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Jeremy Bulloch on his lines as Boba Fett (feat. Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan egging him on) at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Bulloch: Boba Fett has seven lines and a scream.

Morrison: You couldn’t give us that scream, could you?

Bulloch: [screams for approximately eight seconds]

Morrison: That’s talent, that’s talent, right there. I can see why you got the part.

I think we can all agree that the only way the eventual Boba Fett movie won’t suck is if they have Rex, played by a bearded Temuera Morrison obviously, show up after Boba has effectively pulled himself free of the Toothed Hentai Tentacle Hole in the middle of the Tatooine desert, and they team up.

Rex could try and convince Boba to be a good guy and call him his brother and stuff, Boba can be all “I don’t have any kriffing brothers” but he eventually comes around because deep down he’s lonely and wants a family and we could get some actual freaking humanity and characterization from the movie version of this guy (aside from pew pew “You’re no good to me dead” and a jetpack), we could see them become besties, we could get to see what the galaxy was like immediately after the Empire went kablooey, we could get REX?

It’s the only way, man. It’s the only way it won’t suck.
‘Power Rangers’ Star Ludi Lin Joins Jason Momoa In ‘Aquaman’
By Amanda N'Duka

Chinese actor Ludi Lin, who recently starred as the Black Ranger in Liongate’s Power Rangers reboot, has landed the role of Murk in Warner Bros’ James Wan-directed DC superhero film Aquaman. Jason Momoa is starring in the film, which WB recently pushed back from its original release date in October to December 21, 2018.

In the comics, Murk is the leader of the front-line army of Atlantis known as the Men-of-War and Aquaman’s trusted ally. Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen, and Temuera Morrison co-star.

“i wouldn’t mind dying in a plane crash. it’d be a good way to go. i don’t want to die in my sleep, or of old age, or od. i want to feel what it’s like. 

"i want to taste it, hear it, smell it. death is only going to happen to you once; i don’t want to miss it." 

"people fear death even more than pain. it’s strange that they fear death. life hurts a lot more than death. at the point of death, the pain is over. yeah, i guess it is a friend…" 

Jim Morrison

"uçak kazasında ölmek nasıl bi şey tahmin edemiyorum ama ölmenin en iyi yolarından biri. uyurken, yaşlanınca ya da aşırı dozdan ölmek istemem. nasıl bir şey olduğunu hissetmek istiyorum.”

“tatmak, duymak,koklamak istiyorum. ölüm insanın başına sadece bir kez gelir. kaçırmak istemiyorum.”

“insanlar acıya kıyasla ölümden daha çok korkar. ölümden korkmaları çok garip. hayat ölümden daha çok acıtır. ölüm anında acı biter. evet bence ölüm bir nevi arkadaştır.”

Jim Morrison

Can we talk about Tem’s beautiful, stunning, delightful smile? I just want to cry over his precious maori face until my dying day

( also an entire army with that face and that smile. I would feel so blessed )