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Headcanon about the guys playing Sims XD

I had to write this as soon as I saw it, this is great.

Nathaniel just doesn’t understand it at all. Why play sims when he can do all of that in everyday life? He does get this weird feeling of satisfaction whenever his sim moves up a career level. He’s actually managed to become rich without using cheats because he was so determined to get his sim to level 10. He also has mastered EVERY SINGLE SKILL. Now he’s the owner of a five-star island resort, owns most of the properties in the town and is like a simoleonaire.

Castiel makes the ugliest sims. He tries but he just doesn’t have that skill. He doesn’t really play it all that often either but when he des he likes to become a sim hoe and ruin families. Little home wrecker. He just finds it hilarious. He’s literally married to every female sim in the game and he’s got like 50 kids by the time that sim dies. And he somehow manages to not let any of the sims find out he’s cheating??? He gets a kick out of the drama that unfolds once they do find out though, and now all the women in the town hate each other.

Lysander has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. He just sucks so bad at sims, and they’re usually dead by the time he’s done playing. He either forgets to feed them, or he sets something on fire and doesn’t even realize why his sim is screaming until the fire department shows up. Please save this boy. And don’t let him have any children in the game because they’ll just get taken away on accident. He does like to create his parents, brother and Castiel. Him and Castiel are roommates in the game while Leigh is married to Rosalya with a child.

Armin is the guy that purposely wreaks havoc on the sims. He kills any sim that annoys him, preferably by drowning them. He’s mastered all the skills but he cant help but cheat because it just takes foreverrrrrrrrrr. He owns this huge house and has built a room specifically for gaming. He owns every single expansion pack, stuff pack, game pack, world, store content, etc. He’s also go so much custom content like dude calm down. He makes some pretty cool looking sims too.

Kentin is the only one that actually tries to make a family but eventually he gets bored with that family and makes a new one. He has secretly created you on there and you guys have 5 kids, 12 grandchildren, 3 dogs, 2 cats and one goldfish the he constantly has to replace because he forgets to feed them. He pretty much bases his game play off of his life. His sim works for the military, you stay at home to take care of the children. His sim is also extremely muscular which is hilarious because he is not even close to being that muscular in real life.

A view of the pool and PALM TREES!! I love palm trees,  they just never seem like real trees.  and where we are they are growing every where, along the highway, every where.  I love it!! AND OMG the Spanish moss in the trees, it’s so ethereal and beautiful.  Pictures of it do not do it justice and usually look kinda ugly, but in person it’s just wonderful.