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A Supernatural x “ IT ” Crossover ( first part )

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S U M M A R Y: Their next case brings the three Winchester siblings to Derry, a city in which children seem to disappear for a unknown reason…

A/N: imagine that the IT movie plays in 2017 and not in 1988.

Also this is a crossover between supernatural and the “ IT ” movie. Not the book. It’s been a while since I saw the movie so if I make any mistakes, please don’t be angry, I really enjoyed the movie and thought that it would go super well with Supernatural. ✨🌻💫

( This is going to have multiple parts )

Chapter 1

“Okay okay okay.”, Stanley exclaims, his voice raises a little bit as he walks through the front door into the small store. He almost runs through the aisles, followed by Bill and stops infront of the shelve with the first aid kits. Quickly he starts grabbing various types of patches and turns around to face his friend: “Do we have enough money for all this?”,he asks and watches how Bill grasps into the pockets of his jeans.

But the brown haired boy only shakes his head:“D-D-Definitely n-not.”

“What do we do now?”, He asks and puts a couple of things back into the shelf :“ That boy outside needs the full package after what Henry did to him.”, Stanley grabs into his own pockets, but unfortunately he finds nothing.

“Do you guys need any help?”, A female voice asks out of nowhere and the two boys turn around. At the end of the aisle stands a girl, not older than 16, who smiles at them. Her Y/E/C eyes look at them with a hint of worry as she walks up to them : “ I- I knew I shouldn’t have..but I overheard your conversation and it seems like as if you two could need some help.”

Bill and Stanley exchange a quick look before Stanley runs a hand through his hair:“Outside…there is someone who could need some medical aid. We wanted to buy some stuff for him but we don’t have enough money.”

For a second the girl just stares at the two boys before she takes her phone out of her pocket:“ Let me call my brothers real quick, they’ll know what to do.”, She explains and quickly puts her phone up to her ear:“ Sam, hey it’s me . Could you give me Dean real quick- it’s urgent. No, no, no I’m fine, but there’s a boy who could need some help, I just talked to his friends… wait a second I’m going to send you our location..yeah see you.”

She ends the call and presses some buttons on her phone, before she looks up from the screen:“ Now take me to your friend.”, the girl says and Bill nods his head as he walks past her out of the door.

“You have to suck the poison out of wound!”, Richie almost screams as the three teenager turn around the corner into a small alley:“ Fast before he’s going to die!”

“I am not going to do that!”, Eddie’s voice is filled with disgust as he looks from the wound to Richie who is now realizing that his friends, Bill and Stanley, are coming back.

The boy with the Hawaiian shirt and big glasses jumps up and down, but when he sees that they are joined by some girl he has never seen before, he stops dead in his tracks.

“Is that him?”, She asks, without looking at Richie or Eddie and kneels down infront of the Ben. Slowly she lifts his grey shirt that is strained with dirt and blood, her eyes widen when she sees the letter ’ H ’ cut into the skin of his stomach.

“Who is she?”, Richie whispers, without taking his eyes from her and Bill shrugs.

“E-e-everything w-w-w-went so f-fast t-that w-w-we forgot to a-a-ask f-f-for her n-n-name.”

Stanley who kneels down next to the girl sighs:“ What do you think about this?”, He watches how her eyebrows knit and she takes out her phone again, without answering his question, she dials a number and puts her phone up to her ear.

“Yeah Sam it’s me again… you’re on your way? Good, well it’s seems like a simple knife attack, the cut might be 3 to 4 cm- so don’t forget to bring the needle… some dude cut the letter "H” into this poor boys stomach- I know I know.. horrific.“, She looks around :” Ahh- it’s a alley, but I already-“, at the sound of a car she stands up and turns around.

A black car drives into the alley and parks a couple of meters away from the teenager. The boys watch how two doors open, followed by two large men getting out. The girl walks up to them and starts to explain the situation to them.

"They must be her brothers.”, Eddie looks at Richie :“ She said that she wanted to call them.”, The two man open the back of the car and take out a first aid kit before the three walk back to the group of friends.

“Well.. these are my brothers Sam and Dean.”, She explains and points at the two, who are know kneeling infront of Ben. They slowly take of his shirt to take a closer look at the cut.

“And what’s your name?”, Mike asks and for a second she looks at him confused before she realises that she didn’t tell them her name:“My name is Y/N.”

Stanley looks from her over to her two brothers. Sam is holding his hand while Dean is stitching the wound. Ben who is still sitting on the step has his eyes closed and sweat appears on his forehead. Y/N sighs:“ This is so terrible, who would do something horrible like this to someone else?”

“It- it w-w-was pr-probably H-H-Henry.”, Bill says and Y/N turns around to face him:“ H-H-HENRY is a b-b-bully. H-H-He and h-h-his f-f-f-friends p-p-probably d-d-did t-t-this t-t-to Ben.”

“And where can I find that Henry?”

For a while the teenagers just stare at the girl and Bill raises his eyebrows. Didn’t she know what Henry would do to her if she would try to face him, she would be the next in line with an ’ H ’ carved into her body:“ W-w-what d-d-do you m-m-mean?”

What do you think?”, She asks and annoyance is clearly hearable in her voice:“ Someone needs to talk to that dickhead before he cuts his full name into some poor guy-”, she turns around and watches how her brother cuts the yarn.

