stanleysailing replied to your post: Why do people online tell other people to kill…

I don’t mean to be rude. But you kicked off shit because someone told you you shouldn’t believe in God. Surely this is the same kind of comment that that person sent you? Surely someone with a religious ethos would show some compassion?

Wha? Are you on about that anon from like a week or two ago? I don’t understand where this is going man, everyone has a right to believe (or not believe) whatever they want, someone telling me I shouldn’t believe in something should never be said, I never go round people saying you should believe in God, and force it. There’s no need to force atheism on others.

And anyway, I posted this because someone sent a wrong meme to a football FB page, and loads of people were commenting ‘kill yourself’ to the OP, and that is pretty OTT..