star of ishtar

Ahhhhh guess who got stupidly lucky at the thrift store tonight! 😍


It was really dusty, but with some cleaning the blue really pops. Sort of a lapis lazuli on alabaster look, made of stained glass.

The only downside being that I don’t currently pray to Inanna or Ishtar. I’m kind of considering putting it on my altar as a reference to Attart, seeing as how often she gets conflated with them.


[Image Description-

Panel 1: Tamamo Cat, a female servant with large fluffy animal ears, wearing a large bow to tie back her hair and a large leather collar around her neck.  She  smiles as she says to an unknown figure, “So you’ve finally come this far Master… /I didn’t expect my scene to come so soon, I guess you’re after my paws?”

Panel 2: Tamamo cat smirks(uwu) expectantly and chuckles. Her collar is shown to have a large bell hanging off of it. Her enormous paws wrapping around her body are partially hidden in her sleeves and the claws are fully extended. Ishtar is partially viewed in the lower right corner, an amused look on her face with a small text above her showing her response, ‘Finally?’

End Description]

Tamamo Cat!!! Those paws! Must squeeze the pads! Why don’t we get more of you?

From Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant- Shinkai Dennou Rakudou SE.RA.PH by Nishide Kengoro.