star from mars

sun – the one who keeps you warm, who is always brushing against you and ensuring that you have vitality, even if you don’t feel it. sometimes they get covered up by clouds or the moon or even the backside of you, but they’re always there and they don’t go away.

mercury – the one who’s fast-paced, who maybe even moves a little too fast for you. they’re too caught up in their own orbit to realize that you’re not having an easy time keeping up. they don’t know how to slow down, and so you get left in the dust.

venus – the jealous one. they’re on a different agenda than you, spinning off in the opposite direction, and yet somehow they manage to get upset when they see you absorbing heat from the sun. fiery red, they try to steal your warmth away by absorbing it themselves.

earth – the one who fascinates you. they’ve got an abundance of something nobody else has, and you’ll never run out of things to learn about them. they make you want to explore not only them, but everything that surrounds them, too.

mars – the easy one. they’re always close by, but they’re also dry and predominantly inhospitable. you can’t stay for long because they just don’t give you enough of what you need.

jupiter – the big one, the one you just can’t let go. they’re chaotic, and their love swirls around you like a cyclone that whips at your hair and tears at your clothes, that invokes a rare sort of excitement in your chest and never stops spinning.

saturn – the soon-to-be-lover you spot across the room at a high school party. they fascinate you with the way they seem to have a sort of light that radiates from them.

uranus – the one with a cold exterior and a diamond heart. they’re guarded, frigid even, and it takes time to work your way past all their defenses and into their core.

neptune – the mysterious one, who your mother takes one look at and rules them as “bad”. they have a short of shadow about their eyes and an impressive set of scars from all of the destruction that whips against their skin.

pluto – the one who is exiled and misunderstood. they seem small and meek, and will latch onto any source of warmth they’re offered, but the warmth is just a luxury because they survive just fine on their own.

—  the planets as people you may love in your lifetime // k.g

Well, my very first musical love has passed away. I had to do something to pay homage to him and collages are what I seem to do these days.

There is a video of me singing, “Rebel, Rebel” when I was still in diapers. No more than 2 years old. He influenced my musical taste and so much of my life. This is a dark day. And cancer is shit.

Rest in peace, Goblin King, Ziggy Stardust… David Bowie. You will be missed by the world.

“Don’t deceive with belief… Knowledge comes with death’s release.” 

Thank you for providing the soundtrack of my life. I can’t remember a time before your influence and it’s hard to even fathom a world without you in it. You are my Elvis… my Lennon… and I didn’t even fully realize that until you were gone. It’s been a hard week, but I take solace in the fact that your inspiration will live on as you transcend through the universe. Rest in Peace, Starman.

The Moon and the Stars

He was the Moon and
She was the Stars
His love for her grew endlessly
Past Jupiter and Mars

The Stars were vast and lively
Pensive was the Moon
But when she did her cosmic dance
He couldn’t help but swoon

With the way she moved and swayed
The planets all would stare
The Moon knew within himself
He could never compare

It took some time for them to meet
You would be surprised
But when the Earth had moved aside
You should have seen her eyes

How lovely said the Stars
As she witnessed the eclipse
The Moon begun to blush and said
You know that I exist?

The Moon knew her very well
He watched her every night
But he always hid behind the Earth
Paralyzed with fright

He was lonely floating there
The planets overzealous
With how the stars flew by them all
He was so very jealous

My craters are atrocious
My surface filled with dust
Surely you must look at me
With nothing but disgust

Don’t be so sad darling
I don’t think I’d agree
I have to tell you something Moon
We’re all just dust, you see?

I’ve been around the universe
I’ve seen a lot of things
But now that I have met you dear
My heart, it truly sings

As the eclipse ended and
The sun lit up his face
The Moon broke out into a smile
You could see from all of Space

Now whether you are reading this
From Jupiter or Mars
There has never been a love so grand
As that of the Moon and the Stars