“You’re right, someone needs to talk some sense into that boy but it definitely won’t be you.”, Dean says and stands up, he wipes away the dust from his blue jeans and walks over to his sister. She simply rolls her Y/E/C eyes and sighs.

“Dean’s right, you know. Let an adult handle this situation.”, Sam leans his back against the car and puts his hands into his pockets.

“You know that I could handle him.”, She says and her brother puts his arm around her shoulder. A chucklss softly.

“Of course you would.”, He says before he faces Ben again:“And you’re alright kiddo?”

Ben quickly nods his head and Dean let’s go of his sister:

“Then I guess we’re done here!”, He says and looks at the other boys who are looking at the siblings in pure confusion:“ Try to avoid that dude until we talked to him, okay? Let’s get going.”

Dean turns around to walk up to his brother, followed by his sister who gives them a small wave before she gets into the Impala.

“Okay that was beyond strange.”, Eddie exclaims after the car disappears around the corner:“ How did she know how deep the wound was or that it needed to be stiched?!”

“I don’t know but she was smoking hot!”

“Shut up Richie!”

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Secrets {Part 1} // Eddie Kaspbrak

Word Count- 1698

Summary- You’re Stan Uris’ twin sister, and you two are as close as can be. That is, until you start dating one of his best friends behind his back, and go against his number one rule; no dating his friends.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; This was getting hella long and I still have a lot planned for this so I’m making it into two parts, will try to get part 2 out ASAP!

Requested; Yes! 

req; can you please do an eddie imagine? maybe one where the reader is one of the losers’ sisters so they date in secret but they all accidentally find out?



“Why can’t I go?” You asked, incredulously. It was a typical sunny day in Derry; blue sky, scorching heat. It was the perfect day  to go for a swim. Your brother had asked for the two of you to go out with your friends to the Quarry, and without a second thought, your father had agreed for Stan to go, but not yourself. “This isn’t up for discussion, young lady.” Your father said, sternly. “But- This is so unfair!” You argued, your face visibly showing your anger. “I said this isn’t up for discussion! Just go to your room, Y/N!” Your father snapped, and with a huff, you did so, slamming the door behind you.

“For fucks sake.” You whispered, throwing yourself onto the bed. You grumbled to yourself, rolling over. “Why can Stanley go, but not me?” Normally, it wouldn’t matter that much, as your father knew the boys well and didn’t think they were bad, but when it came to swimming at the Quarry with a bunch of teenage boys in your undergarments, he had his limits. Even if Beverly would be there, she didn’t have the best of reputations among the town, either. You understood he was trying to protect you, but it didn’t mean you were happy about it.

The sound of something hitting against your window made you turn in surprise. Walking up to it, you jumped when the same sound echoed through your quiet room. You saw it clearly now; it was a rock, but who’d been throwing them? Furrowing your brows in confusion, you slid open your window and peeked out, scanning the yard until your eyes fell upon a certain short brunette.

“Eddie?” You asked, peeling your window open ever so gently. The boy had a huge smile on his face, and motioned for you to climb down. You looked at your door with a hesitant glance, and smiled sadly at the boy. “Can’t. Dad won’t let me out with you guys today.” Eddie frowned, but you were quick to finish. “It’s alright, though! You guys go ahead and have fun. I have a lot of homework to catch up on anyways- we can’t all be as smart as my brother.” You attempted, and failed, to convince him. He shook his head, rolling his eyes.

“Y/N, you and I both know you want to come, so get your ass down here or I’ll haul mine up.” You blinked, a bit shocked, before biting your lip. “What about my dad?” You asked, unsure. “Stan’s distracting him, obviously. Hurry up, dammit!” Most people never would have really taken Eddie for such an impatient, demanding person, but you knew Eddie. You wouldn’t have thought it of him either, but you’d known him for as long as you could remember.

Sighing in defeat, you ever-so-careful climbed out of your window, jumping and landing on your feet with ease. It wasn’t as if you hadn’t done it before, you’d done it hundreds of times, but the last time you’d got caught, well, let’s leave it at the fact you were certainly not willing to go through it again. Still, you trusted Eddie, and besides, Stan wouldn’t let anything too bad happen to you, nor would the other losers. They were your family, and they had your back.

You walked over to Eddie, and the two of you glanced around, guaranteeing the coast was clear. Eddie quickly pressed his lips to yours, pulling away almost immediately. He pulled you into a hug, whispering into your ear. “I miss you. We never get any alone time, anymore.” Frowning, you pulled away. “I’m so sorry, Eds. I know this sucks, but we gotta go. Stan’s terrible at distractions.” Eddie sighed, but followed you anyway. You could tell he was hurt, but Stan couldn’t find out about the two of you.

It went against every rule in the book, yet it was such a common, stereotypical romance; the girl fell in love with her brother’s best friend, and the two date in secret without the brother knowing, with fear he’ll disapprove and risk losing their relationships with him.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to tell Stan. Damn, you wanted to so bad. You two told each other everything, and you were as close as could be. He wouldn’t admit it, but you knew Eddie was dying to tell Stan and Richie as well; they were his best friends, after all. You knew how Stan was, though. Overprotective of you. He’d always been like this, even when you two were young. You remembered it like it was yesterday.

