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Your 9-5 Au, or simply put for my terms Business Firm AU. I am guessing his Firm is called Stanco? And Soos is a white collar who Stanley trusts more. Wendy is so the front desk receptionist who keeps guests and calls waiting. I wonder how Dipper and Mabel fit in? Maybe running around the office building and creating chaos? But more importantly how will Stanford fit in...

I think it was like

“…later renamed Stan Co LLC!”

I like all these ideas, anon…do go on, send me more

Ford…worked as a corporate attorney for Fiddleford’s technology company?And he signed a contract with Bill but didn’t consider all the legal ramifications of demonic possession, so after he got pushed into the portal Bill chases him around forum shopping other dimensions trying to get the contract enforced to his benefit. Ford gets 12…LLMs in the multiverse and can practice things like baby law and “Maw” now?

Then when he and Stan reconcile they both practice maritime law from their office on the Stan o’ War II. A childhood dream come true 

I dunno, I’m not a lawyer, very obviously yeesh

Like… now all I’m thinking about with the idea of Stanley being the Bimbettes’ brother is the scenario where they’re collectively checking out Gaston and LeFou as they go about town.

The girls are babbling on about Gaston and then say “Don’t you think so, Stan? Isn’t he just too cute?”

And he really gives Gaston​ a look over. Yeah he does think he’s attractive, but then he looks over at LeFou and… he just bites his lip and can feel himself getting warm.

LeFou looks all cute, overall, but he’s seen the way he perks his eyebrows in a sassy way and he digs that. And he’s got that little nose, and subtle freckles, and beautiful hair, and a curvy figure he really just wants to hold onto… And Stanley catches himself staring too hard.

“I don’t know,” Stanley tells his sisters. “What about M. LeFou? He too is a great soldier and hunter… And… Is very handsome.”

And his sisters are whatever about it and keep making doe eyes at Gaston. Literally, they just roll their eyes at Stanley and ignore the comment. But Stanley is like “Oh shit I like that guy.”

And then he thinks about it a little bit everyday and it makes him smile.

And he has an involuntary smirk whenever LeFou walks into the tavern with Gaston, and Tom and Dick are like “WHAT? What is it?”

“Nothing,” Stanley shrugs off, still grinning.

Anyways, yall add on to all this if you want :)

The Happy Ending Con 2017 - Sunday, Lana’s Panel
  • Lana chose to sit in the midst of the stage so nobody felt left out (x)
  • Inspiration is everywhere for Lana (x)
  • Lana asking people to please be quiet while she’s talking (x)
    • Lana noticed people talking at the back of the room and said I don’t appreciate it its distracting (x)
  • TV is a a great opportunity and often characters in TV are more appealing than in film bc they can evolve better (x)
  • Lana was testing for POI, OUAT The Good Christian Bell (?) atvthe same time (x)
    • She accepted OUAT because the part of Regina was unlike anything she had ever read before. She really wanted it and got it. (x)
    • After Lana tested for ouat she went home to play video games and opened a bottle of wine (x)
    • Lana telling story how her agent called her that she got the part of Regina (x)
  • Lana thinks Robin would have asked Aladdin to borrow the carpet and he’d have taken Regina to the forest and proposed on a tree (x)
  • Lana would like to go back to Africa and to Egypt to see the pyramids but she doesn’t know when (x)
  • She would name her horse Buttercup or Tom & Jerry if she had two. (x)
    • Lola picked her own name (x)
    • Lana had a cat named Stanley. Her sister had a crush on a guy with that name (x)
  • Lana always had a crush on people her sister had a crush on (x)
  • Regina’s youth was a bit like bandit snow. Young Regina was much into adventures, came home late (x)
    • Teenage Regina wanted to be a normal person, she fell in love with Daniel and he was also her ticket out (x)
  • Lana imagines Regina building a little for where she could hide from her mom bc that’s what Lana used to do (x)
    • Young Regina was a forest girl (x)
  • Lana doesn’t think they are going to age her in Season 7 (x)
  • Lana things little Alison is so cute (x)
  • Lana is excited to work with new Henry and her granddaughter, she’s excited to see the new world they’re gonna be in (x)
    • Her approach to it is to stay open minded and she trust Adam and Eddy to write a good show. There will be new characters but some old (x)
    • Lana hopes they don’t have to dye her hair grey (x)
    • It’s not going to think of myself as a Grandmother just yet - Lana (x)
  • Lana loves the food history art culture just everything about France (x)
  • Lana refused to leave the stage because she didn’t think 30 minutes was up and asked for one more question and it was Julie who asked (x)


