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Sitting by the warmth of the fire, the sleeping bags in the cozy tent waiting for you to snuggle into them, warm food in your belly, mountain ranges surrounding you from all sides, and the expanse of the universe above your head; couldn’t have asked for more! It was really cold and windy on the night this was taken and I had to warm up my hands in between shooting to keep them going!

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil ( tumblr | instagram

me, seeing a scrap of cloth on the side of the road: hey yall do you think i could make a patch out of that

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僕らの描く未来 // re Kiramune☆All Stars

The Namikawa-Ryohei hug near the end was adorable.
Reminds me of when Kamiya’s signed ball knocked the back of a seat, rebounded and landed directly in a Kamiya fan’s hands that was like two rows in front of mine.
I love this song I love the Kiramune family……I’m not ready to hear 8piece live it’s just next week oh my god help.


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I’ve added a few new things to my jacket (and sadly lost a few) so I thought I’d update

Image 1: Long Live The Sad Ghost Club patch, Sora hugging a paopu fruit (Kingdom Hearts), heart pin, jack o lantern cat pin, neurodiversity pin (rainbow infinity), Makishima Yusuke (Yowamushi Pedal), BB8 spiny pin (Star Wars), Garden Witch pin, BMO pin (Adventure Time), sprout patch, Star Butterfly shirt pin (Star vs the Forces of Evil)
Image 2: Spoonie pin, elz pronoun path with a sprout, Cookie Cat “he left his family behind” pin (Steven Universe), nonverbal patch with vines, happy flappy owl pin, Lion pin (Steven Universe), alien head pin, Star Butterfly’s broken wand pin (Star vs the Forces of Evil), hedgehog pin
Image 3: Neurodivergent patch, W2R patch, stim freely neurodiversity patch
Image 4: Lavender cat patch, I owe you nothing knife patch
Image 5: Peridot patch (Steven Universe)
Image 6: Steven Universe star shirt and gem pin

but listen to this: luna lovegood cuddled inside her own weasley sweater. molly knows to make it a few sizes too big because luna loves to wrap the sleeves like a scarf around ginny’s neck. and she even sows on random patches of material of all different colors. mixing patterns and adding cute little star patches or hearts to the front. luna and ginny trying to squeeze into one sweater. molly sowing a little star onto ginny’s sweater to match luna. i cant deal with this.


Hello my fellow Tumblr users!

The last couple of months have been really rough for my family financially. So I’m hoping I can get a few commissions to help ends meet.

I will make custom patches with the picture(s) and/or text of your choosing.

2″- 3″ patches with one to two colors $5 each and three or more colors for $7

3.5″-5″ patches with one to two colors $7 and three or more colors $10

7″-9″ patches/back patches for vests/jackets one to two colors $12 three or more color $15

Bags/Purses/Totes $25 with your picture embroidered on it.

And if you want something super custom, I can totally do that.

Just send me a message, and we can discuss it.

I will be using Paypal for any orders I receive. :)

Thank you for your time, and consideration!

- A Shameless Fangirl (Anna)


So, I’ve been doing some prepping today, gotta make sure when my Quinn comes I have enough gifts to get him maxed out.. Agent Victoria Krell and him are going to make quite the pair.. I know there’s a lot of you Quinn haters out there, but.. I mean, who could stay mad at that?! such a strong, handsome, loyal to the Empire.. ahh, okay, yes I do have a man crush on him, but nevertheless, my agent is eager to return to her home on DK and server her purpose for the glorious Sith Empire.. rant done!

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Bob says Hello.

Long after the war with the Giants and the suffering and everything Percy and Annabeth were lying on the deck of the Argo II and looking at the Stars.

They saw a gleaming constellation that looked like a girl with a bow running across the sky.

Annabeth felt her heart tighten with Nostalgia.

But there was another bright patch of stars that looked like a burly mess of Silver in a Janitor’s Uniform and It seemed to spell something-It said Hello.

Percy started crying.

Annabeth snuggled into him and put her hand on his cheekbone wiping away the tears. He pursed his lips and kissed her.

Suddenly a cat dropped down from the sky startling them. It was a Skeleton Cat, with a familiar face. Annabeth picked it up.

‘I think I’m going to call it Gingersnow.’