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No.6 major fic rec list

Hello people:D

It seems 2 (two) human beings might be interested in a recommendation fic list. SO HERE IT IS  
Things to have in mind:  
.It was supposed to be short but I ended up mentioning 97 fics, sorry  
.I used 10 categories (highschool, college, modern setting, Kingdom / Fantasy Au / Magic, Miscellaneous Aus, Post-series, canon, reunion, Life Swap and Gender Bend)
. Links in bold are fics that are definitely a must. You MUST read them because of how good they are, I tried to highlight 2 or 3 in each category and rating, so you can go to those first  
.The rating of the fic is next to the name for easy choosing. Plus some small commentary I added on my favs.
.Have in mind that some of this are not finished and a pretty large amount might be abandoned, but read them anyway because they are still great  
.There’s a little list at the end with my favorite authors, I would recommend everyone to read ALL of their work, but some of those works might be in other categories.
. Feel free to reblog with your own contributions!! I definitely need more awesome fics to read :3

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