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More great Yugioh Cosplays I got to see during Anime Expo!

One of my faves was getting a picture with these two lovely cosplayers @yaboymegan (Marik) and @kristiclescosplay (Yami Bakura)!!! Omg I was so happy! :D

One of the first people I saw in yugioh cosplay, and as Bakura (of course my fave)! XD Such a sweetie @ubichromeous!

Awesome Kaiba and Mokuba cosplayers, they had a case full of Yugioh Cards!

Found a group here! Yugi and Yami, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Seth, Jou, and Yami Bakura!

I just loved how this came out! Ryou looks so happy compared to his Yami! lol

Met another Yami Bakura and a Marik! he kept laughing so I kept laughing!

Got to met Takahata101 and Nick (Lanipator) Landis from Team Four Star! :D They were so awesome!

Got them to sign our scouter~!

OMG Yugioh Abridged and Merchandise?!

Even better I got to meet LittleKuriboh himself! XD He was so nice and didn’t know they were here! So it was a wonderful surprise, I love Yugioh and Dragon Ball Z Abridged!

I got Takahata101, Nick (Lanipator) Landis, and LittleKuriboh to sign my Millenium Ring Purse I made! ;p

Ran into a Yugi cosplayer, she was super great!

Now she is Lady Kaiba! Also another Kaiba in the house! XD

Saw also Marik and Isis too!

Found this awesome artist who had Yugioh mask and a framed pic of him! lol I loved it so much, it was hard to find stuff in the Artist Alley Yugioh themed - so thank you!

If I need to tag anyone or missed a tag let me know!


“Oh hello. What’s your name?”

“My name is Venus.”

“Wait a second. My name is Venus too!”

I finally painted in Venus!!! I’ll finish the painting of her siblings later, Calypso is next though. Venus has a bad sense of direction and would probably get lost in the Tomstar Children HQ tbh. Not to mention, she already looks like a Tomstar kid… Also, Venus doesn’t like the idea of having the same name as someone else.

Venus belongs to me

Venus Butterfly belongs to @starry-winds

Tomstar Children HQ belongs to the amazing @moringmark


Middle Assyrian Chalcedony Cylinder Seal with a Lion-Dragon, 1300-1200 BC

This has the image of Ashur*, chief god of Assyria, on a winged solar disc facing a scorpion-tailed lion-dragon**. Above the lion-dragon is a recumbent crescent moon, a symbol of Sin, the moon god and alongside it is an eight-pointed star which represents the goddess Ishtar. Next are seven dots representing the Sebittu, seven benevolent gods whose power could be harnessed against evil by means of magic incantation. Astrologically these dots were identified with the Pleiades. There were temples dedicated to the Sebbitu at the Assyrian cities of Kalhu (Nimrud), Dur-Sharrukin (Khorsabad) and Nineveh.

*The god in the winged sun disc could also be Shamash, the sun god. Scholars are not all in agreement over which god is being represented within the winged sun disc in Assyrian art. Ashur is an indistinct deity with no clear iconography of his own. When he is represented in art his attributes tend to be borrowed from another god (in this case Shamash), which makes it difficult to definitively identify him.

**The lion-dragon is a beast which could be a reference to either the chief Assyrian god Ashur, the moon god Sin or the storm god Adad.


I wanted to stick something pretty on my notebooks 

Ophelia’s hairpin is the best accessory in the game so far, you cant change my mind and I need 30 


Neo-Assyrian Chalcedony Cylinder Seal, C. 8th-7th Century BC

A presentation scene depicted between two border lines; to the right stands the goddess Ishtar, the most important female deity of ancient Mesopotamia, wearing a horned, cylindrical headdress with a globe on the top, her hair falling to her shoulders, with a single plait to her waist, she wears a long tiered and striated open robe over a kilt and there is a sword at her waist. The right hand of the goddess is extended, the palm facing outward and in her outstretched left hand she holds a circlet. As is the common method of depicting a divine character in the Mesopotamian world, she stands with her right leg advanced, and placed on the back of her recumbent lion attribute.

Behind the goddess stands a female worshipper, wearing a long fringed robe, different to that of the goddess, with short upturned hair and conical headdress. She holds a group of pomegranates in her outstretched left hand whereas her right hand is extended with palm up. In the ground above the woman is a seven pointed star and the spade of Marduk. Above and in front of the goddess is the vertical wedge or stylus of Nabu and a winged solar disc representing the main Assyrian god, Ashur. Streamers emanate down from the disc, below which is an ‘omega’ symbol, the divine emblem associated with Ishtar, and thereafter a large offering table with crossed legs, bedecked with a long cloth and a cup. Opposite the goddess stand two bearded worshippers, both wearing long fringed robes and conical hats, their hair shoulder-length, their right hand raised, the index finger extended, their left hand cupped, palm upwards. Above them, in the upper field is a crescent moon, representing the god Sin.

January 17, 2019: III - The Empress (Revelations Tarot)

Lean into your maternal bent: time to tune out some duties and tune in to your kids. Remember a duality if maternity/womanhood: gentle caregiver and mama-bear defender. Wear your crown of stars like Inanna or Ishtar: embrace your gentle caregiver and warrior sides, both.