“Y/N, you can’t date any of my friends.” He’d told you, out of the blue. The two of you were on the swings in your backyard, rocking back and forth gently. Of course, you were both only 8 years old at the time, and it meant absolutely nothing to you. “Boys are gross, Stan! They have cooties!” You’d replied, sticking your tongue out at him. He sighed, and looked at you, seriously. “I’m serious, Y/N/N. I don’t wanna see you hurt. It would be even worse from my friends.” “I’m serious, Y/N/N!” you mocked, giggling. Stan sighed, the serious look unmoving from his face. “Fine, mr Grumpy! I won’t date your friends!” “Promise?” “Yes, Stan. I promise not to ever, EVER date any of your friends!”

If only you’d realized then how hard it would’ve been, maybe you wouldn’t have made the promise to your brother. Maybe you would’ve been smarter, had you only been a bit older, wiser. “I can’t make promises I can’t keep, Stanley.” If only you’d said something along the lines of that, you wouldn’t be flooded with the guilt you felt to this day. You didn’t want to have to break your promise to Stan. You tried so, so hard to push away your feelings, until finally, you couldn’t anymore. You knew if Stan found out, it would break him. The thought of breaking him, broke you.

As the two of you passed the window, you ducked while Eddie signalled Stan, to which he nodded, bidding your father goodbye and meeting you two outside. “Let’s get going then, we’ll be late.” Stan said, as the three of you walked down the driveway. “Dad’s gonna notice if my bike is missing, Stan.” You frowned, you knew Stan hated when you rode on the back of his bike. Stan pondered this, knowing you were right. “You can ride with me.” You both snapped your heads to Eddie, who was blushing bright red. You almost thought he would expose your entire relationship.

Stan looked unsure, before Eddie clarified. “I mean, I know you hate riding with another person, and I don’t mind.” Stan looked to you, and you nodded, indicating you were okay with it. “Alright, but don’t try anything with my sister, Kaspbrak.” He teased, but there was a serious tone to it that scared the both of you, just a little. Gulping nervously, you waited for Eddie to climb onto his bike before following suit, loosely wrapping your arms around his torso as he took a deep breath, following Stan as the three of you made your way to the Quarry.

Upon arrival, you were greeted with the Losers Club and the guilt of being with Eddie, though still present, was watered down and pushed away. Beverly, who was the only one who knew about your relationship, had raised eyebrows when you’d pulled up, arms wrapped around Eddie. She ever-so-subtly looked from Eddie to Stan, indicating her question evidently. You shook your head no, and mouthed “I’ll explain later”, to which she nodded.

The two of you stripped down to your undergarments, and without another word, both jumped off the ledge. “Holy fuck, how do they always do it without giving a shit?” Richie asked, dumbfounded. Even after all these times, he and the others still found it amazing that you and Beverly both jumped without hesitation. He and the others had their eyes trailed on the water, where you and Beverly had surfaced and were splashing each other, smiles bright on your faces. All except one; Stanley. He was too busy death glaring at Eddie. He saw the way Eddie’s eyes were trained on you from the moment you began to strip. None of the others seemed to notice Stan’s glare, however, and one by one, they all jumped, leaving Stanley standing alone. He shook his head at himself; neither you or Eddie would do something like that. He must’ve just looked at a bad time. “C’MON, STANLEY!” You called, and Stan sighed, before running and jumping off the cliff.

The rest of the day flew by, chicken fights occurred while you and Eddie supervised, lots of splashing, Richie making a comment or two about you and Beverly, and now you were laying beside Beverly, suntanning quietly. The boys were all staring at the two of you, both girls knew. Their gazes flicked between your two bodies, except Eddie’s, which stayed on your beautiful body. You and Eddie had been careful all day, up until this point, or so you’d thought. It just so happened that Stan had kept an eye on the two of you after his speculations that morning, and he had been right. You two were obviously much closer than the others; Stanley already knew this, because you and Eddie had always been quite close, but it was different. He saw the way Eddie looked at you, and it made his blood boil. The worst part of it all? You looked at Eddie the same way.

“THAT’S IT!” Stanley screamed, making the entire group jump, staring at him in shock. You and Beverly shot up, eyes blown wide. “What the fuck, Stan?” Beverly asked, taking off her sunglasses and squinting at your brother. “Why don’t we ask Eddie and Y/N, Hmm?!” You glanced at Eddie, then back at Stan. “What are you talking about, Stan?” You asked, a fake-confused tone hiding your nerves. “What am I talking about? Oh, I don’t know! Maybe about how you and Eddie are dating in secret, behind our backs?”

A Supernatural x “ IT ” Crossover (part 3)

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S U M M A R Y: Their next case brings the three Winchester siblings to Derry, a city in which children seem to disappear for a unknown reason…

A/N: imagine that the IT movie plays in 2017 and not in 1988.

Also this is a crossover between supernatural and the “ IT ” movie. Not the book. It’s been a while since I saw the movie so if I make any mistakes, please don’t be angry, I really enjoyed the movie and thought that it would go super well with Supernatural.

( This is going to have multiple parts )

Chapter 3

“W-W-What d-d-do you w-w-want in o-o-our l-l-libary?”, Bill asks Y/N as they walks up the stairs to the front door of the library. Y/N smiles at him and opens the huge door.

Followed by the others she steps into the building and is welcomed by a very depressing silence, only a couple of old people are present as she walks down the corridor :“Well..”,she whispers and looks at Bill:“Since I am new in this city, I thought I could…you know…read something about Derry’s history.”

“I already did that.”, Ben explains and sits down on a chair:“It’s not really a interesting place, just…”, he stops and shakes his head as if he tries to get some sort of image of out of his mind.

