stanley raymond kowalski

Steve Rogers is giving Kowalski The Look.

Bucky’s familiar with That Look.  Since he’s been on the receiving end of The Look exactly 7,677 and a half times over the years of their friendship and not even HYDRA mind whammys could have completely erased that fact from his Swiss Cheese brain.

Also, he’s figured that it’s time to duck and cover.  Oh, hello, Steve’s shield.  You’ll do just fine.

“Stanley Raymond Kowalski – ”

Oh boy, the full name treatment.  Where’s the popcorn when you need it?

“ – if you seriously think that Constable Benton Fraser – ”

Kowalski was beginning to appreciate the Enormity of what he’d just done.

“ – has any intention to get his hands on my ass – ”

“That Ass happens to have Property of Bucky Barnes stamped on it,” Bucky supplies helpfully.   He cringes when Steve directs The Look at him but Steve plows on.

“ – you are a complete and utter eejit, a moron, a fucking dumbass, a numbskull and I thought you were supposed to be a hotshot detective, huh – ”

Kowalski has the grace to actually cringe at this point. 

Whoops, there goes his Irish firecracker and he’s in fine voice too.  Also, even at the temporary height of five foot and change, Steve hasn’t lost the battlefield command in his voice. 


“Um, what, soldier?!”


Steve facepalms.   “Ray Ray Ray.”

“Please don’t do that, you sound exactly like Fraser when you do that – ” Kowalski babbles.

“This big lug right here is my fella.  Has been since 1939. Will love him ‘till my dying day." 

"Stevie."  And at that, Bucky gets an actual Steve smile.  It’s pure sunshine. 

"There’s a certain very fine looking fella out there in red serge who’s probably feeling very confused and very hurt right now, Detective.  Think you ought to let him know where he stands?”

Kowalski hangs his head.  “I’m a fucking idiot.”

“You’re not a 'fucking idiot,’ Ray."  They all turn to see said fine looking fella at the door.  Heh.  Who knew the Mountie actually had a mouth on him?

Also, Bucky’s quite familiar with that specific Look on the Mountie’s face.  Grief.  Loss.  Despair waging war with hope.  Hope’s gaining an upper hand for the last few moments.

Bucky should know - he’s worn that same Look a time or two.  Usually in relation to his tiny, adored bit of sunshine. 

"I’m your fucking idiot, to be honest.” Kowalski actually has a brain in his skull.  He’s taking an actual step forward.

“Ray Ray Ray — mmmph!”

Well, those were some smooth moves from Kowalski.

Bucky feels Steve lean against him and since he’s not an idiot, he pulls in HIS fella for a snuggle.  Also, they’re both hungry and Buck Frobisher’s caribou stew was smelling mighty good right now. 

The two of them leave the Mountie and the Detective to their kissing.

—  THIS IS ALL TYGERMAMA’S FAULT - Darth Stitch’s Official Story and She’s Sticking to It

Due South ended on one of the slashiest notes I’ve ever seen, the over all series wrap-up starts around 2min. They basically made my favorite pair, Ray K/Fraser canon! If you’ve never seen the show rent it, Netflix has it. My pairing first makes its appearance in an episode called “Burning Down The House”. This also started my life long crush on Callum Keith Rennie. I’m going to post a couple quotes later that are so subtexty. JUST WATCH THE SERIES! And then read/write more please!