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Haikyū!! Youtubers AU #7

I am back with part 7 of this series! The next few parts of this series will be a little different because they won’t be a headcanon post, but rather, a collection of short drabbles! The first one will be revolving around Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s life outside of  their Youtube careers! So basically some domestic fluff for you all! Enough babbling, here we go!

“Are you fucking serious.” The raven stares blankly at the haphazard cabinet, his fingers linger around the handle as he mutters a string of profanities under his breath. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he already feels the spurts of annoyance and irritation bubbling at the back of his head, the fourth time this had happened this week he thought,  and one could only tolerate so much. Don’t get him wrong, he loved his boyfriend, but there had to be a line drawn somewhere and this was definitely it.

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Previously posted on my danganronpa amino, for kaede’s birthday! (Bless her ;v;)

Her outfit is made from every single v3 character, giving her a gift! I’ll go through them below!


List of items:

Saihara: necklace (because sentimental cheesy gifts)

Rantarou: rings (he painted her nails also lmao)

Gonta: butterfly hair accessory (it’s probably one of the only bugs kaede would like so-)

Angie + Himiko: star hair clips (Angie made them and himiko choose what accessory to add)

Hoshi + Ouma: shirt (lmao I’m sorry I have no reason for this one I just couldn’t find a way to add them any other way, they would be a nightmare pair in a girl’s clothing isle)

Toujo: hair (I thought of putting her hair in a French braid and my mind immediately went to toujo)

Kaito: skirt (I reeeeally wanted to do this one, right from the start because I love space, you love space, space is great)

Maki: belt (it was just to compliment the skirt really, but it also fit with maki!)

Iruma: suspended socks(?) (The only way I thought of to add iruma and make the outfit stand out a bit more)

Tsumugi: makeup (reasons are very obvious, I’m sure tsumugi would love to do it too!)

Korekiyo: feather earring (it’s hard to see, I’m sorry ;-; due to the amount of accessories he has on his design, I thought it would make sense for him to give kaede one)

Tenko: heart bow (I think tenko would give kaede and sweet ribbon, then gush over how toujo did her hair and himiko’s “amazing mystical hair clips!”)

Kiibo: shoes (my reason is kiibo has no idea what to do, so he begs the girls for help. He gets nowhere and decides shoes are important, so he gets the safest option he can find)

Here’s to a days worth of doodling random DRV3 nonsense!!

//sweats so uh i saw some art of steven in outfits similar to rose and HA HA WHOOPS out popped this cutie

boys with hair clips are adorable and no one can tell me other wise

Pokémon often inspire clothing. Valerie is famed for having designed boots based on Virizion’s feet, spawning an international trend that myriad clothing chains tapped into. Similar fashions also come from contest stars - hair clips based on sneasel feathers, bows shaped like hoppip leaves, scarves inspired by sylveon ribbons. One of the most iconic fashions of the previous generation involved colouring one’s hair bright white and streaking it with red - a trend started by a coordinator who was famously partnered to a zangoose.

My Assistant for This Meeting. Ceo!CALUM

A/n : So this is a Ceo!Calum short imagine/ part 1 If you guys want more! Hope you enjoy!!


“Why must you always take the morning shifts y/n? I hate it when your alarm goes off!” Your roommate- Michael groaned as you sat up at 4:30 in your kitchen, making eggs.
“Well Michael, you always complain but you could try and fall back asleep.” Laughing as you take two plates out of the cupboard.
“But that means no breakfast that’s already made. Plus I go to work at 7. I wake up at 4:30, eat breakfast with you till 4:45, then I walk you to work, boom it’s 5:25, then when I go to the pet store to pet the cats at 6 I always stay there till 6:30 with gives me time to get the cat hair off my pants and go to work! It’s been like that since forever and I can’t ruin that now.” Michael gushed, as he took his plate of scrambled eggs and sat down.

“Okay yeah but you still always have your alarm set for 5:30 right? Just Incase?” You wondered, eating your own eggs.
“Yeah of course, and it pisses me off when it goes off.” Michael mumbled. You smiled, loving the early mornings that you and your roommate share. “Look we need to hurry up and eat. Stop talking.” Y/n laughed, biting into her piece of toast.

 When she arrived at work with Michael, she quickly changed shoes as she was leaning on his shoulder, they quickly hugged and she scanned her keycard to get in. Walking into the huge lobby her heels clicked and clacked against the floor. It got the night receptionist’s- Jeremy’s attention. It was their little routine. When she walked in with her heels she would always try and make a tune and she would guess what it was.

“Jingle bells.” He grinned.
“Easy one. I’ll get you next time.” You smiled, taking your jacket off and pulling your folded blazer on over your plain white shirt.

