stannis x melisandre

All men must die - but we are no men.
—  daenerys targaryen being a queen af

argelladurrandon  asked:

Stannis/Mel #9 please ;)

Steam was rising from the snows around Melisandre, as obvious as the steam drifting lazily from her bloodred lips. He was standing close enough to her to see the steam wafting through his fingers.

As impossible to grasp or capture as her the woman herself. 

He did not ask her about it. He had resigned himself to never fully knowing. 

No. A lie. You never will never know any peace until you know.

Just as he would never know why her skin  was so warm (and sometimes burning) to the touch. Why her eyes were red.

 How she could look so tall, so awe-inspiring, so terrifying from afar, and yet so much smaller and more delicate in his arms.

 As they stood atop the Wall, as he pressed his lips to hers, finally alone, the guards banished to the ground, he still knew he would not stop trying to know her. 

Even if it should kill him.


When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.


                                                                   You are the Son of Fire
                                                                 I am sworn to serve you!


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