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Unless I Be Relieved By Prayer

Commissioned by @pinesinthewoods for the Fluffstravaganza! A reoccurring dream of Stan’s weighs on him. Things come to a head one evening on the Stan-O-War II.

Basically Stan has abandonment issues. Ford has issues of his own. Between the two of them they have the communication skills of a particularly stubborn brick wall.

Thanks to @scribefindegil for betaing!


Ford walked through the kitchen and dining area of the cabin, descending the stairs. He passed the bedroom and slipped into what Stan liked to call his “nerd cave,” the little closet of a room that he’d re-purposed into a study for himself.

Well, he thought, tossing his coat aside. That was certainly a disaster.

He wasn’t really mad about the damage…trying to haul the scream-snake up by hand rather than using the pulley had been a foolish mistake on Stan’s part, but if Ford was being honest he knew it was the type of foolishness that both of them were guilty of from time to time. True, he was upset at the damage it had dealt to the equipment he’d had on deck after it had struggled its way out of Stan’s arms, flopping around in a panic before finally pitching itself back overboard. But it was nothing dire. Nothing that put the Stan-O-War in danger of sinking, certainly, nor anything he couldn’t rebuild.

It was silly to squabble over something so petty, and he wished that they hadn’t.

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These are some of my works from 2016. Honestly, I wish I could have done a lot more. Having a full time job and a back problem doesn’t help. But one thing’s for sure, I’m never going to stop doing what I love, and that is drawing. Here’s to another great year! 🙃

Okay. Having re-enacted the Sad Finale Hug last weekend I am now even more upset about that scene and here is why:

Hugging a person who you desperately want to hug you back and not getting any response is the worst feeling in the world.

It might almost have been better if Stan had pushed him away, but as is Ford is hugging his brother for the first time in over forty years and Stan just doesn’t move. Doesn’t react. It must be like hugging a statue.

And we know that by the time they get back to the Shack that Ford doesn’t have any hope that they can fix it. Not that he would have had much to begin with, but I think there must have been a glimmer, and I think it died when he was kneeling there crying into Stan’s shoulder, holding on for dear life and wishing with everything he had that Stan would return the hug. Just raise one arm. Just lean into it a little.

But he does nothing.


Teaser from Stan

Day 1 of @fordsafetyweek  - Young Ford and Stan

“Fooooord…  I can’t sleep.  Read one of your nerd books out loud and maybe it’ll bore me to sleep”
“Alright.  If you think it’ll help.”
(Stan protected Ford from bullies so he’s happy to be able to help Stan with something in return.)

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