As you were getting to the desk, Jeremy was getting ready to leave. “I think the doorman is getting in late, he is severely ill so make sure the door is open for the boss man.” He grinned before saying bye to Guy, the security guard and I. The doors to this building are always locked until 6:25/6:30 so unless you are the Ceo of the company, or have a key card you can’t be let in.

As I was fiddling with some papers I heard the buzz. The buzz of him. He has this little buzzer that he carries around in his pocket when he needs me. He doesn’t even have one for his assistant, he usually uses it when he wants to personally know when someone certain is here or for times like this, be let in. Quickly getting up I professionally rush to the door where he is non stop pressing his buzzer. When I opened the door and held it for him, he smiled. “Now wasn’t that buzzer a swell idea Miss. Y/L?” He grinned, stopping to talk to me before he went upstairs to his office. “Early today I see?.” I smiled at him, my hands behind my back. “Well, I need to prepare. I’m expecting a client from Japan early this morning around 6:10, I’ll text you a picture so you know what he looks like.” Grinning he took his phone out. “Sir I am not sure it is wise to have your receptionists phone number, is it?” I wondered, eyeing the phone.

“Oh come on it wouldn’t hurt. The thing I call an assistant probably couldn’t send a picture to save her life, I should probably do it myself.” He smirked, knowing how frustrated I get as he has been trying to get my number for 3 years now with no legitimate excuse until now.
Sighing, I took his phone and typed my Number in. “Well, it only took three years.” I looked at him and smiled weakly before he took his phone and went to the elevators.

Sitting back down at the receptionist desk, waiting until I got down to work. “Guy, Incase Terry shows up late can you make sure the doors are all unlocked by like.. 6:20?” I called to the little room where all of the security cameras were. “You got it y/n! Count on me!” He called back, coming to sit out.

Around 6 o'clock I got a text, the picture of a Japanese businessman. Then I got a call. “Hello?” I whispered, not knowing why since it was just Guy and me. “I need you to play as my assistant for this meeting. Angelic or whatever her name was called me and quit. So please I just need you for this meeting?” It was him again. “Uh sir.. I don’t know..” “Oh come on all you need to do is take notes and listen in. Please play my assistant y/n?” He was close to begging.

“I guess I could do it sir.. I’ll need the passcode for the the 54th floor..” I was a little nervous he wouldn’t give it to me, seeing only he knew it. He wouldn’t even let his last assistant know it.
“Oh.. It’s um.. 0509..” He mumbled.Okay, and you’ll be there when I bring them up right?“ “Yeah bring them up when they get here, bye.”

Then he hung up.
Great okay time to look like an assistant. Oh the fake glasses I keep in my purse. “Perfect.” I whispered to myself, putting them on. “Shit my hair. Fuck I need something to write with.” I quickly put my hair up in a messy bun, but then quickly took it down as I looked like a full on porn star.

A hair clip? Do I have one of those here? Nope. “Guy do you have a hair clip? He has long hair, that’s for sure. “Yeah, here.” He said, tossing me one. “Don’t ask why I have one here, the heat is crazy here at night.” He laughed, as I put my hair up. Just at that moment Guy told me there were men at the door. “Fuck!” I said semi-loudly, quickly grabbing one of the blank daily planners we got some weird reason and a few pens. When I made it near the doors, I walked it calmly, not freaking out inside. When I opened the door I welcomed them, letting them in. “Now if you’d follow me I will show you to the elevator.” I felt so shaky. Like I was going to fall.

When the elevator door opened I stepped inside, Going to the corner by the buttons. I then proceeded to click the button that had the number 54 on it and typed the code in. 0509. Why does that sound familiar? I brushed it off and awkwardly stood with professional men in the elevator going 54 floors up.

I took a deep breath as the elevator doors opened and led them out to the hallway by the conference room, to see him standing there.
Wait what do I do now? I hesitated and Looking at him for help, but he just nodded. “Now, if you will just enter and have a seat, the conference will start momentarily.” I smiled, holding the door open for the men as they walked through the door and sat down.

“You know, I think you have them fooled, that’s for sure.” He smirked walking close to the door, by my ear. “And by the way, you should start calling me by my preferred name in front of them.” He whispered lowly, handing me some papers. “Hand these out to them and sit in the corner. You’ll find proper writing utensils on the corner table.”

“Of course.. Thank you..” I cleared my throat a little bit. “Uh Mr. Hood.”
I awkwardly said, before walking in and giving the proposals out to everyone.

This is going to be a long meeting.



 A/n: I hope you guys all enjoyed, just remember if you guys want to request a part two(it will be MUCH longer don’t worry this was just a small idea of it) OR anything else, click here