“ ‘Just’ what?”, Y/N asks, walks up to a bookshelf and slowly she reads the titles of them before she takes one out it. It’s a black book, wrapped in a leather cover and in big white letters the Name “ Derry ” is written on it. She opens it and starts to read through the index.

Some horrifying things happened here before.”, He answers and the girl looks up, her eyes are filled with some sort of interest none of the boys had seen before.

She closes the book again and turns around to face Ben.

What do you mean?”, she asks and raises her eyebrows, but when Ben just stares at her without responding she takes a step closer to him:“Ben, I need to know what you mean when you say that some horrifying things happened here!”

At the sound of her louder voice some of the old people look up from their books and into their direction, Bill awkwardly scratches the back of his head:“Y-/Y-/Y/N.”,he whispers and puts his hand on her shoulder, hoping that she would be quite before they get kicked out.

But instead of listening to him the young girl just pushes his hand away:“Ben!”,she says a little bit quieter than before but still in a commanding tone:“This is important right now, I need to know what you meant by that!”

“I just read that- that every 27 years people seem to die or go missing, as if some weird power or creature haunts this city.

For example when this city was founded, every single person disappeared overnight. It’s almost like as if this place is haunted.”,Ben tells Y/N and he laughs nervously as he looks at the other boys.

“Every 27 years…”,she repeats:“Ben…when was the last incident?”,she watches how Ben starts to do the math in his head.

27 years…”

Without hesitating Y/N jumps up from her chair and starts running through the hallway up to the front door, she needs to get to her brothers as fast as possible. She quickly puts some money on the table infront of the librarian and with the book in her hand she storms out of the building.

“Y-/Y-/Y- Y/N!”,She hears how Bill says her name one last time before the door closes with a loud bang.

But she doesn’t care. The only thing that matters right now is that she gets to her brothers as fast as possible, in order to save the missing children.

Y/N takes out her phone and unlocks it, she inserts Dean’s number but as soon as she tries to dial it the screen goes black:“No……not now!”,she whispers angrily and puts it back into her pocket.

Y/N…”, a high pitched voice exclaims and the young woman turns around. She looks into the direction from where it came but strangely no one is standing there.

“Y/N…”, the voice says again and she feels as if someone is standing right behind her, breathing against her neck. But she isn’t able to turn around, something stops her from moving:“You’re going to float, kiddo… you’re going to float too…”

Then the breathing disappears and Y/N turns around.

For a second every muscle in her body feels like jelly before she falls down to her knees and the world around her turns black. The last thing she sees is a big red ballon at the end of the street, followed by a giggling voice that turns into a deep growling.

Enjoy your stay in Derry, little Y/N…”

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Unpredictable | Stanley Uris

rating: t (for language)
pairing: stanley uris x fem!reader  
requested: Hii, could you please do an imagine where the reader is Richie’s twin sister and she is as smartass/trashmouth as him but more on the flirty side to Stan (bc she secretly likes him) and always does things like be super touchy and try to kiss him as a joke just to piss him off until one day he grabs her face and kisses her in front of everyone? Sorry if this was long, I love your writing!

His head turns to the side, attempting to avert the others gazes, but the sudden rosiness of his cheeks gives him away. You chuckle, pretty damn satisfied with yourself. “Geez, Stan, I didn’t know you liked me that much.” You state, earning a snort from Beverly and an eye roll from Ben. As usual, Stan remains silent, obviously annoyed with your constant teasing. You probably annoyed him more than Richie, and that in itself was saying a lot. The only difference was that you took the teasing to a more flirtatious level. Truth be told, you were good at making Stan Uris blush. Watching him become flustered and cheeks turn bright red was somewhat rewarding. It was the fact that you had that effect on him. No one else, only you. You were the only person in Derry that could make Stan Uris become flustered and embarrassed, and you loved it. 

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Ruby Kisses

Request:  Maybe turn the headcanons into an imagine of the reader and Patrick getting caught by her parents? Also love the concept of being Stan’s older sister! Maybe all the losers are having a sleep over at his house when the reader gets caught with him!

AN: i was gonna make a smutty version but then i got another kinda fluffy idea in my head and i ran with it. if y’all want a more Rated R version then hit me up bc i’m so down for nsfw patrick :) and this is way longer than i thought it would be wow, sorry

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Secrets {Part 2} // Eddie Kaspbrak

Word Count- 1462

Summary- You’re Stan Uris’ twin sister, and you two are as close as can be. That is, until you start dating one of his best friends behind his back, and go against his number one rule; no dating his friends. (CONT.)

Warnings; N/A

A/n; I meant to have this out earlier, but I had to go out and couldn’t get it done until now, sorry for the late upload!

Requested; Kinda! @goawayjules



You were frozen, gawking at your brother. You opened your mouth, desperate to say something, anything, to change his mind, to convince him otherwise; but you couldn’t. You physically couldn’t bring yourself to lie to him, not again. Not anymore. He knew, and there was nothing you could do. Eddie didn’t look like he was going to object either; his expression mirror your own. Pure horror, shock, and flushed cheeks. “Is it true?” Stan asked, his voice void of any emotion.

You were aware the entire group was nervously glancing between you, Stan, and Eddie. You couldn’t bear to look at him anymore, so you cast your gaze downwards. No words were said between the group, a heavy, tense silence lurking through the air. The sound of a zipper made you snap your head in the direction of the noise, and Eddie took a puff of his inhaler. Taking a deep breath yourself, you forced yourself to look up into your brother’s eyes. You were surprised at what you saw; not a trace of anger, in the slightest. You could read your brother like a book, and he truly wasn’t angry. All you saw was hurt, and it broke your heart. From the way you felt currently, you would’ve rathered him be mad.