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Omg I just had the stupidest but also funniest but also kind of cool headcanon for Gafou. Ok so I was watching Dancing With The Stars clips and I was like omg what if Gaston and Lefou went on there and no body thought they would do good but they turned out to be the freaking best team out there. And when they win they're so happy that they kiss bc it was hard to keep their feelings under control throughout the season especially during the sexy dances😉😂😂

Omg I actually love this so much- 

Imagine if Adam and Belle, Lumiere and Plumette, and Stanley and Claudette (brother and sister team, Stanley being the Bimbettes’ brother headcanon ftw) were up there too. 

  • So Adam and Belle are really good at ballroom, Lumiere and Plumette are wonderful at salsa dancing, and Stanley and Claudette do good modern dance moves. But then Gaston and Lefou go out there with a killer, perfectly rehearsed tango, (really, it’s a mystery how they got it so down pat when all the rehearsals were filled with so much sexual tension) but they’re amazing, Lefou even going so far as to hold a rose between his teeth until he passes it to Gaston by mouth at the end of the dance 
  • The contestants and judges are shocked, because Gaston and Lefou had said they had little to no professional training (Gaston’s mother enrolled him in lessons as a young boy, but it never really went anywhere after his early teen years, and Lefou had never danced before he started practicing for this- singing was really his forte) 
  • They win easily, and Belle literally goes up to them and gushes about how good they were and their chemistry and everything
  • Cause they had reeeeally good chemistry during the dance- locked, intense eye contact, near kisses if it hadn’t been for that damn rose, and touches and dips that gave the dance the perfect sensuality it needed with the song they had chosen
  • Lumiere and Plumette totally congratulate them on how hot it was too, and tell them blatantly how they should bang all night to celebrate their win
  • Gaston gets blushy because they’re completely still taping as the two tell them that, but Lefou smirks, pulling him in for a satisfying, on-screen kiss


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Stan and someone else with 3 or 2 (I cant decide)

Trope Meme #2 Genderbend:

“Sixer I have a feeling this is your fault.” Stanley said.He was glaring at his brother Ford, who now appeared to be his sister, and Stanley could tell by looking that he similarly looked more lady like than usual. 

“I wouldn’t say it was my fault, considering you were the one to sneak up on me and cause us to fall into the enchanted pond” Ford pointed out. 

“Yeah, great, I’ll apologize later.” Stan said, before gesticulating forcefully at his body, “WHY ARE WE CHICKS?”

“Oh well I was studying this small pond to see if the Manotaurs’ fear of the location, and the rumors that the waters could help you get to know women better had any connection.” Ford said, examining his thinner hands and longer hair, “I believe the answer is obvious now of course.”

Stan rolled his eyes, “Really? I hadn’t noticed.”

Ford didn’t respond to Stanley’s sarcasm, instead allowing his gaze to trail over his brother’s and his own clothing. They both seemed to fit each other perfectly, and Ford noticed that Stan was wearing earrings, and he himself was wearing women’s flats and tights underneath his slacks. “What seems more perplexing is that our clothes have seemed to change as well.”

“What the heck does it matter that our clothes change- HEY,” Stan yelled as his brother lifted up his shirt, and seemed to be examining his stomach and sides. Stanley grunted and shoved his brother off in annoyance, “What’s the big idea Sixer?”

Ford got up from where he’d fallen and brushed his clothes off. “I was looking for stretch marks on your abdomen,” He explained. “Our clothes have changed to what our female counterparts would where, and we seem to be completely dry even though we fell in the spring, I thought maybe instead of simply changing our bodies, the waters had changed reality around us so that we had always been female. If that had been correct, you would be sporting stretch marks from when molly was born five years ago.”

Stan glared at his brother, “uh huh, so what did you get from that?”

