star crossed au


“How could you begin?” said she. “I can comprehend your going on charmingly, when you had once made a beginning; but what could set you off in the first place?”

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”

Pride and Prejudice


Oh jesus chr- (I couldn’t find the creator of this squad base?? Like- Oops ;-; )

I remembered my friends saying.”Oh Hey Anon-Kun! You should draw the star Sans’ in this [Draw the squad Base] !Along with Cross or Nightmare on the bottom!”

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ssc modern au

- Rosaline ‘DUMP HIM’ Capulet

- The Boys all hanging out at Romeo’s cos he’s That Rich Friend who decides to fly the whole squad to vegas on a bet

- Escalus is that dude who wears a suit to classes and pretends to have his life together but you find crying outside the club at 3am

- snapchat stories that start in gardens or trendy bars and end at A&E

- Romeo sneaking up to Juliet’s room via a rusty fire escape and breaking his ankle falling from it while trying to be impressive

- mercutio, watching from the alley below: PARKOUR!

- Ben, filming it all: should we post this before or after we take him to hospital

- Ros going to uni and rolling her eyes at everything that comes out of male students mouths and being like ‘excuse you I wasn’t fucking done talking’ whenever someone tries to interrupt her in seminars

- the boys gc name gets changed at least twice a day but the girl’s has been ‘at least we’re not montagues’ for 4 years until Juliet Does The Thing

- highlights of the boys gc names: ‘go hard or go capulet’ ‘verona’s angels’ ‘compulsory heterosexual romeo montague and the bi wonders’ ‘world famous s(ass)’ ‘whats longer our dicks or mercutios hair?’ ‘romeo’s dramatic wangsting support group’ ‘ben’s bitches’ ‘2/3 TraITOrs foR CApulETs’

- girl’s nights involving sleepovers and doing each others hair ft Isabella’s huge crush on Ros that everyone but Ros knows about

- excessively elaborate plans to break Juliet out of ‘Fort Capulet’

- getting like 100 snaps everytime Merc & Ben are plastered 

thus, with a kiss

bughead fanfiction - unbeta’d - period piece au - something different that fit my mood today xoxo


“We were nothing more
than star-crossed lovers,
tangled up in what could
have been.”
—Angela Marie Alfaro

She meets him on her eleventh birthday, her father’s Housekeeper, Geraldine, scolding him as he is caught stealing food from the kitchens. A stable boy, with scraggly hair and blue eyes she’s heard her sister read through thick texts of that would akin them to clear skies and rapid waters.

She hears his name is Forsythe, and her fingers curl around the thick wooden door to watch as his cheeks flush at the older woman’s stern voice. His stomach growls loudly, her own ears catching the rumbling from her hidden position at the doorway.

“Now, swab the floors in the barn at once before punishments are imposed on you, Forsythe.” Geraldine’s voice murmurs, her gray hair perched in a tight bun on her head. “If the job is done well, I shall save an extra roll of bread from my supper for you. Is this agreeable?”

“Yes, Miss Geraldine.” The boy with dirt covered cheeks replies, excitement in his tone at the prospect of more food being presented to him.

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Falser Than Vows Made In Wine

Rosaline may have left Vegas behind, but Vegas clearly wasn’t done with her yet.

Because when Benvolio texts her to meet him at a coffee shop and talk about their “situation” three days after they get back, she expects him to be waiting with annulment papers for her to sign. But there are no papers, or any kind of bag, briefcase, or anything else they could be hidden in. There’s only Benvolio with two cups of iced coffee, and instead of letting her sign her way back to a somewhat normal existence, he says:

“We have to stay married.”

Or, the one where Romeo and Juliet try to be impulsive and romantic, Rosaline and Benvolio get drunk and stupid, and what happens in Vegas… does NOT stay in Vegas.

[Chapter 3 now on ao3!]

(And a million thanks to @julibernardo for making this beautiful picset to go with the fic!)

Capulet girls + ssc modern au


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All pictures and gifs used are not mine. Credit goes to their original owners.

So, obviously, Hufflepuff!Benvolio spends a shit ton of time in Gryffindor Tower since that’s where Romeo and Mercutio are.

And, of course, Gryffindor!Rosaline is totally sick of it.

So when she becomes prefect, she bans anyone from sharing the password with Benvolio.

Benvolio, also prefect, retaliates in the best way he knows how: he bans Rosaline from the Hufflepuff dorms (and therefore, from seeing a certain cousin of hers, and maybe perhaps a girlfriend - and no, he did not get the idea from the Slytherin prefects Escalus and Isabella what are you talking about) and Ravenclaw ones - where Livia is.

Rosaline retaliates by embarrassing him in potions class and earning more points for her house than him.

Benvolio retaliates by betting her that Hufflepuff will beat Gryffindor in Quidditch (they do) and using that spending money to buy the Gryffindor password off some random 1st year.

Rosaline retaliates by luring him into the Room of Requirement and locking him in overnight 

- and, well, you get the point. (there’s a lot of howlers sent back and forth)

Until finally, in their 7th year, they’re both named Head Boy and Head Girl and keep running into each other and they’re in all the same classes damn it - and all their friends are sick of this so they all (well, Stella and Isabella really) basically force them on a blind date

which ends with Benvolio jumping into the Great Lake

and Rosaline jumping in after him

(neither of them with clothes)

(they’re both late to Charms the next morning looking PARTICULARLY DISHEVELED)

Migraine (SSC/Rosvolio Modern!AU)

Rosaline Capulet fought back a moan as her stomach rolled.  She sat back on her heels for a moment, setting down her duster and pressing the her hands against her eyes.  As much as she appreciated the peace and quiet of having her sister and best friend out for the day, the fact that they would have company that evening meant, migraine or not, she’d be spending the better part of the afternoon cleaning.  Of course, the fact that she had a migraine meant that she was moving much slower than usual.  She’d already had to rush to the bathroom once so far, and didn’t think she was far from a second trip.  With a few slow, steady breaths, she felt confident enough to finish dusting.

A knock at the door distracted her, and she called for the person to enter.  She looked up briefly, and returned to her work.  She couldn’t decide whether to be annoyed or grateful for her visitor.  “To what do I owe the pleasure, Montague?”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Benvolio lean against the doorway into the living room and cross his arms.  “Everyone else is pre-gaming at the beach…and you are cleaning.”

Lately, their banter had been surprisingly enjoyable…borderline flirting most days, but today she couldn’t bring herself to engage.  “Babysitting is not my idea of fun on a good day,” she muttered.

“True,” Ben conceded with a smirk.  “And it’s pretty unfair of you to abandon me to wrangle the kids all on my own.  You know how they get when you give them alcohol and set them loose on a crowd.  Not a good day, huh?” She refused to look at him, unwilling to admit weakness. He was silent for a moment, his gaze practically burning into her. “You have a migraine.”

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