“How long has this been going on?” He demanded.  “Stan..” You whispered, your cracking voice echoing through the dead silent area. “How long?” He repeated, louder than the first time. “5 months.” Eddie whispered, ashamed. He wouldn’t look Stan, or anyone, in the eyes. His eyes were firmly glued to the ground. “Stan, please..” You whispered, on the verge of breaking down. He didn’t respond.

He only shook his head, silently grabbing his clothes off the ground and sliding on his shorts and shoes, not bothering with his belt, socks, or shirt. He simply climbed into his bike, clothes resting on his elbow before looking at you, dead in the eyes, and sighing, before biking off. The others were left in an uncomfortable silence, and you broke down. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.” The tears began flowing down your cheeks, and Beverly instantly brought you into a hug. She knew how bad the guilt of not telling Stanley had been affecting you, and how you thought- no, you knew this would happen, despite her telling you Stan wouldn’t do something like this. Obviously, she didn’t know him as well as you did. How could she, though?

After sitting in the deadly silence for a good few minutes, Beverly spoke. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’ve gotta get back, my dad’s gonna start worrying. Hang in there, I’m sure everything will work itself out.” She said, smiling sadly as she released you from the hug, gave you a quick pat and jumped on her bike. One by one, the losers copied, wishing you the best; even Richie, instead of a remark on your relationship, smiled at you and told you everything would be alright. Soon, it was just you and Eddie remaining, the only sounds being your uneven breathing, from recovering from your wave of tears.

Eddie walked over to you, hesitantly, and offered you a hand. Sniffling, you took it, and allowed him to help you up. Instead of letting go of your hand when you were on your feet, Eddie tugged on your arm and pulled you into his chest. You both wrapped your arms around each other, and stood there in a silence. Whether it was one you’d consider comfortable, you were unsure. You wouldn’t consider it uncomfortable either, though. Somewhere in between. A minute passed, and you sighed. “What’s gonna happen, Eds? To us?” You whispered, unable to swallow the lump in your throat. You felt Eddie tense in your arms, and he slipped his arms out from your grip and took a puff from his inhaler. He looked down at you, smiling sadly. “I have no fucking idea, Y/N.”

That was another thing you could always trust Eddie to do; be honest with you. He wasn’t going to lie, and say everything was going to be alright, like everyone else, because he knew it could easily go wrong. The best he- and you- could do, was wait and hope for the best. You two slowly released your death grips on one another, and you looked up into his beautiful, shimmering brown eyes. He leaned down, kissing you quickly, but passionately. You understood it perfectly; he was saying good luck, I love you, and goodbye, all in one little 10-second kiss.

“Let’s get you home.” Eddie whispered, grabbing your hand and tugging you towards your pile of clothes. You both dressed quickly, and you climbed on the back of Eddie’s bike, holding onto his torso tightly. He biked you home, much faster than you would’ve liked, and you hopped off the bike. “Want me to come in with you?” Eddie asked, sweetly. “No thanks, Eds. I need to do this myself.” You smiled bittersweetly, dreading conversation with your brother. You waved to Eddie, walking up the pathway to your door. Just as you were about to enter, Eddie called your name.

Turning, you gave him a look of confusion. He smiled at you, a twinkle in his eyes. “I never told you, you look absolutely beautiful today.” You blushed bright red, and waved him off, playfully. “Get out of here, Kaspbrak.” His smile melted into one of concern. “I love you, Y/N. No matter what happens.” Tears sprung to your eyes, and you bit your lip to attempt to stop them from flowing down your already flushed cheeks. “I love you too. Goodbye, Eddie.” With that, you disappeared behind the door, closing it behind you. Immediately, you leaned against the door, closing your eyes and letting free the tears.

“He really means that much to you, huh?” Your eyes snapped to the voice, your eyes blown wide. It was Stan, and he had the same emotionless expression still on his face. You couldn’t bring yourself to vocalize your thoughts, so all you managed was a nod. Stan hummed, looking down on the floor. “Listen, Y/N-” He started, but you cleared your throat, ready to speak. You were going to fight for you and Eddie, he meant so much to you, way too much to let him go so easily.

“No, you listen, Stanley. I love Eddie, okay? I’m so, so sorry I broke your promise, but we were 8! You couldn’t have expected me to keep that promise, could you? It’s not like I chose to fall in love with Eddie-” “Y/N,” He tried to cut you off, but you held up a finger. “I’m not done. Eddie’s the nicest, smartest, sweetest, most amazing boy I’ve met. He makes me happy, Stanley. I know, you’re worried he’ll hurt me-” “Y/N..” “Shush! Eddie wouldn’t hurt me; he wouldn’t hurt a fly, for god’s sake! It’s Eddie- he’s an innocent little angel, he’s heavenly.. I’m getting off topic, anyways” “Y/N!” Stanley finally yelled, and you gulped, shying away. Here it comes.

“I support you two, Y/N.” He said, and you looked at him if he were crazy. “Come again?” You asked, genuinely confused. Stan sighed, grabbing your arm and pulling you into the empty living room, and sat you on the couch. “Look, you’re right. You’re always right. I know, we were only 8, but I worried about you. I still worry about you, but it’s not my place to stop you from loving someone.” You had tears running down your cheeks, this time ones of happiness, and you lunged forward, tackling your brother in a hug.

