staos, ch2: congrats, you played yourself

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i’m having fun with this. i’m genuinely enjoying myself. this is ridiculous on like 42 different levels, but you know what? it’s fun.

i’m still not sure when updates will be, i just don’t know they won’t be all that regular. you know, considering i wrote 3.5k of this last night in one sitting and am uploading it less than 12 hours later. but anyway

enjoy the madness~

Adrien can’t stop his mind from whirling on the way to school. There’s a slight anxiety building up in his stomach, making him bounce his leg nonstop, no doubt irritating the hell out of Plagg. He just has so much to think about.

Like Ladybug. And when she’ll come back and what they’ll talk about and the fact that he’s fake dating Ladybug. Marinette. What he’s going to say to her. The fact that he’s also fake dating Marinette. He’s fake dating both of them.

He still can’t figure out why Ladybug would lie about dating someone. He can’t figure out why she would name him either. All of the questions he has are slowly taking over his brain.

But he can’t let them. He has to focus. One step at a time, and step one is getting through the school day without acting any different around Marinette. Which will undoubtedly be a little awkward. Hopefully only for him. Hopefully no one else notices any possible awkwardness.

Any chance of that goes out the window when he opens the car door and realizes everyone is staring at him. Everyone outside of the school has stopped talking to just look at him. Chloé raises her eyebrows when he meets her eyes like he’s supposed to know what that means. And he doesn’t? Have any clue what’s going on?

Nino and Alya come up behind him and grab his arms, dragging him off behind the bushes. The bushes that he’s associated with Marinette and Alya, because for some reason, they’re always hiding behind them.

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“Do you like anyone, princess?” he asks.

She crosses her arms. “Definitely not you.”

Chat gives her a flat look. “Ha ha. Very fun. Mock the fake boyfriend.”

what are you talking about this is exactly how you write marichat

Alya leans forward, popping her head between the two boys. “So I’m guessing now is a bad time to tell you Ladrien is trending on tumblr and twitter?”

a little update because i’m surprisingly content right now and also because #ladrien 

Adrien shoots her a smile. “You looked a little overwhelmed.”

“Ahaha.” Marinette leans around Adrien to see the crowd of people, her face hot. “O-overwhelmed? Uh, yeah. You could say that.”


*shrugs and dumps chapter in the garbage*

anonymous asked:

so rn staos isnt angsty..but is it gonna be?

my friend, the beauty of the fake dating au is that you take two people, force them into a pretend relationship, allow them pine and love each other under the guise of the fake relationship, and then rip them apart

it’s going to be angsty