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Asking Alexandria

The Devil Wears Prada

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While She Sleeps

Veil of Maya

Miss May I

The Amity Affliction 

Ice Nine Kills

Architects UK

Avenged Sevenfold

After the Burial


Crown the Empire


Of Mice and Men

I see stars


The young elites modern au anyone?
My hand is cramping up oh lord. Anyway! Here are the daggers! Soon to come are the rose society, and then maybe the inquisition.

Characters do not belong to me, they belong to @marielubooks !

Basically, Kylux fandom :)

Lots of attributions needed here: CWU @hollyhark​, Myspace!AU @horatiosroom​, pink balloons for @smol-hux​, Witch AU @reserve​, architect AU and the screwdriver-as-murder-weapon @thissisatitle​, Void mask (To the Pure) @kdazrael,​ Coffee shop AU @kromitar​ and @rraffeh​, blue milkshake and pink haired hux @nightsofllyn, I’m not sure who started Emperor Hux and Sniper Hux and Hux’s fondness for cigarettes… and Millicent and Matt the radar technician are just canon at this point. (sorry if I made a mistake in the attributions or forgot people, feel free to correct me!)


SO?? 8 months !!!  im finally done !!! ( i didnt draw him properly but one of them has a seeing eye dog)

But yeah,,, HERES MY OCS AT LAST, at least detailed !! it took so long wahh,,, some design changes since my last post, but hey im happy !! Ill write proper bios soon but im not much of a writer !!


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anonymous asked:

Dear Archy, I'm studying for the degree in architecture, these last years I've become really fond in set design for movies. Do you think it's a possible path after I get my degree?! Do you know anything about it? Thank you very much! You're the best

Thanks! There is a path but it is unknown to me. I found a couple of links that might give you an idea of where to start your research:

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snapchat /add/ nextarch Finally, we can honour an Architect, in capital letters, a woman who left us some weeks ago, Zaha Hadid. The first woman to win the Mies van der Rohe EU Award for one of her buildings and also the first, on winning the Pritzker. The only woman among so-called star architects.
And it is our first building designed by her: the Center Pierresvives for knowledge and sports.
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'true fan' bullshit

To be a ‘True Fan’
-Don’t have to know every song
-Don’t have to know every album
-Don’t have to know every member of the bands name.
-Don’t have to have merch
-Don’t have to like the fan base.

You can be a true fan by liking the band
Liking some of their music.

Nothing else.
Shut up