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Promp #3 with Damian and Dick?

For some reason the answers to these asks keep getting longer and longer, and guess what? I love it. I tweaked the dialogue a because it flowed a bit more naturally this way.

Thank you @audreycritter and @thegalacticpope for helping me plot this, and thank you @camsthisky for betaing! 

Rating: Gen

Words: 3,045

Summary:  Dick’s life has gone from busy to the busiest since he took up the mantel of Batman. He’s late and running later to a meeting, but in trying to explain that to Damian he hurts him instead. Dick’s trying not to do the same things Bruce did when he was Robin, so how come he keeps falling into the same traps Bruce did?

AO3 Link

Dick was busy. It seemed to come with the territory of being in charge of– well everything. He had no idea how Bruce had done it. It seemed an impossible task to balance Wayne Enterprise work, meetings, the cowl, and raising a Robin. Add to that Dick’s social life, and he was pretty sure the hours needed to do everything in his day didn’t match what the sun had in store for him.

If he’d ever thought he’d been busy before, he’d had no clue. Not a single one. He’d never realized what Bruce dealt with on a daily basis. No wonder he liked to skip charity events, they were time suckers that Dick could use doing literally anything else. He got tired just thinking of his schedule for the day.

Already he was running late for a meeting, one that was bound to take forever since John Harris was going to be there. The man did not know the meaning of brief. Or subtle, for that matter. Dick wished he could skip the whole thing, but Lucius wouldn’t appreciate him missing so, he was going.

He piled everything he needed, loose papers and a folder, on top of a binder and made his way out of his office feeling a little like he was back in school.

When he walked out Damian was sitting at the kitchen bar, working his way through the homework Alfred had assigned him for the day. Dick had tried to convince him to attend regular school, as a way to have interactions with people beyond his brother and butler, but he’d refused. That was fine, he was young and adapted quickly, Dick had just hoped to give him something of normality.

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hello! May I ask for an ItaSaku fic where Sakura is a model, & Itachi's her assistant? Thanks~ >u<

title Model Behavior
summary The pay is nice but, like…. there’s so much butt glue…
pairing itasaku (duh-doy)

“Read me my schedule?”

“You’ve got that jeans shoot at 10 today. An interview with Nylon at 2 plus the cover shoot. And then there’s that meeting with the CEO at 7.”

As she listened, Sakura drew a sweeping line above her lashes. She rubbed at a smudge with her thumb. When she looked up, she saw Itachi’s reflection in the doorway. 

“Is that last meeting for dinner?” she asked. Itachi didn’t respond, so she wrinkled her nose. Sighing, she picked up her jacket. Draping it over her shoulders, she glanced down at her smartwatch. 

“Did you remember to-”

“I scheduled your facial for 11 tomorrow,” Itachi confirmed. He glanced up from his tablet, leaning against the doorframe.

“Don’t forget to pick up my dry cleaning today,” she then said. Itachi pointed. Her dress hung from the doorknob, ensconced in the plastic bag. The ticket from the cleaners was still stapled to the corner.

“I also called a car. It should be here in two minutes,” Itachi added, not looking up from his tablet.

Puckering her lips, she blew him a kiss.

“You’re my hero, Itachi. Pick me up from the shoot!” she sang, already running out the door. Without looking up, Itachi caught the kiss thrown his way. 

“Uh-huh,” he replied, still sorting through her emails.

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Feeling Alive- Part 15

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)

Part 2 (Stay)

Part 3 (There Will Come a Time)

Part 4 (Weapon of Choice)

Part 5 (Came Here For Love)

Part 6 (Where the Sky Hangs)

Part 7 (When Can I See You Again?)

Part 8 (Manhattan)

Part 9 (Skip To The Good Bit)

Part 10 (Poison & Wine)

Part 11 (Clean)

Part 12 (Where To Start)

Part 13 (Second Chances)

Part 14 (Tell Her)

Bad Liar or Beep Beep

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 16/17: Bad Liar

Word count: 5332 (!)

Warnings: Swearing. Profanity. Cursing. Beep Beep is also not fucking around (if you’ll pardon the expression)

HOLY FUCKING SHIT Y’ALL. HERE WE ARE. AT THE END. (Well, nearly the end). I will do a full honour call in the next part because I have so many people to thank but have a generic thank you right now because you deserve it. And! Before you get into devouring this enormous chapter! Please read the author notes at the bottom! It will have a direct effect on what you see in the Epilogue! OK, that’s all. Let’s do this.

