star fleet project


111 guys who have ruined my life (in alphabetical order) - Brian May (65/111)

OnTheTurntable: Brian May & Friends. Jam session with EddieVanHalen, Phil Chen, Alan Gratzer and Fred Mandel.

There are only three songs on it – two on side one and one on side two – but they’re long, and the album runs almost 30 minutes. Eddie Van Halen and Brian May, dueling guitars for half an hour. 

I saw it in a record store when it came out in ‘83 and that was the only copy I ever saw anywhere! It was obscure when it was brand new. I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t blaring full blast from every speaker on planet Earth. 

I tracked it down on YouTube a couple of years ago and was glad to find it held up. It’s nice to see the old record spinning under the needle, tho.


Star Fleet Project by Brian May and Friends

And then there was the time Brian May and Eddie Van Halen teamed up to record a few songs which quickly disappeared, only to resurface through the magic of the internet. Yes, you’ll have to survive the poor (or is it lack of) production, but there’s plenty of interesting guitar work on her to keep you interested for half an hour. And make you wonder what Eddie would have done is a more progressive band.