stapless dress


Photo documentation of my transition so far. Meant to educate and/or co-relate and/or inspire, NOT meant to deter or discourage - everyone’s transition will go differently and everyone’s body moves at a different speed, and y'all are beautiful no matter what’s going on there!

Photo 1: 2005, pre-transition, pre self-acceptance. What a suave “dude.”
Photo 2: Day 0 of hormones, after having been transitioning for a year.
Photo 3: Month 1 of estrogen (4 months of hormones). Breast tissue begins to form.
Photo 4: Month 3 of estrogen. More breast tissue, enough for me to take a sexy photo.
Photo 5: Month 4 of estrogen. Skin is clearer, silhouette is changing.
Photo 6: Month 6 of estrogen. Enough breast tissue, laser treatment, skin clearing and silhouette alteration to wear a stapless dress and take a close-up photo of my face without losing it
Photo 7: Month 8 of estrogen. Confident enough in skin, silhouette and other details to take a make-up free photo that is non-blurry.
Photo 8: Month 10 (now). Bra-less tank top, that’s all my tissue. Yay!