star magazine

I got my first issue of the Star Wars Rebels magazine! YAY!! It has two comics, one Kallus-centric and the other (my fave) a Sabine-centric story where she lets herself be captured by Zygerrian slave-traders in order to bust up the slave ring from the inside.

(SPOILERS FOR THE SABINE COMIC: The best part is that it’s a spur-of-the-moment thing so she doesn’t tell Kanan and Hera what she’s doing, and so the rest of the Ghost crew is trying to figure out what’s happened to her when she doesn’t come home. At the end when they’re finally all reunited Kanan is pretty much torn between “YOUNG LADY DON’T YOU EVER SCARE US LIKE THAT AGAIN” and “hey, nice work ending that slave ring” and it’s kind of hilarious.)

There’s also a centerfold pin-up of the Grand Inquisitor (which, uh, weird choice) and this gem:

I’m a little torn about “Hera gives Kanan the support he needs,” because, on the one hand of course she does, but on the other hand “support” is not a really accurate or comprehensive description of the role Hera plays on the ship or even just in relation to Kanan. If I had to put it in one sentence I would say “Hera gives Kanan inspiration and direction.”

What I’m really focusing on here though is the Jedi boots. Jedi boots! @magesmagesmages, did you know about this? I remember you had a whole headcanon about his boots, how he’d had every piece of them repaired and replaced over the years, and that’s basically the only way he could still have a pair of Jedi boots, huh? It’s not you can pick those up at the galactic corner store.

In any case, I give the whole thing an A+ and am very happy with my subscription.

I hate the way these trashy magazines write about celebrity pregnancy. They place a huge emphasis on the amount of weight the women gain, how they look and what they wear. None of that shit actually matters.

On this cover they scream “65-LB WEIGHT GAIN!” and then compare Kim’s pregnant body to her pre-baby body at 120 lbs. Why would they do that? Only to show what a “fat cow” she has become?

Then they shame her about what she eats - pasta, cake and ice cream. Just a subtle reminder that those foods make you FAT, like 65-LBS more FAT! So don’t eat them, you fatty.

The final dig is the quote “These stretch marks are ruining my body!” Women get really self conscious about stretch marks (which are totally normal and there’s not much you can do about them), and bullshit comments like this just reinforce the negative idea that your body is “ruined” by pregnancy.


Pictures i took of the boys in Us Weekly Magazine and Star Magazine. The articles were hilarious (well mostly the second one) so i felt like i needed to share them with you guys. Sorry if some of them are kinda hard to read, jut try your best. :P If you use any please credit me :) thanks. 

this was my reacton when i saw these articles: 

enjoy this sexy gif of harry

and this sexy gif of louis

^that is what niall would like to do to selena according to the second article (which i think is kind of fake. justin bieber is nialls homeboy so why would he do that to him? lol whatever its still HILARIOUS)

“The shiney doors of the metal beast swung open and Patty rushed up to a dazzling, zoot-suited Bowie, planting a Star smacker right on his smiling lips and handing him a bouquet of pin baby roses and a copy of Star.Winking at Patty, Bowie whispered something into her ear and I could see her blush. 
“What did he say,” I asked breathlessly. 
“That he loved the magazine and… oh, gawd, I can’t tell you the rest!””

Excerpt from Star Magazine, June 1973.