Saturday dawns with the kind of clear, bright light that promises heat to come, and you jump out of bed with excitement already pulsing through your veins. You’ve always loved the thrill of competitions. The nerves, the camaraderie, the elation when you finish- all are just as potent now as they were on your first attempt, however many years ago. You spend the afternoon wandering around your flat, texting Bucky and waiting for your lift to arrive.

B: how are you this morning? Excited?

Y: Only always

Y: I assume you don’t get nervous ;)

B: nah, cool as ice ;)

Y: Of course

Y: Is Clint giving you a lift?

The competition is at a high school somewhere on the far side of town, and those of you without transport have been forced to carpool. Thankfully, both Wanda and Pepper had offered you separate lifts- but you had opted for the latter. Competition days sent Wanda into a state of nervous frenzy that was quite alarming to behold.

B: yh

B: and nat and sam and steve

Y: They’re all coming?

You’d already had a good luck text from Steve (he’d also called and apologised for the incident on the night of the party for at least half an hour- it seemed far simpler to forgive and forget the whole thing) but you had expected them to stay away from the actual competition. The thought of seeing them all again makes you smile.

B: couldn’t keep them away

B: nat threatened to bring banners

Y: Is Sam bringing pompoms?

Y: Tell him I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t

B: Your wish is my command

Y: Excellent

The blast of a car horn from the street makes you jump.

Y: got to go, my ride is here

B: see you soon

Y: :)

You pick up your bag, check you have your keys, then dash down the stairs. Pepper’s car is sat by the curb, and you can hear music coming from inside. When you open the passenger door, she leans across and smiles.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Good!” You slide into the seat and buckle your seatbelt. “Excited. And nervous.”

Pepper shifts into first and pulls out into the road. “Just for the competition?” Her tone is deceptively neutral. Your first instinct is to brush her subtle question away with a joke, but, to your own surprise, you sigh.

Wordlessly, Pepper turns the radio down, and waits.

“I mean…” You struggle for words, “I just- I didn’t expect things to work out. With him. I thought he’d mess it up, or we just wouldn’t be able to go back to that kind of… easiness. But…”

Pepper lets you trail off into silence before speaking. “Do you want my advice?”

At this point, you’d probably take the advice of a lamppost, if it offered: you’re nodding before she’s even finished her sentence.

“OK… I think you’re thinking too much about this.”

“Oh, right,” You scoff, “Because I shouldn’t be thinking about it at all.”

“That’s not what I said. What I mean is that you should just let it happen.”

“Go with the flow.” Your voice is wry, but Pepper just nods sincerely and thumbs the volume back up. You turn her words over in your mind. Maybe she has a point. You stay in silence for the rest of the journey, lost in thought as you watch the suburbs slide by beyond the window.

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💃 and Bruiseshipping perhaps? :3

bruiseshipping + dancing

i'msosorry you got like an actual fic instead of a drabble but hey, I guess this is better, right? Also: Obviously the ninja are pros at ballroom dancing who do you take them for??

The earth ninja’s emerald gaze swept over the ballroom, squinting a little against the multicolored lights swinging across the floor from the rafters above. Men and women, all dressed to the nines, mingled around him at their own tables. From his own circular table (one set aside specifically for the ninja, as they were the guests of honor) he could see pretty much the entire jamboree, which included the dance floor.

The same dance floor Cole had been studiously avoiding all evening. Not because he wasn’t a party person, of course (because believe him, he could definitely bust a move if he were so inclined), but just because there was no one here he wanted to dance with.

That’s all.

Actually, there was one person.

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Domo~! May I request Oikawa's girlfriend who has dislocated her shoulder (playing volleyball) so he basically pampers her all throughout the day feeding her lunch, carrying her bag, taking her notes and so on but other guys are also trying to worry over her ( bcuz she's also a little popular) when Tooru isn't looking?? Please and thanks

A refreshing change of pace for me after so much serious writing! I hope you find this funny, because I tried. :D Thanks for waiting!

“It should be fine,” you insist, “the orthopedist lady already set it back where it’s supposed to go. My arm isn’t about to fall off any second, I promise.”

