Officials announce there was no Stanley Cup Champion in 2012 or 2014

After review of the 2012 and 2014 seasons, NHL officials were left with no choice but to declare no winner of the Stanley Cup for each season. In a rare twist of events not one single person can remember the Stanley Cup final of either year.

“This is a problem we’ve been trying to understand for years” an unnamed employer mentioned, “when it happened again last year we were all pretty shocked, how can no one win the Stanley Cup? We ran out of options, all we could do was strike those years from our records and act like they never happened.”

When asked if this will effect the credibility of the league, Commissioner Gary Bettman shrugged, “idk we do a lot of stuff that probably effects the credibility of the league.”

For those two seasons now stricken from the record, The Stanley Cup remains blank as seen below.


Wil Wheaton, happy Kings fan. Other fans can make fun of Kings bandwagoners (oh, like YOUR team doesn’t have bandwagoners when they’re doing well!!). But among LA celebs, Wheaton has longgggg been a legit Kings fan. Just as happy for him and Matthew Perry and David Beckham and any other long-standing Kings fans - especially the non-celebs -who have waited so, so VERY long for this celebration.

I think Wheaton’s celebration about sums it up, though.

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