stans twin brother

But seriously.

Don’t try to tell me that Stan didn’t read this.

Frankly I think Stan read all of Journal 3 once he had it. But even if we assume he didn’t, we know he photocopied every single page. Don’t try to tell me he didn’t stop when he saw that page with the scribbled out perpetual motion machine, that page that was obviously about him, and read what it said.

Don’t think for a second that reading this didn’t absolutely crush him. That he didn’t spend the rest of that night running the words over and over in his head. Thinking, I failed, I failed, I had a chance to fix things and i failed. 

And don’t anyone dare tell me that the words “perhaps he can yet prove his worth to me” weren’t in his head when he laughed and said “guess I was good for something after all.”

Don’t even try.

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do you have an opinion on the idea that Rolo is secretly Prince Lotor trying to get away from his dad?

i think it’s hilarious. like, not in the laughable way, but in the way that it would be such a completely new take on lotor and not what anyone saw coming at all. 

i’d personally love it like “summon prince lotor” and he shows up w his new robot and platonic soulmate like “hey can my friends come along” and haggar is pissed bc there’s no way he’ll be coldhearted enough to rule an empire.

also, can you imagine hunk’s reaction? i think that’s the redeeming feature of the entire theory tbh.

in full honesty though: not sure it’s gonna happen. haggar said to summon him, implying that she knows where he is. if rolo is lotor, he’d have to be pretty deep undercover. i mean, they were in trouble with the galra and trying to capture the blue lion as a bribe to get out of it. i’m sure there’s a way it could be worked around, but i think it’s unlikely.

then again, i thought the “stan has a secret twin brother” and “keith is actually part galra” theories weren’t actually going to happen either, so don’t feel like i have any actual credibility to make this judgement.

Guilty Ford AU

After Stan sacrificed himself to Bill, Ford not only fell from his pedestal, he came CRASHING down. After he realized what a true hero Stan was, and looking back on all the menial thoughts he once had about his brother, the horrible way he treated him, the way he carried himself as this noble hero, not to mention all the damage he caused to the town, Fiddleford and the kids, he just became overwhelmed by guilt. So much so that he convinces himself that every little problem or inconvenience is his fault. He is so disgusted with his past that he is unable to forgive himself, and is convinced that everyone around him feels the same.

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Stan twins 30?

30: “What? You think you’re the only one suffering?” - Stan and Ford

Ford stared at his brother in stunned silence. Any arguments that had been circling in his mind faded away, leaving his brain empty and his mouth open in shock. “…what…?”

“Are you seriously telling me that you’re the one who’s got problems here?!” Stan snapped. “I’ve been homeless for the last ten years, and you think you’ve got problems?!”

Ford sighed. He didn’t have time to deal with this. The fate of the universe was at stake. “Stan, look, I’ve got bigger things on m-my mind than -”

“Than what, Stanford?! Than your own twin brother?!” Stan snapped. “It’s not like you’re starving, or wanted by six different criminal mobs!”

Ford looked at his brother in mute shock again. Last time he’d seen Stan, he’d been rather well-fed and rather on the chubby side. Now that he had the chance to look over his brother properly, he only grew more worried. Stan was thin, way too thin. His cheeks were sallow and his eyes had permanent dark bags underneath them. He looked absolutely awful. His hair was unkempt, looking like a wild animal in itself. Stan’s face was messy with scratchy, uneven stubble and the occasional small cut. He looked like he hadn’t seen a shower in God knows how long. His clothes were absolutely filthy, coated in dirt, oil and… was that blood?!

“Stan… what happened to you…?” Ford’s voice was hoarse, his eyes wide in shock.

“Pop kicked me out.” Stan retorted. “What, you only just realised that? Took you long enough.”

“N-no, I mean… all this…” Ford gestured to the mess that was his twin. “How’d you… when was the last time you ate? Or had a shower?!”

“Last time I ate? I dunno.” Stan shrugged. “I spent the last of what little cash I had left buying enough gas to get here. Means I had to skip out on food. Maybe a week ago? As for last time I showered, four days ago in the motel room I was staying in when I got your postcard. Before then? I’ve got no idea.”

“What have you been doing?!”

“Trying to get by without getting murdered? Trying to get enough money to eat?” Stan replied dryly. “Unlike you, Mr College Fund. What, you never thought to give your own brother a helping hand, since you were clearly too busy relaxing in your lovely big house in the woods?”

“I … I…” Ford covered his mouth with one hand, the journal falling from his hand onto the floor with a dull thud. “I .. I had no idea…

“Of course you didn’t.” Stan spat. “Since you never bothered keeping in touch. Doesn’t surprise me, really. You always did put your dumb science before your family.”

