star of arabia

Old arabian architecture is so amazing the houses are basically huge sandcastles! 

architects back then were nothing but professional sandcastle builders!

i mean look at this prototype of al Masmak!

and then the real thing


and don’t even get me started on the inside!

 i’m so emotional right now!

And the best part is the roof! if it gets super hot and they can’t handle sleeping inside they would sleep on the roofs !!!!

can you imagine all the star gazing!!

A Comprehensive List of Stupid Nicknames We’ve Given Thrawn Over the Course of Rebels Season 3

Oh hey it’s

  • Handsome Squidward
  • Shark Tale Extra
  • Cotton Candy Junkie
  • Blue Raspberry Tarkin
  • Veruca Salt
  • Dory
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Do You Love the Color of the Sky
  • Lost Member of Blue Man Group
  • Contouring Gone Wrong
  • Gay Icon of the Empire
  • Galaxy’s Next Top Model
  • Blue Balls
  • Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely
  • Madame Blueberry
  • What Did I Tell You About Rubbing Your Pink Eye
  • and

  • Lawrence of Arabia