“That’s the thing that really came into focus for me is that this needs to be in ‘G’ rated material because as soon as you separate this out - you say there is something inherently more adult about this - that is the root of the problem, that is the root of this fear, and this ignorance, and this hatred… there is nothing that is more adult about this, but you wouldn’t know that because you have never seen this in G-rated content! The-the gravity of that just really started to hit me and weigh on me because this is what you see as a child. What you learn as a child. And there’s this push for inclusion and acceptance - and everyone wants to do something about this - but it’s all being directed at adults! We need to teach children that this is okay. We need to teach children to be able to accept each other and themselves, and if you don’t they’re going to grow up knowing that something is wrong, and then they’ll have to unlearn that as an adult. That makes no sense to me!”

- Rebecca Sugar on the SU Podcast, explaining why she is a legend.

so when sebastian stan looks absolutely dead at the camera because bucky was brainwashed it’s peak acting and deserves an oscar, but when brie larson (an actual oscar winning actress) looks dead at the camera because carol was brainwashed it’s bad acting and it shows that she has no range?

double standards a little much? stop applauding men for doing the bare minimum. just say that you’re misogynist and go.

The MCU as The Emperor’s New Groove

Nick Fury to anyone he meets:

Natasha in TWS:

Bruce talking about the Hulk in IW:

Rocket talking to Groot:

Loki and the Tesseract in Ragnarok:

Okoye, watching Bruce on the battlefield:

Tony in Civil War: