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How to make Kylo Ren Pleats

Hi Guys, I’ve had a few people ask me how I made the pleats on my Kylo Ren outfit (under-tunic and sleeves), so I’ve complied a quick tutorial on how to tackle this horrifying task.

Alright, there are a few ways to do this, but the method I’ve used for my outfit requires two separate pieces of fabric. This overall looks and feels neater although it can be a bit of a hassle.

PART I: For this example, my “pleated layer” is a heavy black cotton and my “foundation layer” is a paper towel (it was the only non-black piece of fabric I had around). Don’t forget you’ll be folding the pleats so you’ll need substantially more “pleated layer” fabric than “foundation layer”. You will need about 3x as much pleated fabric as you will need foundation. It’s better to err on the safe side though, and go for around 3.5x as much.

Pin the two fabrics together with the “pleated” on top. You can have the “foundation layer” cut to the shape of your patterns. I would keep the pleated fabric in a rectangle though.

PART II: Gather up some “pleated-layer” fabric while keeping the “foundation layer” as straight and flat as possible (I usually just tape it to the table or pin it to the floor). Make a fold whatever size you want and pin it down.

PART III: Iron that sucker down. Very important. I’ve found that if you don’t iron after every pleat, you get very ugly, wavy, and disproportionate pleats. You must iron it down with a high heat to get to to crease. Once you iron it, lift UP the fold and pin the “pleated” to the “foundation”. This essentially holds the pleat in place on the foundation.

PART IV: Rinse and repeat. Make sure that each new pleat made under the previous one is SUBSTANTIALLY far underneath so that when you go to sew it, you don’t pull the pleat out.

Follow the pattern: Fold + Pin pleat itself + Iron + Pin under pleat

…fold, pin, iron, pin. I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error to find that rhythm.

PART V: SEW IT DOWN! Lift up the pleat and sew the two pieces of fabric together. Pull the pins out as you go. If you have a very large piece of fabric, you can use painter’s tape to hold the pleats in place. (Tape adjacent to the pleats).

You should get something that looks like this in the end after you’ve taken out the pins and tape. Iron the entire thing down again to get those creases straight.

Congrats! You’ve make pleats! Perfect for making the sleeves and under tunic of our favorite angsty edgelord. 

Put on your favorite SciFi movies to play in the background and happy pleating!


Please excuse the truly unfortunate image quality (in every aspect), but I wanted some feedback on an idea. 

I’m trying to plan a new cosplay for some upcoming cons, and was inspired by this picture to sketch out a mashup of my favorite space princesses, Leia and Serenity. But I’m wondering if it’s an identifiable mashup (my art skills aside), or if anyone has any suggestions for improvement or thoughts on how to actually execute the damn thing.

The dress is, ideally, chiffon layers with a low square or scalloped collar like Serenity’s, and bell sleeves and a metallic belt like Leia’s. The belt would be gold with moons instead of silver with circles, though (probably made from craft foam and rub’n’buff). Leia’s iconic cinnamon buns, but in Usagi blonde with her princess pearl hair clips. And Leia’s blaster done up in the color scheme from Usagi’s crescent wand.  


Decided to make a tutorial on how I made my star Butterfly wand. I didn’t have enough money to get it 3d printed, or worbla, or even get an old mickey mouse wand that lit up. So I went a cheap route that also ended up looking okay.

Materials needed:

Hot glue.

Mod podge

Polymer clay.

Model magic.

Craft foam.

Styrofoam ball. I would say a 4″. It’s usually the medium sized one you find at Michaels.

purple paint. Dark purple or lighter that depends on you.

Blue paint. Three shades. Dark. Light and super light. 

Yellow paint. Pink paint. Gold paint.

A ton of glitter. I mean a ton. TONNN. *whispers* a ton.


1- First take the Styrofoam ball and cut off a inch, and a half off of the front. Since the front of Star’s wand has that flat surface for the front. I used a normal kitchen knife for this step since styrofoam is pretty easy to cut through. JUST BE CARE FULL!!

2- Take some of your craft foam, and trace the front of the styrofoam ball. Making a circle! That’s for the front. You take that circle and paint it with the dark blue paint.

3- Take the foam again, and cut out five one inch long strips (they should be almost an inch wide. I’m pretty bad at measurements lol) Take them, use the medium shade of blue and make a point. Paint the side that will be facing the star later on the medium blue, and then the other side lighter blue.

4- I made the hearts in the center of the inch long strips of foam out of foam. But you can use whatever you want. Just make sure to paint them pink after!! 

5- Time for the main focal point of this bad boy. Take your polymer clay and cut out a star with it. Then take something sharp. A pin, safety pin…etc. Go around the edges to make an indent. The distance you choose from the edge is totally up to you. Throw that bitch in the oven at 125 degrees for about fifteen minutes. Depends on the thickness.

6- I didn’t have time to get a piece of wood to cut out for a handle. So I just used polymer clay for it. My handle is about 8 inches long. At least an inch, and a half of it is in the styrofoam ball.  Put in the oven at 125 degrees, same time as the star if not longer. 

7- Make the crown on top of the wand that,that butterfly looking thing for the center. And the little heart for the bottom. aka the charger. Put it in the oven at 125 for 15 minutes. (Becareful with the heart at the bottom. Mine kept popping off because it’s at a very odd angle)

8-Model magic time. You take it and cover the entire back of the ball with it. Smooth it out the best you can. I know this shit is a pain in the ass. Let it dry over night or for two days. It depends on when you do it. Mine dried over night.

