star dazzle


I thought I’d sum up all of the different characters and events that happened in Equestria one thousand years before the current timeline. Turns out Equestria was a dark and terrifying place. :v


harry potter moodboards → ginny weasley + luna lovegood

you sprinkle star dust on my pillow case
it’s like a moonbeam brushed across my face
nights are good and that’s the way it should be
did you see that shooting star tonight?
were you dazzled by the same constellation?
did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
i think you and the moon and neptune got it right
cause now I’m shining bright, so bright

echosmith - bright


My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

sophiawang328: Today is the third birthday of GOT7,
and I think it’s also the IGOT7’s third birthday too, although the company announced the name of IGOT7 in May 9th, 2014.

In my deep heart that GOT7 and IGOT7 are the birth of the same time, so in today’s special day , I want to be grateful that GOT7 & IGOT7 support each other through a full three years!!! This three years , you-GOT7 by seven boys transformed into the world music stage dazzling 7 stars ✨✨!
This three years , you - IGOT7’s team from Korea to expand to the world … in every where just like beautiful flashing stars in the sky✨✨! This three years, look at the GOT7
step by step onto the stage,
step by step closer to the award.

step by step into the dream,
step by step towards success.

It feels like watching my own kids grow up a little by little.
The feeling of gratified ,happiness, sweet, joyful ,warm and sometimes with exciting feeling is unable to use words to express … However, all of this is IGOT7 and has been silently behind to support, never abandon efforts are inseparable… So I’m here to say again today:
Thanks❤IGOT7 for all the support and help!
Thanks❤IGOT7 for being considerate and care!
Thanks❤IGOT7 for your love and affection!
Thanks❤IGOT7 for always following and should aid!
Thanks❤IGOT7 for encouragement & accompany!
Thanks❤IGOT7 for your hard work and efforts!
Thanks❤IGOT7 for understanding and recognition!
Thanks❤IGOT7 for dedication and perseverance!
You all have done what our family cannot do.
All your contribution will always be remembered.

she tells me,
“your eyes, they shine bright like the galaxies;
their many colors dazzle like stars,
and they hold so many secrets, so much beauty.
but my eyes, dark and void of color,
are like the black holes,
sucking the light out of everything,
ugly and selfish.”

and i object.
“black holes?
yes, your eyes are exactly like black holes.
not because they are ugly or selfish,
but because when i look into them,
i can never look away.
i’m in awe of the vastness and complexity they hold.
their gravity is so immense that they catch me off guard
and suck me into their universe –
your universe.
and though the galaxy is large and bright,
the black hole lies at the center.
you are at the center of my heart
and i am hopelessly caught up in yours.”

Andy Kaufman’s t-shirt and World Intergender Wrestling Championship

In 1982, Hollywood actor and television star Andy Kaufman was dazzled by professional wrestling and decided to make a career change by entering into the world himself. Kaufman contacted WWF owner Vince McMahon Sr. about joining the company, but McMahon Sr. wasn’t interested in bringing “show business” into pro wrestling. After starting a friendship with wrestling reporter/photographer Bill Apter and expressing interest in the business, Apter got in contact with Jerry Lawler about Kaufman coming to Memphis to start his new endeavor.

Once in Memphis, Kaufman became one of the most hated heels in professional wrestling history. He would come to the ring wearing long johns with basketball shorts over them and would challenge women in the crowd to a match, then would spend the duration of the match embarrassing them before finally pinning them. This led to Kaufman eventually claiming he was the World Intergender Wrestling Champion. This of course drew the ire of Memphis favorite Jerry Lawler, who attacked Kaufman on an episode of Late Night with David Letterman. Lawler delivered a piledriver to Kaufman in one of the most famous moments in wrestling history, leading to Kaufman sporting a neckbrace for several months afterward until his wrestling career came to an end.

When Kaufman passed away in 1984, it was revealed by his wife Lynne Margulies that Andy never cashed any of the checks for his time in Memphis. He never did it for the money. He just loved professional wrestling.