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Ra'aj : 10, 13, 23 ! Because I want to now more about her ! *3*

10: Does your OC guard their emotions by being tough? If not how would they?
She’s tough, so it shouln’t be a problem. Buuut she has a REAL big deal to manage her emotions. So… She doesn’t keep much emotions for herself. And when she tries it doesn’t last very long.
Oh. And she can cry while watching romantic movies, or worse, when the dog dies in an action movie, but hush. Secret.

13: What kind of situations does your OC avoid the most?
Being in charge of people, or having to take care of somebody. It has already happened, it never ended well.

23: Does your OC tend to hide something about their personality/essence when meeting new people? If yes, what?
Nothing at all, really.
Oh, or maybe a tiny little detail. This… all “force and jedi and code and youknowwhat” thing.
But she has a perfect place to hide her two lightsabers while keeping them with her (she’s really good at crafting things), look :

I wake up sometimes and wonder if anyone has ever hurt the way I do, if maybe we invented a whole new universe of agony while we were learning to love. I wonder if anyone has ever loved like we did, like falling stars or maybe fired bullets, fast and violent and doomed to end in fire. I trace your name and pretend it’s your face, and I wonder if the way I remember your eyes is as green as they truly were, and if the sound of your voice that I hear in my dreams that wakes me when the stars are out is the same as the way you sounded saying my name like a prayer.
—  from an unfinished story #821

I love how in this scene Damian casually throws six rings at the same time and they all land perfectly on the bottles to everyone’s shock. THE DUDE THROWS BATARANGS AND OTHER GADGETS ALL THE TIME!!! OF COURSE HE IS GONNA BE ACCURATE WITH SOME MUCH BIGGER STUFF AT A TARGET 5 FEET AWAY!!!


Smash Series Swap - Fire Emblem x Star Fox

Okay, this is very silly, but I just wanted a chance to draw the Fire Emblem cast in Arwings. ;) If you have any ideas for two Smash series you’d like to see “swapped”, I’d love to hear them!


sexual tension: the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.