Pedophilia Ships

I’ve noticed that most antis don’t understand that the majority of the ships that they claim to be pedophiliac are in fact not pedophilia at all. I would also like to say that if anyone headcanons these ships as being simply romantic, and not sexual, then it would not be pedophilia regardless of their ages.

Ships that are 100% not pedophilia:

1) RickMorty/C-137cest: Morty is fourteen/fifteen years old which is past the age range for pedophilia. 

2) Ereri: Eren is fifteen, which is also out of the age range

3) Any Steven ship: Steven is turning fourteen in the next episodes, so he will then be out of the age range 

4) Any ship with Frisk: Frisk’s age is undetermined, so as long as Frisk is portrayed as fourteen or older then the ship is not pedophilia

Ships that may or may not be pedophiliac depending on portrayal:

1) Billdip/Mabill: Bill does not have an actual age, so as long as he is portrayed as being around the twins’ age then it isn’t pedophilia

2) Sebaciel: Same thing applies here. Sebastian most likely does not age, so as long as Ciel is depicted as being older then there isn’t a problem.

(I’m pretty sure that these are all the “pedophilia” ships being attacked. If I missed any please let me know and I will add them.)

Does everyone understand now? Please use the term pedophilia correctly because not doing so could make it harder for real pedophilia victims to get the help that they need and they might feel invalidated. Thank you :)

What i think shippers don’t understand is that its not ‘i dont like ur ships uwu u should stop!11!!’

 its ‘You shipping and creating content for this perpetrates a cycle of abuse called grooming in which the abuser shows abusive fictional couples to justify themselves. You shipping this and drawing this ship threatens my personal safety and the safety of other abuse victims.’ 

Grooming is a very real tactic that affects many victims and helps continue the cycle of abuse: its not ‘just fictional’ the moment an abuser gets their hands on it to show to their victim. its not ‘just fictional’ the moment it affects REAL PEOPLE. THATS why anti blogs exist; to try and prevent the cycle.

Say This To Any Anti SU Shipper Who's Hating on your Ships
  • Anti-Shippers:YOU CAN'T SHIP THAT M8.
  • ROSE QUARTZ:Welcome to Earth
  • Don't you DARE let anybody tell you what to ship my babies. You have the right to ship what you want even if it may have it's noticeable flaws.
This show has ruined me.

Whoa, a new gem! This is awesome. But wait … If she was in the mirror that whole time, then …


Oh, no.

No, stop.

You aren’t stopping.

This is the exact opposite of stopping.

I will not ship this.

“Lapis … She sounds so unhappy.”


But it doesn’t stop.

It never stops.

And it’s like,

Every time they share a scene,

They’re always each other’s highest priorities,

even when they should probably be worrying about themselves.

And I can’t help but ship it.

“Here Comes A Thought” is such a beautiful song about healthy relationships and good fusions and overcoming fears and anxieties and being open and honest about all those bad feelings so you can move on and it just got me really into the idea of Lapis and a potential fusion for her in the future.

Obviously, she’s been through a lot and she has an awful lot of PTSD when it comes to water and Jasper and fusion in general. Her relationship with Jasper was rigid and cold and fueled by anger and betrayal (all seeming to be the opposites of flexibility, love and trust). I know she needs time to heal. I cannot wait for Lapis to love herself. I can’t wait for her to fuse the right way. I can’t wait for Steven, or Peridot, or maybe even, after an incredible (and I mean like rEALLY REALLY long and incredible) redemption for Jasper, to sing with Lapis about love and trust and the real desire to be fused and not be alone.

I don’t really ship Lapidot too much, but I remember in Barn Mates, when Peridot says “You’re alone. No one could POSSIBLY know what that feels like! Oh wait! I do! We’re the same! Except…you don’t have to be alone.” I would love to hear Peridot and Lapis (or Steven and Lapis even) share this feeling. This bond. Flexibility, love and trust. Lapis, the broken, hurting, emo child of mine…I want her to know a healthy friendship/relationship founded on those principles. I want her to experience kindness and joy and love and trust. I want her to be able to look out over the ocean and when a panic starts to set in, when a thought starts to overwhelm her, I want her to hear a little voice in her head that is soft and calm and reassuring-

“I’m here.”

Like when it comes to fan art and fan fiction, people will criticize it if it contains something problematic and just because it’s fan created doesn’t mean it should get a past for being harmful.

Like when it comes to drama in the SU fandom, I’m always seeing people bringing up ‘let people ship/draw whatever.’

Okay, no?

People shouldn’t be drawing Steven having a romantic or sexual relationship with any of the gems. He’s a minor.

People also shouldn’t be erasing Garnet’s race. People shouldn’t erase Pearl’s sexuality. People also shouldn’t be drawing the few fat female charecters we have as skinny women. 

This stuff is harmful and you shouldn’t be surprised when people say something against it.

I can’t help but love the irony of the fact that antis target minors, and when said minors fight back because they refuse to take the emotional trauma, antis start whining like toddlers and flipping their shit and basically throw a tantrum because they didn’t get praised for hating on someone and say the shipper is ‘harassing a minor’.

Why is it that everyone thinks ‘It’s the internet’ is a good excuse?

No, just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean you get an excuse to draw horribly pornographic fan art of child charecters. 

No, just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean you can erase lesbian relationships or non-binary charecters 

No, just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean you have to accept these things.