PSA to the Stannermen

We are all well aware of D&D’s hilariously distorted view of Stannis Baratheon. Do not let their fan fiction anger you. Their is new footage of golden child Dany ripping down a flaming stag banner. They couldn’t let it go, could they?

We will see the true king in glorious action against the Boltons when we read the battle of ice. The true version of the story. Not the sparknotes debauchery that aired already.

Keep waiting my friends, all this pain and suffering we have endured under the twisted worldview of D&D will be worth it in the end. Imagine the utter satisfaction when we see Stannis take Winterfell himself and point and laugh at the showplebs who ignorantly claimed 5x09/5x10 was all George’s idea.



→ GOT with actors of colour. (Q’orianka Kilcher as Sansa Stark, Kalani Queypo as Jon Snow, Ruth Negga as Margaery Tyrell, Mahershala Ali as Stannis Baratheon, Dev Patel as Theon Greyjoy, Gong Li as Cersei Lannister)


House Baratheon of Storm’s End.

The Baratheon sigil is a crowned black stag on a field of gold. Members of the family tend to be tall and powerfully built, with black hair and blue eyes, as well as strong, square jawlines. They are known for their mercurial tempers, and their words are “Ours is the Fury”.