Order Coleoptera (Beetles)-Superfamily Staphylinoidea (Rove, Carrion and Fungus Beetles) Family Staphylinidae (Rove Beetles)

Includes Brathinidae, Dasyceridae, Empelidae, Micropeplidae, Oxytelidae, Oxyporidae, Pselaphidae, Scaphidiidae and Scydmaenidae. Explanation of Names Staphylinidae Latreille 1802
Greek staphilinos (σαφυλινοσ) ‘a type of insect’, from σαφυλη 'a bunch of grapes’(1) Numbers The largest animal family in our area, with ca. 4,400 described (+ numerous undescribed) spp. in 540 genera of 26 subfamilies(2)(3); current estimates for our area are 5,050-5,250 (M.K. Thayer, pers.comm. to =v=, 15.viii.2011). World’s largest animal family, with ~56,000 spp. in 3500 genera(4)

Size 0.7-25 mm, most 1-10 mm Habitat Often found under rocks, logs, etc. Some found on edges of bodies of water, others on carrion, decaying fungi, etc. Food Most adults and larvae are predatory on other invertebrates. Some larvae feed on decaying vegetation.