stanley cups finals

Really quick lazy doodle of Prompto enjoying the summer! :>


Cullen on Crosby having the chance to win his third Stanley Cup: “I know just being around Sid how much this means to him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him more determined than I’ve seen him this last playoff run - even more so the last few days. You know, they don’t come along very often, generational talents. I think to go along with that, he has a drive that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere. Sid is a guy that loves the game more than anybody.”

Edit: Cullen and Crosby, 2017 Stanley Cup Champions. 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Richard Bittle


Mr. Robert Zimmermann &

Mrs. Alicia Carter Zimmermann

invite you to celebrate

the marriage of their sons


Eric Richard Bittle Jr.


Jack Laurent Zimmermann


Saturday, the twenty-ninth of June

two thousand and nineteen

at eleven o’clock in the morning


Reception to follow

Bad Bob’s favorite dad joke happened when he and Alicia were out shopping just after Jack started teething. A reporter cornered them just outside the grocery store and asked him,

“Bad Bob, do you think your son will go into hockey like you?”

Bob, being an exhausted parent of a 6 month old, looked down at Jack chewing on his 1991 Stanley Cup Final game winning hockey puck, looked back up at the reporter and said,

“Well, he certainly has a taste for it”