“Thank you so much, Stan.” You whispered, sniffling. You two pulled away, smiling at each other. “I just ask you two keep the PDA to a minimum around me. I do not need to see my best friend sucking my sister’s face off.” You choked on air, a look of disgust crossing your features. “First of all, gross! Way to ruin the moment, dumbass! Second, it’s Eddie the Germaphobe Kaspbrak.” You laughed, and Stan laughed too. 

“I guess you’re right. Besides, I’d much rather you be with Eddie, than most of the guys in this town. I trust him.” “Glad to hear it.” You smiled, ecstatic. “Well, I mean, before today, I thought you were in a relationship with Richie, so I think you could imagine the relief I felt when I figured out it was Eddie, and not Richie.” “Why the fuck would I date Richie?” You asked, furrowing your brows. Stan shrugged. “You wouldn’t. If he tried anything with you, he’d be dead.” You both laughed, and you hugged him again as you whispered, “I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute, Stan.”

A Supernatural x “IT” Crossover (part 6)

S U M M A R Y: Their next case brings the three Winchester siblings to Derry, a city in which children seem to disappear for a unknown reason…

A/N: imagine that the IT movie plays in 2017 and not in 1988.

Also this is a crossover between supernatural and the “ IT ” movie. Not the book. It’s been a while since I saw the movie so if I make any mistakes, please don’t be angry, I really enjoyed the movie and thought that it would go super well with Supernatural.

( This is going to have multiple parts )

A/S/N: I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who sent me a kind message after the last part, I’m really thankful for that 🌻✨🐕

Chapter 6

“Wait a second-”, Dean exclaims and holds his right hand up:“So you’re telling us, you are working on this case for a couple of weeks now? And you all think that a actual clown kidnapped those children?” Bill sees that the oldest Winchester sibling is desperately trying to hold back his laughter.

Sam on the other side of the room doesn’t find the situation even half as funny and silly as his brother, he rolls his eyes:“Dean-”,he says while he crosses his arms infront of his chest.

Y/N who sits behind him on the couch looks over to Bill, the boy with the brown hair watches her oldest brother, his eyes are filled with anger and disappointment:“Dean, stop it!”,she spits and he turns around to look at her.

When he sees the unamused look on her face his smile drops:“Come ‘on, am I the only one who thinks that this theory is bullshit.”, he asks and faces Sam, but his brother avoids his gaze.

“Wait, hold on a second- you’re actually believing this?”,he asks and looks at him in disbelief. Sam takes a deep breath:“Look Dean, you know what I think of Clowns- but think about it for a minute it does make some sort of sense.”

Excuse me?!”

“Well, a demon or another spirit either possessed some innocent man who was dressed up as a clown. Its pretty clever because no one would believe that the nice neighbor, who plays the clown on children birthday parties, would actually kidnap his audience-”

Dean just shakes his head and walks over to the front door:“You know what- you two do whatever you want. You can work with these children-”,he points at Bill and his friends:“ while I’m going to do my own research and when I found the person responsible for this mess I’ll let you know…”,he opens the door and is ready to leave when he hears the voice of his sister.

“This isn’t just about finding some missing children,Dean -”, she looks over at Bill, he is standing next to the other boys who have watched the conversation of the three siblings from afar.

A small smile forms on the lips of Bill and he quickly looks away, Dean who has turned around raises his eyebrow:“What do you mean? The brother of your new friend is missing-”

Y/N crosses her arms infront of her chest, anger and annoyance are clearly visible in her Y/E/C eyes as she stares at him. How could her brother be so dumb and ignorant?

“This is about a big brother who wants to save his little brother.”,she explains and watches how Dean’s facial expressions change, his green eyes widen and his mouth opens a little bit. He looks at Bill and for a minute.

He understands him, Dean can see the pain and regret in his eyes, he can feel the sadness and anger inside of the young boy. Because he knows it just too well.

“If you walk out of this door, don’t expect me or Sam to follow you. You know we would always support you and your decision, but not today Dean, I’m sorry. If we let Bill alone, he’s going to chase the creature that captured George together with his friends, if one of them dies it’d be our fault-”, she says and Dean closes his eyes for a second:“We know what a person is willing to do in order to save their family.”, She stops and takes a deep breath:“ Listen to me, I already have a plan on how to catch it- I just need your help and the help of the boys!”

“What is your plan?”

“I’m going to play the lure!”, She exclaims and Dean’s starts to violently shake his head while the boys look at her in shock:“She can’t be serious right now.”,Stanley whispers and raises his eyebrows.

Sam just sighs and runs a hand down his face:“Unfortunately she is extremely serious about this.”.

He looks over at Dean who just keeps shaking his head:“This is beyond stupid, the most stupid thing I’ve heard all day. And it’s not going to happen!”

His sister takea a deep breath:“ I know how to fight, you two trained me every since the day I was born. Dean, you teached me how to use guns and my fists to protect myself from ghost’s and demon’s. Sam you showed me how to use my mind, salt and iron to avoid ghost’s -well… what I want to say is that I am prepared for something like this. This clown likes to kill children, so I’m going down there to-”

But Dean just continues to shake his head:“Nope. Nope. Nope. You hear that?”, He asks and puts his hand behind his ear:“That’s the sound of me noping.”

