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Would you Electrocute a Stranger To Death Simply Because An Authority Figure Told You To?
Yes. 65% of You Would. 

Stanley Milgrim’s Obedience to Authority Experiment revisited (2009)


In case you’re interested in the Stanford Prison Project, this is a half hour documentary on the experiment. It also discusses the Milgrim Experiment, another experiment done in the mid 20th century about people’s responses to authority. 

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Stanley Milgrim’s Authority Obedience Test.

This was a test originally run by Stanley Milgrim in 1961. It was a test to see if ordinary citizens would obey science and authority no matter what the circumstances were. These citizens were paired up with another apparently ordinary citizen (really an actor) and given the task of “teacher”, while the actor was given the task of “learner”. 

The “Teacher’s” job was to distribute shocks every time the “learner” got an answer wrong, but every time a question was answered incorrectly, the “teacher” was required to increase the shock voltage significantly. The shock went from a 15 voltage all the way up to a lethal 450 voltage.