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I’ve just learned that Paul Stanley (Starchild from KISS) played Erik in Toranto…. And holy fuck he’s good!

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Am I the only one around here who doesn't find Sam attractive? Don't care about brawny guys in general but even without those sculpted muscles, he just does nothing for me. Okay, kill me

Maybe around here (😉😉😉) Muscly is not my cup of tea either but there are definite scenes and photos where I find Sam Vera fine, beyond attractive. The Paris battle of wills scene with Stanley Webber for instance. He also seems to have a great personality beyond the physical.

He has nothing to worry about tho clearly, he’s definitely causing many women to drool, he will survive without us lusting incessantly after him.


This weekend a watched a cool documentary about how Vermeer would might have worked on his paintings (it’s “Tim’s Vermeer” you all should watch it, it’s awesome!), and I started to think about those films that are SO beautiful that look like paintings in motion (gifs from top):

  • “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, Peter Webber, 2003.
  • “Barry Lyndon”, Stanley Kubrick, 1975.

  • “Caravaggio”, Derek Jarman, 1986.

I thought about these three, but do you have any other “moving painting” movies that you like?


(Requested by Anon) (Sorry we have no other gifs of Jessica we’re lame)

Hospitals were never an enjoyable experience. Everything about them screamed dull and morbid. The only ray of light that seemed to successfully push through the dark cloud of misery was the constant presence of your closest friends, Jessica Stanley and Angela Weber.

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Ummmm could it be, I don't know, you like Stanley Webber cause he's hot as fuck! Is he in anything upcoming we can watch. We need to help the man in any way we can. LOL

Hmm yes that might be it 😉. According to IMDb he has 6 projects that have been completed so I assume they all come out this year. I’m definitely going to do a Stanley binge at some point.


Not Another Happy Ending official trailer- starring Karen Gillan and Stanley Webber.

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The pictures of SC from 201 reminded me of this quote from Stanley Webber in the new Outlander book:“The dock scene was the very first appearance of the character, so I was walking around with my cane, trying to compose myself and look cool. I was trying to compose the character too, as that was the very first time I was getting in the [costume]. Cait and Sam were so lovely that I was asking myself, ‘How am I going to hate them onscreen when they keep making me smile?’ They were just adorable.”

HEHEHE omg I love that quote!! Stanley is such a shipper. I think anyone who spends any time around them automatically becomes a shipper. That was the same day as these pics too. They were definitely “just adorable.”