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Mini Toews - Jonathan Toews

Request: Could you write a Jonathan Toews imagine about him holding your newborn daughter for the first time? Thank you!!

Word Count: 1,307

Warnings: None

A/N: Yay my first request! I hope you like it though, I tried my best! Requests are still open.

Even though Jonathan had a team to lead through the playoffs he was still always there for me throughout my pregnancy. It came to a surprise to the both of us when I found out I was pregnant because we were not planning on having a child this early, but regardless we were both excited for our little girl to be born.

Tonight Jonathan had a game against the Blues and I knew I was due any day now. The pains got worse and worse over the days and Jonathan felt bad for not being able to be here for me but I insisted that it was okay. I had decided to miss his home game tonight since he practically begged me to just lay down and not do any harsh movements. It took a lot of convincing but I eventually gave into his request.

“You’ll do great tonight babe. You know how the playoffs are like. You have no reason to be nervous.” I told him as he prepared to leave. Even after all the playoff games and Stanley Cups he and the Hawks have won Jonathan always seemed to get so nervous before every game.

“I just wish you could be there, but I don’t want you getting hurt or anyone to hurt you. I want our little girl to be born safely.” He said, pressing his hand against my stomach gently. I smiled and placed my hand on top of his.

“Me and the baby will be cheering for you right here and after you win i’ll still be right here waiting for you. I promise.” I told him. He leaned in a gave me a quick kiss before grabbing his bag off of the ground. I gently fixed his tie and rubbed his arm softly. “Go kick some butt today. I know you can do this.” I told him after returning his kiss.


The Hawks were doing amazing tonight. Jonathan already had two goals and I was so proud of him. I knew he could do it. The second period came to a quick end and the the Hawks were leading the blues 5-1. The pains began to worsen again and I gently placed a hand over my stomach letting out a harsh breath. I really hoped that my water wouldn’t break while Jonathan was gone because I never prepared for something like this without him by my side. I tried to take deep breaths instead of freaking out.

I reached for my phone and called my mom. She was the next best thing available and I didn’t want to distract Jonny from his game. The call rung a few times before she finally picked up.

“Hey there sweetheart. Is everything okay?” She asked once she noticed my harsh breathing. I slowly sat up and held the phone close to my ear.

“Mom, I-I think my water is going to break soon..I don’t know but- i’m in so much pain..and Jonathan, he’s playing hockey. I don’t know what to do.” I said quickly, practically out of breath. She replied saying she’d be there as soon as possible and I quickly hung up. I turned my attention back to the tv and they were interviewing Jonathan on his two goals he had in the second period. He looked so happy and I couldn’t help but smile along with him.

“I’m just excited to head home after this and see my beautiful wife. Our baby is due any day now and I can’t wait.” He said finally before he headed back to the locker room with a smile. Gosh, how did I get so lucky to have met a man like him? That good mood soon ended though when I felt the kick and movements of the baby again and I groaned in pain. I heard the door open and I expected it to be my mother. She came over to me and helped me sit up before handing me a bottle of water.

Unfortunately though once I sat up I felt wetness near my lower area and that’s when I knew it was finally time.

“Mom, mom..the baby- my water just broke.” I said in a gasp and my mom quickly helped me up to my feet and led me to her car. I gripped my phone tightly and debated on weather or not I should call, or at least text Jonathan.

“I’ll leave a text message on Jonny’s phone. The third period just started, he’ll be here soon.” My mother told me but I was so aroused in pain to even think about anything expect this baby.


“Mrs. Toews it’s almost time to deliver the baby. I’m afraid we can’t wait any longer.” The nurse told me and I sighed out loud. Where the heck was Jonathan. Did he get my mothers text? All these worries kept passing through my mind and all I wanted right now is for Jonathan to just hold my hand and tell me everything was going to be okay. I told her that it was okay to proceed and she went to get the doctors and now I was left alone in the hospital room. I wanted to cry. I wanted Jonathan to be here to see our first born child and he wasn’t.

The doctors came into the room moments later and I let out a shaky breath, trying not to cry when the pushing needed to begin. A minute later the door was thrown open and there was Jonathan. His hair was everywhere and sweaty. His suit was messily thrown on and he didn’t even attempt to do his tie. It was truly a hilarious sight but I was so glad he made it.

“I’m here, i’m here Y/N! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know this was going to happen. I feel so horrible-“

“Jonny, Jonny it’s okay. It’s okay you’re here now. Please just hold my hand. It hurts.” I whined and Jonny quickly took my hand into his and gave it a gentle squeeze. Now I knew I was ready to finally have this baby.


It took one final push and our little baby girl, Amber had finally made it into the world. She was so tiny and I couldn’t help but let a few tears of joy roll down my cheek once the doctors handed her to me after cleaning her up. She was wide awake and already so eager to see the world around her. Jonny was there for me the entire time and I couldn’t be more happier.

“She looks so beautiful Y/N. Just like her mommy.” He whispered as he leaned in to see her closely.

“I can tell she already has your curious personality.” I whispered to him before looking his way. He was still a slight mess from when he came in but it didn’t matter to me.

“Would you like to hold her?” I asked him and he nodded instantly.

“Is that even a question?” He joked as he carefully took her from my arms. I was exhausted and it was already close to midnight and all I wanted how was to just sleep. I looked over at Jonny with tired eyes as he held our daughter. I heard him mumbling something to her in French but I couldn’t quite make it out. Even if it was a little earlier than we expected I was still so happy to be starting a family with Jonny.

“Look she’s falling asleep.” Jon pointed out with a smile.

“I’m with her.” I chuckled, yawning softly. Jon came back over to me and sat down on the chair next to my bed.

“Get some rest. I got her.” He whispered, giving Amber a kiss on her forehead and then leaning in to give me a kiss on mine.