star light bleached bright

This thought-provoking snippet from Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot evokes many perspectives. On one hand, it makes you ponder just how far we’ve come. We’ve transformed every corner of Earth to benefit our species.

Yet as Sagan explains in his book, the bright lights now bleach out the stars. In many parts of our cities, the natural world has all but disappeared. It is sometimes hard to find trees or even a blade of grass in our jungles of steel and glass. Like it or not, we’ve grabbed the reigns and are now responsible for the future of all life on our planet.

Despite the accomplishments and glory of the human species, we still have nowhere else to go beyond Earth’s orbit. Besides a select few, humans remain stuck on the surface of Earth. We are on the fringe of the next wave of human exploration and evolution but in many ways, on a cosmic scale, are in the infancy of civilization. I am anxious to discover what the future holds for humanity. In the meantime, it’s beautifully humbling to remember that the Universe still knows nothing of us.

(Video credit: Cameron Michael “The Manhattan Project”, NASA, ESA, Jon Hopkins)

Wow. You’re another year older today.

It’s hard to believe you’re 21, when you actually act like a 14 year old, but it’s something that everyone loves about you. We are so so proud of you, baby, for working hard and making your dreams come true, and we’re gonna be cheering every step of the way. Happy birthday! ♥