stanley hooper


Sherlock - The next generation

David Mazouz - William Eures Holmes
(Son of Eurus Holmes, Nephew of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, born in prison and given away by Mycroft Holmes in Forster Care, Student of Chemistry)

Tom Holland - Jonathan Harrison Watson
(Son of Harriet Watson, Nephew of John Watson, raised by his grandparents, former soldier in Syria, brought back due to his PTSD)

Taron Egerton - Inspector Stanley Hopkins
(New in Scotland Yard, very smart, ambitious person. Partner of DI Tabia Gregson. Believer in the new generation of consulting detectives)

Marianne Jean-Baptiste - DI Tabia Gregson
(Excellent DI, enemy and biggest opponent of Greg Lestrade. Doubter of consulting detectives even despite the fangirling of her daughter over Sherlock Holmes) 

Loo Brealey - Molly Hooper
(Medical Examiner, best friend of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Godmother of John Watsons daughter. Highly supporter of the new generation)

Una Stubbs - Miss Hudson 
(Former Housekeeper of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Now Housekeeper of the new generation. Grandmother like and a very good caretaker) 

Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock Holmes
(Consulting Detective. Finds out about having a nephew and Mycrofts cover up. Brings his sister’s son to London for his studies and supports him, after finding out about his deduction skills. Also lives with John Watson and Rosie Watson in Sussex.)

Martin Freeman - John Watson
(Doctor. Organize a new stay for his nephew after he comes back from the war. Works as a doctor in Sussex with Sherlock and his daughter Rosie.) 


(First Chapter of the drabble-chronicles ;))