“You don’t have any stretch marks, so we must assume that relaty hasn’t changed so that you have always been Molly’s mother instead of Molly’s father.” Ford stated, “Which means that instead this Pond is probably just tangentially related to the “Sartorial Spring” Fiddleford and myself found last summer, and likes to change peoples wardrobe to fit it’s personal aesthetic.”

“How nice of it, “ Stan said. “So how do you plan on changing us back to normal? Molly’s starting’ school this year and I don’t plan on her havin’ to change her life to fit with havin’ a Ma Pines instead of a Dad.”

Ford nodded in agreement. He had no plans to try and change his life around a ponds opinions either, “First we’ll need to return to the Shack and gather materials to collect samples, since the ones I brought with me were lost when you tackled me. After that it should be a simple matter of studying the water’s properties and reverse engineering them.”

“Great, lets get going than.” 

Ford is studying one of the many mysteries of Gravity Falls on April the 1st, when His brother sneaks up behind him to pull a prank. In his surprise, Ford ends up pulling his brother into the enchanted body of water along with him, and they both come out Genderbend-ed. 

It takes probably one to two months for Ford to find a successful way to reverse the spell, and in the meantime they both decide to just run with it and sort of see what it’s like. Stan takes it as an opportunity to try on skirts and things, because there aren’t any social moors against it now, and he and Molly also get to enjoy a couple of events that she would other wise get left out of, because she only has a dad.   There is some hijinks and awkwardness, (Including a moment when the Gnomes kidnap Ford), but eventually they fix everything and life goes back to normal. However, Molly and the other’s do enjoy ribbing them about it on occasion. 

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Hi, I have a fan theory I wanted to share about Stanley. In BATB stanley can be seen in close vicinity of the town lasses or "bimbetts" throughout the film, he can even be seen doing one of the girls hair in the gaston tavern scene. Stanley also wears all pink and has curls in his hair as do the bimbetts. Also at the end of the film Stanley is dancing with one of the three sisters. My theory is Stanley is the bimbetts brother that's why he dresses like they do and can be seen near them through t

woaH this is GOOD SHIT!!! I know the bimbettes are canonically triplets blah blah etc but i like to think that two of them are sisters and one is their friend. Stanley is the sisters’ brother and the third one used to be Belle’s friend but isn’t anymore (for obvious reasons). This is a good theory thanks for sharing it with me!!!

Short Stanfou pet headcanonss 🐱🐺

💜 Lefou has a chubby white cat named “Olaf” and a golden retriever named “Bailey” ((See what I did there? XD) )

💛 Stanley used to have a dog but Stanley’s sisters (The Bimbettes) demanded that he get rid of it, him being to nice to his sisters, he did what they told him to do. And of course he was sad about it but he didn’t want anyone to know it.

💜 Even if Bailey and Olaf were different species they surprisingly got along just well. They even sleep together sometimes.

💛 Stanley loves playing with Bailey and Olaf. Stanley would always play fetch with Bailey and he would always pet and hug Olaf. (( ̄▽ ̄))

💜Lefou always loved it when he sees Stanley with his 2 children.

💛 For Stanley’s birthday Lefou gave him an orange kitten and a brown king spaniel puppy.

💜 Stan named the kitten “Garfield” and the puppy “Lady”

💛 Obviously the 4 pets got along and played all the time. Like literally. All. The. Time.

💜Lady being the only girl got out of place so she often doesn’t play as much. She mostly loves to cuddle with Stanley.

💛 “Who needs children when you have pets?”

💜 “You said it, babe” Lefou agreed and kissed Stanley’s cheek

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Oooooh, this could be interesting.


- He’s a very outgoing merman. Very playful as well. He likes to swim with the dolphins. (His dolphin impression is spot on oh my gosh)

- Also has a pet dolphin he named Olaf. (I wonder why)

- Him and Olaf go on lots of adventures together. They are the most active mermaid and dolphin in the entirety of Atlantis.

- While searching for an island to relax, they discovered a man washed up on shore, who Lefou later discovers turned out to be named “Stanley”.

- Stanley escaped from a big pirate ship, where he was going to get killed if he didn’t join the crew. But he declined and jumped off board.

