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okay i'm currently crying about Stan so could you maybe do a one shot of Stanley Uris Takes a Bath but instead of Patty finding him dead in the bathtub, the door is unlocked and finds him lowkey panicking so she gives him a beer and washes his hair and helps him relax and calm down and let it but fluffy. my boy deserves some happiness. also patty is an angel so

anon, your mind? amazing. ur so right, stan deserves all the love. sorry this took so long lol, i hope you like it!!

words: 1,014

Patty knew there was something wrong before Stan even hung up the phone. “Who was that, love?” she asked as he walked over.

But he walked past her, refused to look at her. “Wrong number.” A chill spiked through Patty’s chest; Stan never lied to her – she didn’t think she’d ever heard him use that voice before. It was cold and distant, nothing like any of the voices he used with her. Stan was soft with her, sweet, loving. Patty felt glued to her chair as she watched him walk up the stairs.

“Baby?” she called, her voice wavering slightly. “Where are you going?”

“Just taking a bath,” he assured her, his voice and smile both flat. Patty knew Stan never took his baths this early in the night, but she pressed her lips shut and held in her growing concern. Whatever the call had been was clearly personal, and Patty knew Stan would tell her when he was ready.

Or at least, she hoped he would.

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“Livestream” Jack Grazer

Plot: Y/N does a livestream and Jack outs their relationship

Pairing: Jack Dylan Grazer x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: 795

I giggled like crazy. Jack was tickling me, right before I was going to go live on Instagram. “Jack stop!!” I shouted, laughing. He laughed with me. “Fine.” he reluctantly stopped, and kissed my cheek. He checked his phone. “Its from Finn, he wants to hang with me and Chosen.” He told me, leaving the room.

The IT cast was in LA for some event I knew nothing about. Jack invited me to go with. I loved all of the cast so I was very excited. Jack got us a room in the hotel everyone else was staying at, so I got to spend the entire week with him and the cast. Thing is, no one knows we’re dating. Of course our parents know, but other than that, everyone thinks we’re close friends. Some of his fans speculate, but that’s to be expected. Most of his friends make fun of him for not being with me, but little to they know.

“Hey guys!” I smiled, watching the comments roll in. I have gained quite a following because of Jack tagging me in posts, and because I post on YouTube weekly. Most of my followers are fan accounts but there are a few people famous people like Millie Bobby Brown who follows me. A lot of the time I get hate for being Jacks friend, that’s why we didn’t tell anyone when we started going out.

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The losers as things said in my group chat




Bill: WAZZ UP!

Richie: I’m playing fortnite!

Bill: So you no lav me?

Richie: Yee

Bill: Yee? Don’t know her, only… YEET!


Bill: Yeeeeeeeet!


Stan: Eddie’s not answering his phone

Mike: Why don’t you just talk to him like a normal person

Stan: Nah


Beverly: Are you okay? Where did you go?

Ben: I had to cry a lil bit, but now I’m looking for my book


Eddie: Are you okay?

Richie: Yeeeeesh imma finnnnnnna!


Stan: I want to punch him

Beverly: We all do


Mike: How’s life?

Ben: I want to go home


🎈 IT CHAPTER II🎈 THE LOSERS CLUB OFFICIAL CAST » Jessica Chastain as Beverly MarshJay Ryan as Ben HanscomIsaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon • Bill Hader as Richie TozierAndy Bean as Stanley UrisJames McAvoy as Bill DenbroughJames Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak 

Losers Club casting!

Teen, Young Adult, Adult. I think the casting is pretty much spot on.

Jaeden Lieberher and James McAvoy as Bill

Sophia Lillis and Jessica Chastain as Bev

Finn Wolfhard and Bill Hader as Richie

Jack D Grazer and James Ransone as Eddie

Wyatt Oleff and Andy Bean as Stan

Jeremy Ray Taylor and Jay Ryan as Ben

Chosen Jacobs and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike

bill denbrough, probably: these are my boys. trash boy, noodle boy, farm boy, wheezy boy, squishy boy, boat boy,,

bill, gesturing vaguely to beverly: tiddy boy