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With the box office success of BatB, I was wondering what the stars were paid. IMDB said that Emma Watson was only paid $3 mil to play Belle. The article also said Dan wanted to upgrade his rental car agreement to accommodate his two children and Disney said no. Any idea what Dan was paid to play the Beast?

The house the mouse built Disney doesn’t get to be blockbuster powerhouse by being generous lol…. it’s typical contract stuff I think. I honestly have not researched Dan’s salary to play Beast but at the time it was probably pretty modest. He did Beast for the challenge and the cast and the hope of working on a Disney blockbuster

Which all happened!!! #1 at the box office


#1 on IMDB Star meter!

I do know that all of them have most probably “back” end contractual arrangements–(what is sometimes called the Alec Guiness clause because of AG asking for 2% of Star Wars profits in lieu of up front payment)…it’s what Ewan McGregor did  (in the Star Wars films that shall remain nameless on my blog) and made him set for life.

So these actors…Dan included with his now three children… are set for life. He earned it with all the hard work he put into Beauty and the Beast. 

It’s done what it was supposed to do. His profile is raised shall we say…. and future contracts will ::lol:: reflect that….

 And I couldn’t be happier and more proud of his success and the way he conducted himself in that grueling lead up to the premiere. 

Love him…

The Star Collector

Prompt: Stardust/Enemies (to Lovers)
Pairing: Sakura/Shisui
This is my first attempt at a @vesperlionheart and @thefreckledone Fluff Friday prompt (and in the Naruto fandom), so let me know what you think!

Sakura adjusted her cloak, pulling it tightly around her. She pulled open her sack, hands rummaging double checking she had everything she needed.

Jars check. Goggles check. Mask check. Extra fairy dust check. Wand…

Sakura paused before sliding her hand down and inside her right boot. With a sigh of relief, she patted her beloved yew branch wand, adjusting her gloves as she looked up. 

It was a clear sky, with the moon full behind her. The clouds had cleared off from the rain earlier that day, leaving the night sky clear and shimmering.

“It’s going to be busy tonight, be extra careful. There’s no doubt that the raiders will be there for sure.”

Sakura glanced up as the crow landed gracefully on her right shoulder. 

“I’m always careful Kakashi. Shouldn’t you be hiding? I thought you were allergic to finishing your paperwork and Shizune will have no problems dragging you back by force.”

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I have actually never had the impression that Hoech is jealous if Dylan in any way, that thought literally never even crossed my mind and I'm a really jealous person in rl, so I'm just kinda surprised to hear that... But thinking back I can't remember any instance from any con that would prove he's jealous. I know he wants to do movues that are meaningful but I think Hoech and Dyl are different enough to approach it differently and go out for different movies/roles so they don't clash?

I think it’s mainly to do with projecting fan wishes.  I’ve talked about this before, but I think Hoechlin and Posey share the distinction of both having (had the pleasure to have) been eclipsed by Dylan star meter wise.  I think it was just a matter of when it was recognized that was going to happen.  I think Hoechlin knew that even though he had more experience, Dylan has the talent and timing to make it big and he made whatever peace with that a long time ago.  It blindsided Posey like a ton of bricks and we’re stuck with what we have now. 

Now, stans please don’t blow this out of proportion, I don’t think Hoechlin and Posey are the same at all, I’m using their background as child actors and having been in the business longer than Dylls as my comparison.
BTOB’s Minhyuk Is Amazingly Close to the 60 Meter Dash World Record
Though BTOB’s Minhyuk is known for being athletic, few realized how talented he is until the “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships.” It has been revealed by various fans and sources that during filming for the show, which will air during the upcoming Lunar New Year, Minhyuk’s record fo...

0.01 seconds slower than the world record….

I mean, move Black Star about half a meter and on top of Kid he falls.

(…. if Kid wakes up he’ll obliterate the whole team including Black Star who misses out on his madness power up)

This part of the manga was uploaded on the net of course, but one page is missing on every manga site - which I didn’t know until I took a look at the manga. That extra page was so deathstar imo aghh I scanned it and put it on my second account for those who also used to read Soul Eater on the net.

Well it looks like that shady website I paid nineteen ninety-nine to - plus tax, of course - paid off and turns out you can buy your place at the top of IMDB’s Star meter. Who said money can’t buy happiness? Just kidding - mostly. Obviously worth the cash, as I’ve also signed on to be part of a short film which I can work on without leaving town, and I’ve been researching how to try and teach Ludwig how to swim. That’s me sorted for a bit - what’s everyone else’s big summer plans? You partying tomorrow?

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Why is no one talking about the fact that ADC is #17 on IMDB's star meter. Out of all the actors. Ever. 17!? Go girl.

holy shit she’s beating shailene woodley and her “best known for” is into the storm LOL

alycia’s gonna be huge