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Gordon looks more like Deadpool. Please let him be Deadpool!

But seriously.

Don’t try to tell me that Stan didn’t read this.

Frankly I think Stan read all of Journal 3 once he had it. But even if we assume he didn’t, we know he photocopied every single page. Don’t try to tell me he didn’t stop when he saw that page with the scribbled out perpetual motion machine, that page that was obviously about him, and read what it said.

Don’t think for a second that reading this didn’t absolutely crush him. That he didn’t spend the rest of that night running the words over and over in his head. Thinking, I failed, I failed, I had a chance to fix things and i failed. 

And don’t anyone dare tell me that the words “perhaps he can yet prove his worth to me” weren’t in his head when he laughed and said “guess I was good for something after all.”

Don’t even try.

Inktober Submission 4 (½)

These comic ones are killing me…Still Tulio and Miguel these two! XD


Tonight on “Grunkle Stan Lines You Already Knew Were Tragic But You Didn’t Know How Tragic Until Now…”

This is what Stan was going to say to the kids before the government showed up. At that point, he didn’t know about any of the crap that was going to go down that day. He had no reason to think the kids would find out any of his secrets before Ford showed up.

But he knew Ford’s version of events wouldn’t be flattering to him. He knew that he might lose the love of these two precious kids that he’d spent the summer growing to care for.

He’d read his journals. He knew what his brother thought of him.

Guilty Ford AU

After Stan sacrificed himself to Bill, Ford not only fell from his pedestal, he came CRASHING down. After he realized what a true hero Stan was, and looking back on all the menial thoughts he once had about his brother, the horrible way he treated him, the way he carried himself as this noble hero, not to mention all the damage he caused to the town, Fiddleford and the kids, he just became overwhelmed by guilt. So much so that he convinces himself that every little problem or inconvenience is his fault. He is so disgusted with his past that he is unable to forgive himself, and is convinced that everyone around him feels the same.

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My aesthetic is Ford recognizing how unwise it is in the future to correct Stanley’s grammar (based on the world almost ending last time he pointed it out) and so now he just sighs in exasperation at every double-negative and improper placement of subjects.

Butterfly Effect

“No! You don’t understand!” Why was this happening? This wasn’t how things were suppose to end up. He wasn’t suppose end up fighting with his brother again, it was simple. Give Stanley his last journal, the very first one he wrote, and send him off to go hide it where no one, not even Bill would be able to find it. It was simple, Ford had thought this through countless times, planned out every detail, and yet that’s obviously not how it was going down.

Why can’t he just listen to me for once in his life! He wants the book hidden not destroyed. He’s worked too hard for it to be lost forever.

“You said you wanted me to have it, so I’ll do what I want with it!”

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(I Don’t Own The Plot, Only The Drawings)

Everyone take a look at this!

Remember this scene in the finale after the kids left, Ford had put his arm around Stan to give him comfort after the kids left?

Doesn’t this look familiar?

Yup! It’s the pose they made as kids! Only this time, Stan was the one giving his brother comforting after those bullies picked on him.

Stan had always comforted Ford when they were younger. And now Ford is returning the favor and this time around, HE is the one giving Stan comfort :)

Here’s something to keep you up at night:

Do you think that Stan “I missed my twin brother so much I pretended a wax figure of myself was him for a week” Pines ever figured out that the copy machine in his office could duplicate people?

Do you think he ever tried copying himself? 

He mentioned that he’d “finally fixed” the machine at the beginning of Double Dipper but look at that thing. It doesn’t just look old and worn down, it’s broken, dented and has pieces chipped off of it. Almost like someone wailed on it with a baseball bat, deliberately trying to destroy it. Like, maybe someone used it and regretted it afterwards.

Think about that for the rest of your life why don’t you.


Bwhaha, I’m basically like Bill, using Soos as my vessel to show my Grunkle Stan feels (I’m so glad that Soos exists… what a fangirl! I mean, fandude!). The Author must be wondering why Stan has this weird fangirl manchild.

I’ll be so disappointed if they don’t make an episode in which Stan feels left out because everyone is more interested in his brother and his stories (Come on, Stan was jealous even of Waddles getting more attention than him!).


Soooo this is 3 days late lol
My Pine twin inktober compilations!
Have some mystery twins and stan bros!

Headcanon that the first time Stan called Ford “Sixer” after they made up he winced a little.

Headcanon that much later, Ford worked up the courage to explain why. During one of many late night talks on the Stan O’War, he told Stan about his time with Bill. How Bill had plucked the childhood nickname from his mind and turned it into something mocking and cruel, something that struck at him where he was weakest, most vulnerable.

Headcanon that after that Stan stopped calling Ford Sixer, replaced it with a thousand other nicknames. Variations on “Nerd” and “Poindexter,” nautical-sounding terms like “Matey” and “Sea Dog” bad jokes like “Ford Truck” or “Squidhead” or “Octo-nerd” after he found a cuttlefish that Stan claimed looked just like Ford, “Hippie” when Ford complained about the environmental damage people were doing to the ocean. 

Headcanon that Stan was upset, of course Stan was upset. Bill had taken something close and personal to both of them and twisted it, taken it from them, but he wasn’t going to say the word if it made Ford uncomfortable.

Headcanon that the first time Stan had a memory lapse on the Stan O’War Ford was scared to death. He didn’t know how to do this without the kids. He felt lost and alone, and so scared for Stan.

Headcanon that for hours Ford couldn’t get Stan to remember anything. Who he was, who Ford was, where they were. Nothing seemed to stick.

Headcanon that when Ford finally broke down and started weeping Stan reached out a hand to him reflexively and blurted out “don’t cry, Sixer.”

Headcanon that when Ford heard that word again hope came flooding back, and it was like a light turned on inside of him. After that, Stan’s memories slowly began to return much to Ford’s relief.

Headcanon that after that, Ford didn’t mind when Stan called him “Sixer.” That instead of being brought back to his time with Bill, he was brought back to that moment of joy, of relief at knowing his brother was okay. That Stan was by his side as he should always be, because wherever they go, they go together.

Headcanon that Stan and Ford reclaimed the childhood nickname.