star magazine

I hate the way these trashy magazines write about celebrity pregnancy. They place a huge emphasis on the amount of weight the women gain, how they look and what they wear. None of that shit actually matters.

On this cover they scream “65-LB WEIGHT GAIN!” and then compare Kim’s pregnant body to her pre-baby body at 120 lbs. Why would they do that? Only to show what a “fat cow” she has become?

Then they shame her about what she eats - pasta, cake and ice cream. Just a subtle reminder that those foods make you FAT, like 65-LBS more FAT! So don’t eat them, you fatty.

The final dig is the quote “These stretch marks are ruining my body!” Women get really self conscious about stretch marks (which are totally normal and there’s not much you can do about them), and bullshit comments like this just reinforce the negative idea that your body is “ruined” by pregnancy.