9- Take the foam again to make the wings for the side. I used a template by pulling up a photo of the wand, and tracing the wings. Then put them against the ball cutting it to make sure the inside of the curve rested against the ball. 

Paint them white even if you already used white foam. 

10- Paint everything that has been stated so far. 

11- Glue the one inch strips that you painted the two shades of blue onto the darker blue circle. Make sure the stars main point is facing up. The one inch pieces should be under each point of the star. Then glue the pink hearts between them. This gives it that 3D look. Then glue the circle to the styrofoam ball.

12- This is when you put down more model magic hiding the edges of where the ball, and foam meet. Try your best to make it all even. This was the hardest part to do for me. Then when it’s dry paint it. Be careful about it!

13- Take the handle and use it to carve a small indent. A place where the handle can sit secure enough for you to hold. Then hot glue the shit out of it. Make sure the handle is super snug. 

14- Take the model magic again, and make a small dome at the end of the handle. Let it dry, and paint it yellow.

15-Glue on the crown, butterfly, heart, and the wings to the side.

16- Take your mod podge in a cup.The first coat should just be mod podge by itself. Paint it all over. Make sure to get it in any cracks you find. It’ll fill it up. Model magic likes to crack so that will probably be the only thing with crack. 

Then pour some glitter into your mod podge cup and coat the wand in glitter. I put four coats at least. Because I’m a glitter nutjob

The picture should help out with a better reference if some of my words don’t make sense. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. 


Outercoat done! I used black monk’s cloth, best looking and affordable lol…but it’s the absolute WORST to work with because it falls apart right under your fingers. If you use it, hem it right after you cut your shapes and before you fiddle with it or you’ll have a fist full of loose fibers.

I’ll be spraying the outercoat with gloss acrylic to get that shiny sheen and I still need to wax the sleeves. But for the most part, here it is! (It needs to be ironed loooool)

I’ll be busy for the next few weeks but the next update will have lots of things! I have the cape made already, but I need my helmet to make the hood (which is currently back at school). I have my boots mostly made as well, and I’ll show you guys that when it’s done. Then it’ll be the final photos. :D


So I hand-built a Light-Saber for my brother as his Christmas gift this year

Using scrap aluminum tubing from a friend of mine, black acrylic wash, Spray-sealant and adhesive, Junked electrical parts, washers, a shattered spark-plug, copper tubing, brass hardware, LED casing, custom nuts and bolts, and a LOT of Dremel work.

I tried to create a hybrid of Rahm Kota’s leather-wrapped saber, and Starkiller’s saber from the Force Unleashed series.

So yeah. I make stuff sometimes.



Ok so I’ve been working on this costume for a while, and even though it wasn’t completely done, I wore it to work for a Star Wars promotion we had. I’m pretty proud of this!
Phasma is my FAVORITE character………

“Proud Captain of the First Order”

(Made it all out of Aluminum sheets and love)


Finished sewing the sleeves! They’re held to the pleated tunic via buttons and are removable. I wanted to be able to reuse the tunic for other outfits, and wanted that “two layer look” (Ren’s sleeves are not on the same layer as the pleated tunic)…but I didn’t want to add an additional layer, I’m already going to die from heat stroke.

The cuffs have an invisible zipper since the sleeves are skin tight and it’s much easier to slip on the gloves this way.

Just need wax the sleeves and finish up my outer-coat, cowl, and the boots. :)


Update with lots of pictures.

Finished the pleated tunic and the midcoat. I also dyed my fabric for the outer coat but it turned out too light and I realized I didn’t have enough fabric anyway for the hood/cowl so I’m going to keep looking for more stuff.

Helmet update! It’s been textured and painted! I textured it using a mixture of acrylic paint, Apoxie, and extremely fine glass dust and splattered it in using a toothbrush. It worked pretty well because it got a fairly mild but still grainy texture. It was then primed and painted.

I don’t really like the finish of the black satin paint so when his motherfucker finally dries, I’ll be spraying it with an extreeeemly thin coat of matte finish just to take the abrasive edge off that glossiness. I’ll also go in paint some light damage details.

Ok, this fuckING filigree. Do yourself a favor and don’t do what I did. Just keep the original Black Series helmet shape. Essentially, I didn’t like how the original filigree was curved along the stripes rather than flat like it is in the movie. It also didn’t have that “plated” look because it was essentially one piece of molded plastic lol. I basically filled in all the gaps and spaces with Apoxie and re-carved/sanded out the shape that I wanted. My lines aren’t perfectly even though so I hate myself for that, but I feel like it’ll be okay once I add in damage details. This was stupidly hard to to do but it looks alright, so acceptable…It’s been primed and painted now. When it’s dry, I’ll be detailing it with chrome foil sheets, the stuff people use for model cars.

Anyway, next update will the the finished helmet! I feel like it no longer resembles the original Black Series helmet, like AT ALL LOL. That’s a good thing because it was pretty inaccurate loool.


Boston Comic Con 2016! Here’s my final Kylo Ren cosplay! I have approximately zero good pics of the entire outfit, so here are some from the con. I was Ren for Days 1+2, but gave up on Day 3 because it was 96 degrees and I wanted to not die for at least one day hahaha.

We’re planning on a Takodana photoshoot soon and a Starkiller Base in the winter so hopefully those better pics will come around.

I’m very happy with how the entire thing came out, especially since this is the first thing I’ve ever sewn in my life. :)