50 no-sense quotes only monbebes understand

1. “I needed to show abs to buy you beef tenderlion”
2. “I just woke up but I’m bling bling?”
3. “Areumdawo neoya”
4. “It’s sunnyyyyy”
5. “I really want that ugly hot dog”
6. “I’m buter~”
7. “Simply K-FOP Come on!”
8. “Hannah Montana”
9. “If you cry, you get hairy ass”
10. “Wet in the mood huh? swag!”
11. “Since Rain needs to avoid the sun, he needs a sun cap”
12. “Hello? This is room service?”
13. “If it taste good, take responsability”
14. “Let’s party baby!”
15. “I´m going to buy this tea bag that smells like feet”
16. “Eggs scramble”
17. “NO END”
18. “Free Trade Agreement”
19. “Yechoux cream”
20. “Yellow card-inmida”
21. “Ar(g)entina”
22. “Eat shrimps crackers before you leave!”
23. “Bish I wanna get high~”
24. “I’m hip-hop”
25. “I’m not thinking right now because I’m not thinking”
26. “Hello Cleopatra, the thinnest potato chip in the world”
27. “I’m HAWK-EYE!!”
28. “Black Asian Beard”
29. “The hair in my armpits is blonde too”
30. “I can be your hero~ BAM! doo doo doo doo doo doo doo~”
31. “Let’s get it”
32. “I will drop kick him if we get chicken”
33. “5 loaves of bread?”
34. “You are too cute, shut up!”
35. “The wave on a sandy beach”
36. “That nigth in moscow”
37. “Bang song man”
38. “Down down down!”
39. “So you are you a dolphin now?”
40. “Excuse my charisma”
41. “Panda, panda!”
42. “A site, fire in thE HOLEE!!”
43. “There’s a reason our name is Monsta X”
44. “Encantado de conoberle”
45. “1-the-gay”
46. “He dances hip-hop when it’s sad”
47. “Kkukkukkakka”
48. “Dragon Ball X”
49. “Gongbu hate music like”
50. “Everybody make noise for his muscles”

I.M: WonHo

MH: WonHo? WonHo?

WH: *gives mic to Changkyun*

I.M: Oh! I got two mics!