“…you d-don’t understand… h-he’d… he’d never l-let me…. “ Ford’s hands were shaking now and he looked close to tears.

“Who’d never let you contact me? Your own conscience?”

“N-no…” Ford shook his head, looking rather scared now. He took a step back and nearly collapsed.

Only now did Stan see just how fragile and shaken up Ford looked. His anger faded, being replaced by concern for his brother. “Whoa, Sixer, take it easy-”

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Ford cried. He fell backwards and collapsed on the floor. Stan was by his side in an instant.

“Why not? Ford, what’s going on here?” He attempted to put a hand on Ford’s shoulder, but his brother pulled away violently, his eyes wide and his breathing ragged.

“D-don’t… don’t c-call me that…” Ford gasped. His skin was worryingly pale, his face sweaty and his eyes shimmering with unshed tears. He was shaking like a leaf in the wind. “P-please… don’t call m-me that…”

“Why not…?” Stan asked softly, trying to keep his brother calm. He moved a little closer, wrapping one arm around his brother’s shaking shoulders. This time, instead of pulling away, Ford melted into his brother’s half-embrace, the restrained tears finally falling down his cheeks. He trembled in his brother’s arms.

Stan frowned, pulling Ford a little closer and keeping both arms around him firmly. “Ford … what happened to you…?”

“…h-he won’t l-leave me al-lone…” Ford murmured. “I c-can’t sleep, o-or he’ll … he’ll…”

“He’ll what, Poindexter? What will he do…?” Stan asked quietly. He had no idea just who Ford was referring to, but judging by his brother’s current state, ‘he’ couldn’t be particularly nice.

“He’ll open the p-portal… and end the w-world…” Ford’s voice was weak as he felt his energy slowly being drained from his body.

“The portal?” Stan glanced over his shoulder at the large triangular structure behind them. This must be the portal Ford was talking about. “That thing can end the world?”

“N-no… but what c-comes through it will…” Ford murmured, still fighting to stay awake. He couldn’t fall asleep, not now that his brother was here. He had to keep fighting.

“What’s gonna come through it…?”

“I d-don’t know, b-but it’s bad…” Ford said quietly. “I c-can’t let him open it… he’ll kill us all, and he’ll start with you.”

“Who’s he?” Stan finally voiced the main question in his head.

At this, Ford curled up against his brother, burying his face in Stan’s shoulder and shaking his head. He was terrified of speaking that name, lest the demon himself break into his mind and take over again. He felt Stan rub his back soothingly, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

“It’s alright… if you can’t say it, it’s okay…” Stan murmured. He held his brother close, trying to protect him from whoever ‘he’ was. He had no idea that he couldn’t protect Ford from his own mind.

Ford seemed to go tense in his arms, before he sat upright rather swiftly, letting out a loud yawn and rubbing his eyes rather roughly. “N-no… can’t sleep.”

“Come on, Ford, you need some rest.” Stan murmured.

“I c-can’t!” Ford blurted out. “I-if I fall asleep, he’ll take over m-my mind again and use my body to open the portal.”

It was when Ford said this that Stan realised that this ‘he’ couldn’t possibly be any sort of person. Stan frowned. “He’ll take over your mind? Ford, what on Earth is going on here? What have you done?”

Ford looked over his shoulder at the portal. “We n-need to take this down first, then I’ll tell you. But we have to make sure this thing doesn’t work at all, okay?”

“Alright.” Stan was already on his feet, offering Ford a hand up. Ford took his hand and got up, immediately grabbing a toolkit and beginning to dismantle the control panel, making sure to smash the pieces up to be safe. Stan watched his brother as he took apart the main structure of the portal, just wondering what had driven his smart, level-headed, nerdy twin to insanity.


Aaaaaaaaaaaa I’m sorry this took forever to write! I’ve been like drowning in college work until a week ago so I haven’t had time to do this! Hope it was worth the wait, I guess!

Butterfly Effect

“No! You don’t understand!” Why was this happening? This wasn’t how things were suppose to end up. He wasn’t suppose end up fighting with his brother again, it was simple. Give Stanley his last journal, the very first one he wrote, and send him off to go hide it where no one, not even Bill would be able to find it. It was simple, Ford had thought this through countless times, planned out every detail, and yet that’s obviously not how it was going down.

Why can’t he just listen to me for once in his life! He wants the book hidden not destroyed. He’s worked too hard for it to be lost forever.

“You said you wanted me to have it, so I’ll do what I want with it!”

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Tonight on “Grunkle Stan Lines You Already Knew Were Tragic But You Didn’t Know How Tragic Until Now…”

This is what Stan was going to say to the kids before the government showed up. At that point, he didn’t know about any of the crap that was going to go down that day. He had no reason to think the kids would find out any of his secrets before Ford showed up.

But he knew Ford’s version of events wouldn’t be flattering to him. He knew that he might lose the love of these two precious kids that he’d spent the summer growing to care for.

He’d read his journals. He knew what his brother thought of him.

Inktober Submission 4 (½)

These comic ones are killing me…Still Tulio and Miguel these two! XD

In My Mind Page 24 / 30

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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

Headcanon that the first time Stan called Ford “Sixer” after they made up he winced a little.

Headcanon that much later, Ford worked up the courage to explain why. During one of many late night talks on the Stan O’War, he told Stan about his time with Bill. How Bill had plucked the childhood nickname from his mind and turned it into something mocking and cruel, something that struck at him where he was weakest, most vulnerable.

Headcanon that after that Stan stopped calling Ford Sixer, replaced it with a thousand other nicknames. Variations on “Nerd” and “Poindexter,” nautical-sounding terms like “Matey” and “Sea Dog” bad jokes like “Ford Truck” or “Squidhead” or “Octo-nerd” after he found a cuttlefish that Stan claimed looked just like Ford, “Hippie” when Ford complained about the environmental damage people were doing to the ocean. 

Headcanon that Stan was upset, of course Stan was upset. Bill had taken something close and personal to both of them and twisted it, taken it from them, but he wasn’t going to say the word if it made Ford uncomfortable.

Headcanon that the first time Stan had a memory lapse on the Stan O’War Ford was scared to death. He didn’t know how to do this without the kids. He felt lost and alone, and so scared for Stan.

Headcanon that for hours Ford couldn’t get Stan to remember anything. Who he was, who Ford was, where they were. Nothing seemed to stick.

Headcanon that when Ford finally broke down and started weeping Stan reached out a hand to him reflexively and blurted out “don’t cry, Sixer.”

Headcanon that when Ford heard that word again hope came flooding back, and it was like a light turned on inside of him. After that, Stan’s memories slowly began to return much to Ford’s relief.

Headcanon that after that, Ford didn’t mind when Stan called him “Sixer.” That instead of being brought back to his time with Bill, he was brought back to that moment of joy, of relief at knowing his brother was okay. That Stan was by his side as he should always be, because wherever they go, they go together.

Headcanon that Stan and Ford reclaimed the childhood nickname.

Every one is just thinking about Stan being all excited and in awe about Ford being a criminal like himself. And he would be at first, he’d literally sit Ford down in his usual chair on the Stan O’ War and make Ford tell him all the tales about how he became a criminal. And Ford would chuckle and smile and begin his tales of adventure and excitement.

Some were funny to listen too. But then they stopped being funny and got more dark and Stan couldn’t help but feel more guilty that he caused Ford to go through so much. Slowly he placed a hand on Ford’s shoulder and said with a fake grin that he was truly sorry that he caused both of them to become criminals, that if he wasn’t such a screw up then none of that would have happened.

Ford is horrified that Stan even said those words, those words about how Stan thinks of himself, hurt him. So he decides to put a stop to them, he places his hands and Stan’s shoulders and tells him that while, yes being in on his own in all those other dimensions were hard to deal with, but they also made him a stronger person, they made him fight harder.

Being criminals made them both stronger, it made them fight for something. And as far as being a screw up was concerned, he assured Stan that he wasn’t one. That all of those people who told him so, that ridiculed him and said that he was useless, including their own father, were wrong. He tells Stan that he is smart and he needed to stop thinking otherwise.

And Stan is surprised by those words, but then he smiles and bonks his forehead with Ford’s and mocks him for being such a sappy person, to which Ford playfully pulls down Stan’s beanie over his eyes and laughs while he gets up to get them a cup of coffee. He stops when he hears a small ’thank you’ behind him. Ford smiles and replies back with a soft ‘you’re welcome’.


Bwhaha, I’m basically like Bill, using Soos as my vessel to show my Grunkle Stan feels (I’m so glad that Soos exists… what a fangirl! I mean, fandude!). The Author must be wondering why Stan has this weird fangirl manchild.

I’ll be so disappointed if they don’t make an episode in which Stan feels left out because everyone is more interested in his brother and his stories (Come on, Stan was jealous even of Waddles getting more attention than him!).