“M-M-Maybe s-she does-doesnt h-have t-t-to go d-down t-there a-alone.”, Bill says and the three Winchester siblings turn around to look at him. Dean knits his eyes:“What do you mean?”

“W-w-w-we can g-go w-w-w-with h-her.”

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I need more of Stan and Ford casually calling each other “brother”. It’s how Stan greeted Ford from the portal. I need them to drop from nicknames into ‘brother’ every now and then. Please.

Bro-bro is a Mabel and Dipper thing. Brother is a Stan and Ford thing. I need this to happen.

Stupid Nerves (Richie Tozier x Reader)

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Anonymous Request: IT IMAGINE WITH RICHIE TOZIER HAVING A CRUSH ON OLDER READER WHO IS BILLS SISTER. cute pick up lines and a nervous richie. thanks love

Author Note: Sorry these come out so later I just want them to be the best (And I have to write them on a typewriter first cause I can never write at the computer), but If you guys want I can post little Drabbles I think of or ones you guys request just to give you something every day. Anyways I hope you like it Anonymous!

     (Y/n) Denbrough was infatuated… With who? It might be shocking to some, but (Y/n) was practically head over heels for Richie Tozier.  It was odd to say the least, but thankfully Bill was oddly chill with it. (”A-As long as y-y-your happy.”) Richie  easily cheered her up when things seemed grey and not to mention she admired the fact that she was envious that he refused to take crap from anyone.

       Richie, of course, felt the same for her. (Though they’re both quite oblivious about this fact.) However, there was one thing he didn’t like about his situation. Richie, the boy who was famous for never shutting up, could hardly speak around her. His brain seemed to stutter and whirl faster then his mouth could move leaving him an anxious mess. He had no idea on what to do about it. In fact, Richie thought about just ignoring her until Bill gave him advice one day.

       “Wuh-Why don’t you just u-use so-some pick up lines,” He stated one day at lunch. (After hearing Richie rant about how nervous he got around the oldest Denbrough.) 

        “Are you kidding me Bill? I doubt your sister would like that,” Richie grumbled. That was what he used to do all the time. Surely that would just anger her. He huffed slightly and sat down at the table setting his tray down on the table.

        Bill was very tempted to say,’She would enjoy any compliment or flirting from you.’ But he kept that thought to himself. Instead he replied, “Richie I-I would thu-think I know w-w-what my sister enj-joys.”

         Richie sighed and nervously poked at his food with his fork. “Right. Sorry Bill. I just really like (Y/n) and it was awkward enough telling you…” He grumbled quietly which surprised Bill.

        Eddie plopped down beside Richie seeming confused. “What was awkward?” He asked curiously. Of course Eddie knew about Richie’s crush and he was quite certain that was what Richie was speaking about. However before he could ask that he was beat to it.

        “That he likes Bill’s sister,” Stanley stated sitting down beside Bill. 

        Richie huffed slightly as his face began to turn red. “Do we really have to talk about this more?” He complained glancing at the others. 

        “Actually you brought it up,” Eddie commented as he stabbed at the horrid lunch food. He scrunched his nose and shoved the food away.

        “Oh fuck you Eddie,” Richie grumbled under his breath.

        (Y/n) opened her locker letting out a sigh of relief as she dumped her textbooks in it. She let out a slight huff though noticing how some of her papers had fallen out of the books and onto the floor of her locker. ‘Oh well’ She thought as she closed her locker. She turned to leave, she had plans with Beverly after school, only to be greeted by Richie. “Oh, hi Richie! I’m sorry I didn’t see you before,” She laughed nervously before continuing, “What’s up?”

        Richie gulped slightly as (Y/n) smiled at him. His heart practically pounding against his ribs considering how nervous he was. He glanced behind (Y/n) for a moment relaxing slightly when he saw the group at the end of the hallway. The all ushered him to speak as he let out a sigh. His gaze returned to (Y/n) as he smiled nervously. “(Y/n) you know what you’d look good in?”

        (Y/n) tilted her head which caused strands of her hair to fall in her face. Obviously Richie was up to something…. However she had no idea what he was doing. “No… What would I look good in?” she asked cautiously.

        “My arms.” almost instantly there was a tension in the air as (Y/n)’s whole face heated up. Her eyes wide in surprise at the pick up line Richie just used… He never did that before… so did he?

        “Richie did you-”

        “Bye!” Richie squeaked out managing to cut (Y/n) off. He quickly vanished down the hallway his face beet red as he caught up with the others. 

           “H-h-hey (Y/n) I br-brought the others over i-is t-t-tha-that okay?” Bill asked as he stepped into the house. The oldest Denbrough was left in charge by their parents because they were off at the movies. 

             (Y/n) rolled her eyes and replied, “Bill you don’t have to ask. They’re my friends too.” Bill only grinned and opened the door letting the other three inside. (Y/n) turned towards them smiling slightly when she noticed Richie. “Hey you guys.”

              “Hey (Y/n) sorry if we just invited ourselves,” Stan called out already making his way upstairs towards Bill’s room. She chuckled slightly as Eddie vanished after Stan yelling something about inviting yourself.

          “I s-s-should make sure thu-they don’t break any-nything.” bill vanished up the stairs just leaving (Y/n) with Richie.

              She turned towards Richie raising an eyebrow when she realized Richie hadn’t spoken a word yet. ‘Richie are you-.” (Y/n) stopped mid-sentence. Her nose scrunched up and her eyes water slightly. (Richie thought she was either sick or about to cry.) She let out a sneeze, but managed to cover her mouth with her arm. She pulled her arm away and sniffled slightly. 