- He reanimates him, they slowly fall in love, Lefou kisses him so he’s able to breath underwater… (Yes I’m taking that from PotC4) And they live happily ever after.


- He’s actually quite shy (in the way of he never talks to people). Not used to getting attention, and just kind of swims in the background of the other fishes.

- His three sisters are the most popular mermaids though, so sometimes it’s kind of difficult staying out of the spotlight with three famous triplet fishters. (see what I did there? no? ok)

- He was set on a journey to save said sisters from pirates though, and even though he doesn’t always get them, he loves them more than anything.

- When he gets there, he sees his sisters and tries to save them from Captain Gaston and his crew. While doing this, he notices one of the Captain’s people looking very concerned, not wanting to do this. This is Lefou.

- Lefou is Captain Gaston’s right hand man, kind of takes charge of the ship when Gaston does important business (and with that, it probably means Gaston is making love to a wench or two)

- He’s a closeted gay man, with a big crush on his captain and the horrible things he does annoy him a lot but he goes a long with what he’s saying because of said crush.

- He notices Stanley saving his sisters, and (fuck all of this shit) he decides to help them. Stanley looks at him with hope, love and he thanks him.

- They share a look which could be described as love at first sight.

- You can decide what’s next. ;)


- These cuties share a home (and Olaf)

- They were very scared of what everyone would’ve thought of their relationship, because they are (quite literally) the very first gay merman couple in the seven seas. But everyone’s so supportive because they love them and they’re glad they got eachother.

- Stanley’s three sisters teach them how to make flowercrowns, but they get creative and make flower belts, flower fin-accesoires, etc etc. They end up with flowers all over their bodies and tails but it looks so pretty.

- They like to go swimming in dangerous places (they’re both daredevils, even though Stanley needs some encouragement first.) Like, there’d be a place where there’s like mini twisters and all that stuff and it’s the most fun thing ever.

- Plus, if it goes out of hand, the one can always save the other, and they’d call eachother their hero and just anndkncnaskl

- They also like to just sit in their home, cuddling their Olaf in silence. It gives them a sense of “this is real. this is us. our life is perfect and we get to live it together. the three of us!”


To go along with this doodle, and because someone in the reblog tags wondered what Fiddsy looked like, more of the modern teen AU! Some factoids for anyone interested;

[[Feel free to erase what’s below this if you reblog. I know it makes it a long post.]]

- Like in Relativity Falls, the Pines are switched up. The Stans are younger, while Dipper and Mabel are Grunkle and Graunty respectively. The AU doesn’t follow the Gravity Falls story, however.
- Dipper is the legal guardian of Stanford and Stanley. The scar on Stan’s cheek has to do with the reason they got removed from their father’s custody as kids.
- Stanford met Fiddleford in his advanced classes. Fidds was being bullied for his hick accent - he lives with a family friend during the school year. His family pays for him to go up every year to get a better education than he can at home.
- Rick occasionally shows up to the same classes. He just kind of invited himself into the group and no one told him no.
- Stanley is the one that styled Fidds’ hair. After months of cajoling, Fiddleford finally let him have at. Ford sports an undercut, and Stanley a mullet.
- Stanley is very talented at fabrication - making props, designing costumes. Even make-up and special effects. He’s enamored with the movie industry.
- Unbeknownst to Ford, Stan gave up a chance to go to a specialized art high school to stay with his twin.
- Due to events from the past, Stanford has extremely bad anxiety, even worse when separated from Stanley. He was selectively mute for a few years, and still has a habit of obsessively counting things when he gets nervous.
- Stanley had very intense anger issues as a child.
- Dipper works for NASA, and Mabel is an artist. She is married, but lives with her brother; her spouse is well off, but travels a lot for business. Rather than pack up and move all her supplies over and over, she just stays with Dipper. Her spouse frequently flies her up to where they are or comes to visit.
- Who is Mabel married to? Your choice; Pacifica, Gideon, someone entirely different.
- Every summer, the twins drive Fiddleford home and visit with his family for a month. Ford likes the isolated farm atmosphere. Fidds’ little sisters adore Stanley, because he lets them give him makeovers.
- Rick and Stan should never be left unsupervised.