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Do you like DnD? Do you like decks of cards full of many things? Of course you do! Which is why I’m putting a whole 22 card Deck of Many Things together! It will be full color, and the backs of all the cards will have silver foil stars and constellations for that full mystical sparkle. Here’s the first card, and the backing you’ll see on everything! <:


Cosmere Star Charts: Selish, Scadrian, Taldain, Threnodite, Drominad, Rosharan System (Colored Version)

Taken from Arcanum Unbounded.

The Dunhuang Star map is one of the first known graphical representations of stars from ancient Chinese astronomy, dated to the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Before this map, much of the star information mentioned in historical Chinese texts had been questioned. The map provides a graphical verification of the star observations, and are part of a series of pictures on one of the Dunhuang manuscripts. The astronomy behind the map is explained in an educational resource posted on the website of the International Dunhuang Project, where much of the research on the map has been done. The Dunhuang Star map is to date the world’s oldest complete preserved star atlas.

While the skies dim, try and find these Norton Critical Edition constellations high in the sky! 

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