“How can you promise something you can’t control?” That isn’t Tooru’s main argument- he’s got an arsenal of those- but it’s a sound counter that would be wasted if not used. “Now, we’re almost at school, so you’re going to take it easy. You’re not going to get me when you need help so I’m just going to have to lounge about your classroom in my spare time.”

“Oh for- Tooru, really?”

He looks at you sternly, brows furrowed without any consideration for his milky complexion and hopes that the message goes through, exactly how serious he is about it.

“Don’t take sports injuries lightly. The bell’s going to ring soon, you better hurry along.”

And although Tooru can feel the exasperated look you’re attempting to visually punch into him, he doesn’t allow himself to dawdle. There are tasks to be done, plans to be made, and he’s about to set into motion the biggest hustle the third years have ever known.

And at that thought, there’s no holding back the satisfied smile that creeps onto his face. Yes, it’s time that you softened and let yourself be pampered, and for Tooru to finally unleash his fearsome boyfriend powers so that you know exactly how amazing he really is.

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I’ve talked to some people about this before, but I still can’t shake it. This attitude of “you must be doing something 24/7” that’s been a staple in SJ corners has really gotten to me, especially after the last month. I fell into a gigantic depressive episode immediately after Charlottesville because my grief got too overwhelming to handle (along with other factors, but that’s the main one), and while I’m doing better, I’m still in that muck. I knew it would hit hard, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. There are times where that grief becomes absolutely immobilizing, and I just feel guilty about it because while everyone’s moved on, I’m still out of commission.

And again, it’s this whole idea of “you must put in 200% 24/7” that really irks me. Maybe this comparison is a bit off, but asking someone who’s mentally and emotionally done to continue to work is as ludicrous as asking Vladimir Tarasenko to play on a torn ACL. People have to let others heal from traumatizing events, and it’s a thing I don’t see being stressed enough (submission).


Altcomics Magazine 4

8.5 × 11"
full color
corner stapled

The printed companion to our documentary film—in—progress continues. Featuring interviews with Maggie Umber, Juliacks, Christopher L. G. Hill, Tracy Auch, Wiley Guillot and part 1 of a larger look at the rise of feminism in Korea as a counter to the growing “Alt-Right” movement by Kim Jooha. **exact contents of magazine subject to change. 

Pledge to get Altcomics Magazine 4 as a part of 2dcloud’s Fall Collection 2016

Thank you so much <3 <3 <3 We are 58% funded with 11 days to go!

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Dean and Cas, au where they're both school teachers and maybe they're getting together to grade shit or something and they have a little wine/beer and are adorable and maybe some tickling happens who knows wHO KNOWS /thebest-medicine

“You said you would help me grade papers,” Cas says, watching on with amusement as Dean slowly picks each individual essay up by the corner staple and drops them all in a jumbled heap on the floor. “I think you’re only creating more work for me to deal with later.”

Dean leans over and boops him on the nose. “You’re cute,” he announces before lying down across the couch with his head in Cas’ now-empty lap. He smiles up at Cas. “I’m drunk.”

“Just a bit,” Cas agrees, placing his own beer down on the coffee table in case Dean jostles him. “What would you like to do now that you’ve ruined all of my attempts at productivity?”

“Mmmm, we should - we should cuddle.” Dean rolls onto his side and nuzzles his face into Cas’ belly. “You’re very cuddly,” he says, the words slightly muffled as they’re spoken into Cas’ shirt.

Cas giggles, though more from the anticipation of the proximity of Dean’s mouth to his belly than anything else. “Dean, that tickles.”

Instead of pulling away - not that Cas expected him to - Dean lifts up Cas’ shirt and mouths at the soft skin underneath, gently teasing the rim of Cas’ belly button between his teeth. Cas giggles again and threads his fingers through Dean’s hair. “Dehehean!”

“You like it,” Dean singsongs, and he has a point - Cas’ hands aren’t trying to push Dean away so much as holding him in place so that he can continue. “Adorable.”

An unexpected raspberry is blown against his belly and Cas bursts into giggles, squealing when Dean blows another raspberry, and another. After a minute Dean is giggling too hard himself to keep going and his head falls back into Cas’ lap. “You’re my favorite,” he says, grinning up at Cas.

“Your favorite what?”

