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playoff hockey? did you mean:



Rules are très simple!

1) Be following me. (heartlandofhockey)

2) Reblog (and/or like) this post. (You won’t be “entered” if you just like it)

3) Put in the tags ur favourite team(s). (this part honestly doesn’t matter and does not affect ur chances of winning a jersey, I just wanna follow more blogs lol. It also kinda helps me know if you’re really interested in participating.)

A winner will be chosen at the end of the Conference Finals (or at the beginning of the Finals). 

Other info:
- If chosen, you can chose from any NHL (or KHL/Minor, I haven’t decided) team.
- Can only be non-player jerseys.
- Have to be comfortable with giving an address.
- My non-player Blackhawks jersey (home, small) is still available for sale, for $55 (60% off), anyone can have that, first-come first-served.

reblog if you’re an NHL blog

If your blog content is 75% hockey or more, reblog so I can check you out and follow you! I just made this hockey sideblog and am looking for more people to fill my dash with relevant content. Bonus if you’re into the Chicago Blackhawks (esp Kane, Panarin, Teuvo, Shaw, and TVR) and/or the Washington Capitals (super bonus for Willy&Lats, Burky). Oh and this is a sideblog so I’ll follow you under my main, @baewhishaw, but all hockey stuff will be on here ^^’

NHL Jersey Giveaway

So the Blues didn’t force/win a game 7, so no jersey giveaway :(

But!!! I’ve decided that when I reach my next hundred, I will do a jersey giveaway!!! It’s over 50 to go though :/ but if you want a free jersey, reblog this, follow me, tell ya friends, tell ya family, tell ya dog(s). Do your thing, and yeah!!

Also!!! Blackhawks jersey is still FOR SALE $55 (60% off normal price).