star eye

All of the stars in the universe can never compare to the ones I see in her eyes.

- and they’re so beautiful, too.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Massive reylo shipper, since TFW can you recommend Demon!Kylo fics? Or even Priest!Kylo I am very weird, am sorry. 😐

You’re not weird at all Anon. You just have refined tastes. ^_- Make sure to check the ratings and tags before reading. xx  

Demon Kylo

Demonology 101 by EjBlaKit

Faustus (Dance With the Devil) by Thelittlescrimshaw

Curatrix by korppi8

Chosen by IAmLokiLocked (Vampire Kylo.)

Preist Kylo

Solace for the Damned by KagamiSorciere 

Oh, love, you don’t see
the sun in your smile -
white hot and burning,

the stars in your eyes.
How can one live so
long without feeling 
lightning in their 

veins? storms in their
stomachs? hurricane
hearts - One tear and

you plunge the world
beneath biblical floods.
You cry and shake the
Earth’s foundation.

And the roses - oh, love,
the roses bow their heads
and tremble at your touch.

—  God put all His strength in you. // april 20, 2017. ephemere 30/30. (l.v.) purchase “ready aim fire”.