Has Kent Parson won two Stanley Cups?

(In which I agonize uselessly over the Check!Please timeline as it relates to one Kent V. Parson)

Disclaimer: this is weird because it’s based heavily on real dates in NHL history, but of course Kent is a fictional character, so when he gets drafted first or wins the Stanley Cup, he displaces real people and teams in a way that kinda makes my head spin when I think about it too hard. To construct this timeline, I relied heavily on this timeline, on the Kent Parson page of the check!please wikia, on the Kent Parson tag here at Everything!Please, and on googling a bunch of real NHL stats, so thanks to those who already did a lot of this work. 

  • Kent was born July 4, 1990
    • OR WAS HE???
    • Okay, he was. But it would make more sense if he was born in 1991, and Jack as well (Ngozi says here that she at first couldn’t decide between the two years, but ultimately lands on 1990 as seen here–Seguin’s number is 91 and he includes it in his signature as most players do, which is why she would have been confused staring at the number 91 when she really meant 1990).
    • BUT
    • The entry draft in which Kent and Jack were supposed to participate is explicitly stated as being in 2009
    • NHL entry draft eligibility is for players who “will be eighteen years old on or before September 15 […] of the draft year” (from wikipedia)
    • So Kent and Jack (July and August birthdays respectively) were both eligible for the 2008 draft… and I can’t think of a convincing reason that they would have both deferred a year
    • Basically all I’m saying is that this timeline is a little wonky straight off the bat based off the hard dates of Kent’s birthday and draft class, and this also makes the rest of the timeline a little weird, but artistic licence (let’s not talk about Jack’s NCAA eligibility) so it’s fine

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Player Profile:

Name: Gabriel Charbonneau

Nickname(s): Charbo

Position: Centre

Playing career: Las Vegas Aces (2011-2016); SC Bern (2012-13); Montreal Canadiens (2016-)

Trophies: Stanley Cup (2012); Calder Memorial Trophy (2012)


Gabriel “Charbo” Charbonneau was born in Montreal, QC, on 25 March 1992. His mother, Berenice, is a nurse and Charbonneau credits her with introducing him to hockey when he was four years old.

He has one older sister, Aurelie, and three younger half-brothers, the eldest of whom is Max Charbonneau, who currently plays for the Las Vegas Aces.

Charbonneau was drafted in the third round in 2011. He played for Canada in the 2014 Winter Olympics. He is close friends with Las Vegas Aces captain, Kent Parson, who, following Charbonneau’s trade to Montreal, gave him a Golden Retriever puppy, named Art Ross Pawson.

Charbonneau is, to date, the only openly gay player in the league.  Charbonneau’s sister is engaged to Sven Bergsen, who formerly played for the Las Vegas Aces.

“If Today Was Your Last Day” is the third single from Nickelback’s sixth studio album Dark Horse. It was originally planned as the first single, to hit all U.S. radio formats September 30, 2008,[1][2] but was scrapped as the first single in favour of “Gotta Be Somebody”.[3] Instead it was released on March 31, 2009. It was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who produced the entire album. The song was released as a digital download in the U.S. on November 11. “If Today Was Your Last Day” was released in the UK on June 15. The song was performed live for the very first time on May 22 at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.
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The lead vocalist/guitarist Chad Kroeger has mentioned the song as his personal favorite from Dark Horse. He had described the middle part of the song as “very motivational, and very positive”.[5]
The song was used for promotional videos in the Winter Olympics in 2010, and was used as the closing song during NHL Tonight’s 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs coverage.

The music video was shot with director Nigel Dick in March 2009. Performance portions of the video were shot at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska and in New York City. The other portion was shot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The music video premiered on 23 April. In the beginning, two trashy teenage boys dressed in black seem to be up to some sort of shady business in Philadelphia. They record their journey on a camcorder. They carry mysterious black bags with them which seem to be filled with illegal stuff. In the end, they stand on top of a bridge ready to carry out their plan. They open the bags, but only harmless colorful pieces of paper with quotes from the song such as “forgive your enemy” and “live each moment” fall over the people beneath them. This inspires two women to hand out coats with messages similar to those on the colored paper, a wealthy-looking man to hand money to everyone he meets, an arguing couple make up and a man arguing with presumably his boss to quit. All of the quotes refer to lines in the song “If Today Was Your Last Day.”

On October 2008, “If Today Was Your Last Day” debuted at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. based on downloads only. After its release as an official single, it re-entered the Hot 100 and reached a new peak at #19. It is their second top twenty hit on the Hot 100 from Dark Horse, and their ninth top twenty hit on the chart overall. In Canada, it debuted at #91 on the Canadian Hot 100 also based on just downloads, and after its physical release in Canada and receiving airplay it made a re-entry on the chart at #67 and would go on to reach #7.


Day 15/31: Loyalty 

“I’m a loyal guy to begin with, I’ve always kinda been that way. Obviously being drafted in this organization, and coming up, working my way up… and then getting my opportunity, I appreciate that. I wanna give back by bringing the Stanley Cup to this city.” [2012]

“I’ve been a Canuck my whole career, never been asked to waive my no-trade clause, I never asked to leave anywhere. I’m a Canuck at heart and I’m going down with the ship. I’ll be here until they throw me out of here. I still believe in this team and this group. And I still think we can win.” [2014]

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