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Resembling a comet streaking across the sky this speedy star is plowing through a region of dense interstellar gas and creating a brilliant arrowhead structure and a trailing tail of glowing gas. The star is one of 14 young runaway stars spotted by the Advanced Camera for Surveys between October 2005 and July 2006.

Credit: NASA, ESA and R. Sahai (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Now, we all know the tradition on calling women on the Butterfly family as space objects, Star, Moon, Comet, Eclipsa, and Meteora… all of them in the end are a methaphor for their personalities and magic.

Star is a shiny star, like the song says. She’s always shining, positive, and full of light.

Moon is bright and elegant, even her colors shows them. She’s serious and wise, the moon shows such aura when appearing in the sky.

Eclipsa is dark, she’s mysterious and has been away for a long time. Her return calls everyone’s attention, and she’s wild, out of control.

But why and what’s up with Marco?

My theory of why he got moon’s on his cheeks when using magic.

When he noticed that he wand did nothing to him, his first reaction was to confirm that their souls are bounded.

Now, his name has no methaphor, but that’s because it’s somewhere else. Marco’s mark are moons, which made me think on one thing, the moon is following the sun constantly, and the sun is a star.

He is bounded to her, and he is fared to follow her anywhere she goes, no matter where or with who she’s with. He will be there.

Petition for the Tonys to have a Best Ensemble category because the rest of the people onstage besides the stars deserve to be recognized for their amazingness and hard work

Catch them all! v.3.0

Okay, after last episodes I definitely should’ve made another updated version. This time I prefer to not put my headcanon Celena’s cheekmarks so all of this information is canon.


The Ghosts of Mewni’s Past

An attempt to expand the lore of Cressieverse.

Each Queen has a respective feast day, whether it be their birth day or or their death (whatever is more significant). On their respective feast day, the spirit of a Queen will manifest and rise from their resting place in The Constellation (also known as The Graveyard of Queens). There, one day will be given for her to be celebrated by the kingdom, with permission from the current Queen. Many queens can be born or die on the same day, thus, not all Queens are celebrated. The less popular Queens fade from obscurity, while the more well-known are celebrated and glorified yearly. And those who are forgotten would want to make sure that people will say their name once again, whatever it takes.

A Queen’s cause of the death is visible on their so-called spirit, from the most peaceful to the most violent. Each shown has a different cause of death, and I wrote hints in each of the Queen’s captions. Try to guess correctly!

So, like you all, I watched the Tonys last night.

And here’s what I have to say.

Remember last year, when all the other interesting, cool Broadway musicals got stuck in the shadow of Hamilton?

Remember how all the beautiful little shows, like Waitress and Tuck Everlasting and Bright Star and Allegiance and On Your Feet were left unnoticed by most, as everyone bought tickets to Hamilton?

Remember how so many shows had to close because nobody wanted to buy tickets to them, because we were so caught up with Hamilton?

I’m afraid that Dear Evan Hansen will become the new Hamilton.

I’m afraid that so many other great, diverse, revolutionary shows will be lost in Broadway history, lost to this eight-person, nearly all-white, musical.

I’m afraid that, in five years or so, there won’t be anyone who’ll remember Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812.

I’m afraid that Groundhog Day will close because people will choose Dear Evan Hansen over it.

I’m afraid that Come From Away won’t get any recognition this season.

I’m afraid that nobody will remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for anything other than “Christian Borle was in it.”

I’m afraid that Bandstand, Anastasia, Miss Saigon, all these beautiful shows, will be performing to unresponsive audiences, as bored teenagers, fidgeting in their chairs whisper to their parents “Why couldn’t you have taken me to see Dear Evan Hansen instead? This sucks.”

Don’t get me wrong, Dear Evan Hansen is great, Hamilton is great.

It’s just that I hope the other shows this season are appreciated, too.

star crossed rivals

this post is not only about princess allura and prince lotor being foils, but also keith and acxa being set up as rivals season 3

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