              Richie blushed slightly as he nervously said, “I would say God bless you, but it looks like he already did.” (Y/n)’s face grew red and she tried to form words to say to Richie, but he assumed she was trying to let him down easy. “L-look I’m sorry! I uh crap I should of kept my mouth close. God I’m so stupid look can we-”

             Richie had started rambling and your eyes widened hearing his words. “Richie,” (Y/n) snapped effectively shutting the boy up. His whole body tensed and he seemed to stare up at her pitifully. (Y/n) nervously ran a hand through her hair as her cheeks slowly became red. “Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?” 

              Richie’s face was still a bright red, but a grin spread across his face hearing (Y/n)’s cheesy pick up line. “(Y/n) I hate to the bearer of bad news, but I think your wrong,” He stated making her chuckle slightly. Richie nervously took her hand as She leaned down slightly. (She was only an inch taller then him at the moment.) Richie hesitantly pressed his lips to her and she happily kissed back. However it only lasted a second before being interrupted.

                 “You a-assholes do-don’t do that here,” Bill scolded making (Y/n) laugh once she pulled away. She smiled at Richie and Richie found himself smiling back. Bill however was already slightly regretting being so chill about the situation.


And that’s the last batch! Some of these I posted on my reblog account, but I never got around to posting them here, so this’ll definitely make up for it. Hope you guys enjoyed. It was a pleasure drawing with all you Wii U owners out there!

After I drew Genderbent Stanley I decided I really wanted to draw him as a girl in other au’s, and I immediately ended up trying it with the “Teen Dad Stanley Mcgucket” au that @thelastspeecher and I sort of did that crossed their Stanley Mcgucket fic with my Mystery dads fic. 

So here we have Stanna Mcgucket getting picked up by the Mcgucket parents, when they find her her eight months pregnant trying to fix her broken down car. They invite her to stay with them until the baby is born, and end up convincing her to just stay there as a farmhand too. I like to think after Molly is born they sign Stanna up either to get her GED, or to attend the high school and get her degree along with Angie.  I think when Ford comes to visit in thanksgiving he catches Stanna either feeding Molly or doing homework with Molly nearby, and gets very surprised at his new uncle status. And just like in the Teen Dad verse, Molly’s presence is pretty much all that keeps Stan from decking Ford.

(Cause I think, since you don’t have to try and squeeze in time for Stan to get a girlfriend, them have a kid, and him be left with said kid, I think it wouldn’t be absolutely necessary to change anyone’s ages. Stanna finds out that she’s pregnant a couple months after she gets kicked out, and was already before than cause her boyfriend used faulty condoms.)

Anyway, originally I had just planned to change that Stan was a girl, and not have them meet before Molly is born, but the idea popped in my head and it was too good to pass up.

Supernatural x “ IT ” crossover

Okay so I’ve got an idea and I would love to hear your opinion on this.

So basically I’m going to write a crossover between Supernatural and the “ IT ” movie, and the reader is going to be Sam and Dean’s teenage sister.

And maybe there’s going to be some romantic stuff happening between one member of the loser club and the reader. Because they have to work together with the Winchester siblings.

So let me know what you think about this 💫🙌🌻

Lots of love,

Kaija 💛

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anonymous asked:

Your 9-5 Au, or simply put for my terms Business Firm AU. I am guessing his Firm is called Stanco? And Soos is a white collar who Stanley trusts more. Wendy is so the front desk receptionist who keeps guests and calls waiting. I wonder how Dipper and Mabel fit in? Maybe running around the office building and creating chaos? But more importantly how will Stanford fit in...

I think it was like

“…later renamed Stan Co LLC!”

I like all these ideas, anon…do go on, send me more

Ford…worked as a corporate attorney for Fiddleford’s technology company?And he signed a contract with Bill but didn’t consider all the legal ramifications of demonic possession, so after he got pushed into the portal Bill chases him around forum shopping other dimensions trying to get the contract enforced to his benefit. Ford gets 12…LLMs in the multiverse and can practice things like baby law and “Maw” now?

Then when he and Stan reconcile they both practice maritime law from their office on the Stan o’ War II. A childhood dream come true 

I dunno, I’m not a lawyer, very obviously yeesh


The Chicago Tylenol murders were a series of unsolved murders in Chicago that resulted in the creation of the tamper proof seal on medication.  7 people died as a result of Tylenol that had been laced with cyanide. 

When Adam Janus took a dose of extra strength Tylenol he fill ill and was immediately rushed to the hospital where he died. His brother Stanley and sister in law Theresa went home and each took a Tylenol and both died as a result of cyanide poisoning. It was only when comparing the bottles from the Janus and Kellerman murders that a connection was discovered. They had the same control number, MC2880. The Medical examiner told the leading officer to smell the bottles. The bottle smelled like almonds, leading the ME to assume cyanide was the culprit as cyanide is said to smell like almonds. 

Over 31 million bottles of Tylenol were recalled. This caused Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Tylenol, to put up a $100,000 reward for any information about the person who had done this. 

It has never been discovered who took these seven lives though some suspect the unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was smart enough to do this. We may never know who took these seven lives or why but some good di come of this. The tamper proof seal one now finds on medication was introduced to keep people from meeting the same fate as they could now tell if anyone had tampered with their medication before them.