Tom and Lorenzo about steggy. (7x11)

“We were never big on pairing these two characters up. It seemed a bit too on the nose to us to have Peggy’s true love be someone in the office when she’s had so many office-based romances (Pete, Duck, Ted) blow up in her face. And we always liked the idea of them as best buds rather than romantic partners. But we changed our minds on this question because it seems clear after this scene that Peggy’s going to need a partner who knows about and understands why she made that choice. It’s not something she can pretend never happened, despite Don’s advice to her of a decade before. And the way Stan reacted to the news made us realize this is the only man she’s ever known who would react to her story in the kind, affectionate, non-judgmental way he did.”

I loved Tom and Lorenzo already but reading such perfect words from non shippers, made me love them even more!