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Gloomverse week day 3:  a redraw of one of your favourite panels or your favourite outfit a character has worn!

OKAY WOW. This…ended up looking so pretty? What the heck? This looks really good. Anyways, this is a redraw from page 675 (page 22 on The Date). This is one of my favorite panels from The Date arc because…IT’S SO FLIPPING GORGEOUS. also Ylil’s face kills me everytime because SHE LOOKS SO SAD

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important scenes in this darth maul book:

  • darth maul and sidious dressing up as tourists (which i can only imagine as a hawaiian shirt with shorts) to go and look at the jedi temple
  • darth maul going to a parking garage and just paying for parking like a normal person
  • darth maul using the force to twirl into a snowbank then “corkscrewing” back out
  • darth maul’s drink of choice at bars is pure water and he used the force to keep anyone from questioning this