwanted, @pinpirorin, everyone else I follow and see in my notifications. Keep doing what you’re doing! Yeah!


Rogue One Valentines

(with suggestions from @leechbrain and @foreign-eggplant)