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Yoooooo but what about west wing AU with the rogue one/Star Wars characters?!???

okay. OKAY. so. i gave this much thought at work/last night and this is what i’ve come up with: 

President Bail Organa: sort of kind of because jimmy smits was on the west wing as matt santos, sort of kind of because i love bail organa and he deserves more love. bail as president also allows me to do this — 

First Daughter Leia Organa: come on. come on. leia in a zoey bartlet-esque role is all i’ve ever wanted. she’s simultaneously so young compared to the people around her and has so much responsibility to the public. it’s not a life leia chose, but she wouldn’t give it away for anything.

Vice President Draven: hear me out. was running for president originally, with cassian as his campaign manager. somewhere along the way, cassian realizes draven isn’t all he’s cracked up to be and convinces him to sit on the ticket with bail. not necessarily bad, but not good. 

Chief of Staff Mon Mothma: she convinces bail to run because she knows they can make a difference. the absolute epitome of “do you have a best friend you trust with your life? are they smarter than you?” line from tww. she puts a lot of pressure on the rest of the staff (cassian, especially) but means well.

Deputy Chief of Staff Cassian Andor: he’s a young upstart with a law degree who took a chance and hopped aboard the Organa for America train. his relationship with draven is…complicated, to say the least. in a completely platonic will they-won’t they situation with his assistant, 

Senior Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff Jyn Erso: nobody knows jyn’s history. all they know is she showed up on the campaign trail one day too qualified to turn away. she passed her background checks, but draven is suspicious. intensely passionate about her job, even if she sasses the hell out of cassian every chance she gets (side note: can y’all IMAGINE scenes like this between jyn and cassian??? i die)

White House Press Secretary Chirrut Îmwe: don’t let the blindness fool you. chirrut doesn’t let shenanigans in the press room slide.he knows every reporter’s voice and where they sit, so he’s always on top of questions. just make sure you tell him all the facts. 

White House Communications Director Baze Malbus: you try and tell me baze isn’t toby ziegler. go on. TRY ME. you wouldn’t know by looking at him, but he’s quite the wordsmith. super grump with a heart of gold and snark for days

Deputy White House Communications Director Bodhi Rook: a friend of cassian’s from law school. just wants to make a difference, but fucks up on occasion in the process. he’s the resident sweetheart, but he might know something about jyn’s past? he’s not saying, though. (also may or may not have slept with a prostitute)

White House Presidential Secretary Kay Tuesso: i was having trouble placing k-2, but this would be fucking hilarious. trust me. 

(for shits and giggles, Personal Aide to the President Han Solo: leia isn’t sure how this scoundrel passed his background check, or why her father likes him so much, but she doesn’t. not at all. he’s…scruffy looking, alright?)

So, I know Suicide Squad won best makeup, but can we just take a moment to appreciate the makeup in Star Trek Beyond anyway? I mean, just look at these:

First off, Kalara. The color gradient and the ridges are just gorgeous.

For Natalia, who only even in this one scene, they had to create super-light prostheses, AND they used a new iridescent, color-shifting pigment that had never been used in makeup before.

Those lights on Krall? They’re not CG. They imbedded fiber optics into the prosthesis. 

And Jaylah. Wonderful Jaylah, they made a “bulletproof” makeup formula that won’t bleed at all and then APPLIED ALL OF THOSE LINES BY HAND. 

I just… LOOK



finn: finds the strength to escape from the people who manipulated and abused him since his childhood, immediately befriends both rey and poe and shows selfless concern for rey’s wellbeing on multiple occasions, begs rey to run away with him after knowing her for a day or less, runs across a battlefield to try and save rey from being captured by his abusers, runs to embrace poe upon discovering he’s alive, lies his way on to starkiller base (returning to the people who manipulated and abused him since his childhood) to rescue rey, gives rey his jacket to keep her from being too cold, plants himself between rey and kylo ren to protect her despite having no training with a lightsaber and knowing he could be killed



So. Much. Appreciation.

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Here’s some Finn love for today: Finn, who spent his entire life isolated from the conditions of the real world, who was told over and over again that the FO was bringing justice and order to the galaxy, who believed it because he had no other information to go on, threw all that off the second he saw the outside world.

In both the TFA novelization and BTA, the second he sees the world for himself, he realizes that the FO is full of shit. He immidiately empathizes with the people he’s been taught to hate his entire life.

His Very. First. Time. Out.

Anyway, Finn is the beating heart and moral compass of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Thank you for your time.


breathe.  Just breathe.  Now … reach out.  What do you see?

Light … darkness.  The balance.

I meant to post this on may the 4th but I stopped working on it and didn’t come back until now 

new blog! hopefully i’ll be posting more art here!

uhura is literally one of the smartest characters on the ENTIRE show. 

she knows countless different languages, and as someone who speaks 3 languages, let me tell you that shit is not easy by any means. 

also, not only that, but she is also good in mathematics, like holy hell

and does anyone remember the episode, “The Changling” where she had all of her memories wiped? yeah, well she re-learned EVERYTHING she knew and was back on the bridge afterwards. ok let me say that again, she literally re-learned all of the information she learned IN TIME TO WORK ON THE BRIDGE AGAIN. 

honestly uhura is not just beautiful, but she is a fucking genius.