“My favorite Cas,” he declares.

Cas rolls his eyes fondly and smiles back at Dean. “And you’re my favorite Dean.”

What to do with your old planner.

janky-painted-butterfly asked a great question:

“Hi, I was wondering if you have any tips on what to do with your planner once you’ve used it up. Should I keep it, toss it, burn it, staple the corner?”

Hello there!

That’s a very good question.

Having a second planner to keep the other planner in is a great idea, kind of like a russian doll or ‘plannerception’.

Of course you could file it away, particularly if you have used your planners for notes when studying. If you have a phone handy you could store them digitally. But if you feel that you don’t need to keep it, then there are a multitude of different things you could do.

Maybe you could leave them in bars, pubs and coffee shops on the off chance that your notes would be found and you gain some kind of literary notoriety. Or perhaps some distant admirer would build a shrine from them a la Helga Pataki in Hey Arnold.

On the other hand, nothing screams cool like using your old notes and memos as bunting at parties. Why not add that extra flare to your social gatherings by laying out party decorations comprised of confidential financial information, mathematical theorems and the odd reminder to buy milk.

Either way, let us know what you do with it.

if you do decide to dispose of your planner. Remember to recycle!


- Fox and Star


Weekend DIY: Rustic Memo Board

This week’s DIY is great for an office, entryway, bedroom (or maybe even a locker-sized mini version?). We used cedar shims, glued, then stapled at the corners. Be sure to match a thin side with a thick side, and staple the thin side into the thick side. Then we painted the wood, using our color of the week, Caribe. This is where things get a little prickly. Be very careful unrolling chicken wire, even using gloves if you like. Cut the chicken wire to size, and staple. We chose some twine and hooks to hang ours, but you could use a picture hanging kit, or even magnets to hang on a metal surface. 

What goes best with a DIY? A themed out playlist: 

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i have a table and it's not a nice color. And it has no drawers or shelves. i need to use it as a desk though. How can i decorate the table to look like a nice desk? and what can i do to not see the ugly color of the desk Without painting it? What can i use as drawers and/or shelves to organize my stuff?

Okay so if you truly can’t paint it your best bet is to clean it VERY well. You can then cover it with wallpaper, I suggest a solid color. The legs could be a different color for some fun. Wallpaper is out of the question too? No problem just use the wallpaper ad without taking the sticky party off just tape it or staple it to the corners of the desk, that way it’s easier to take off.
Next you want to get many cardboard storage boxes, ikea sells very nice cheap ones. They look like shoeboxes but are made for decor. You want to get anywhere from 4-6. Line them up against the far side of your desk. If you want more room, you can stack them by two, anything else just looks too heavy. I say stick to solid colors, but you can decorate these as you wish. This is the closest way to get “shelves.” You can put them under your desk as well. Get creative with storage! I’ve posted plenty of tutorials (I’ll link to some when I’m not on my phone). Next you want to put a bulletin board up on the wall next to your desk. Dot have money for one? By a medium sized canvas and paint it how you want it! Works just as well.

I can post a picture tutorial some time if you want

Title: Just the Way You Are
Pairing: Aokise
Genre: All the fluffs
Summary: Kise doubts himself. Aomine makes sure he knows he likes him just the way he is. 

Based on this RP thread here and here

Inspired by this song. For Atsu. <3

“You were doing so well.”

“I know… I know, but right now…”

Aomine reached out and Kise instantly grasped the offered hand. “It’s alright, Ryouta." 

”… Yeah.“


He had his moments. After the attack, Kise had good days and bad days. Sometimes he had good weeks and bad weeks. Sometimes the good would prolong itself and Aomine thought that maybe, just maybe, he was taking a step in the right direction.

Then came the downpour. 

Kise was stuck in a vicious cycle of down days and had been for the past week. He had no confidence in himself and flinched every time he saw his reflection in the mirror. The nightmares were worse. Even Aomine’s presence couldn’t keep them at bay. 

Whispered words of affection and promises that things would get better did nothing but make the blond smile weakly and nod his head in response. He wasn’t really hearing the words, Aomine knew, and if he was then he wasn’t taking them to heart.

The ace wasn’t willing to let Kise sink any deeper into the despair that swaddled him in a blanket of fear and self-loathing. He had to come up with something even the blond couldn’t ignore.

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