Wil Wheaton, happy Kings fan. Other fans can make fun of Kings bandwagoners (oh, like YOUR team doesn’t have bandwagoners when they’re doing well!!). But among LA celebs, Wheaton has longgggg been a legit Kings fan. Just as happy for him and Matthew Perry and David Beckham and any other long-standing Kings fans - especially the non-celebs -who have waited so, so VERY long for this celebration.

I think Wheaton’s celebration about sums it up, though.

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CBC HNIC SCF Game #6 Opening 2012 (HD)


“Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance played on Los Angeles Kings playoff intro - Stanley Cup 2012.

My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” has become the black-jerseyed Kings’ unofficial anthem after its incorporation into a clever pregame video featuring photos of several Kings as kids. (


“Ok, we are devils fans but this was fucking cool.” ~@raytoro

“What a night, still sad the devils lost but how often do you get to hear your song played before the stanley cup final?” ~@FrankIero