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Saw Her Standing There

So this is my 2nd eye contact story for Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon organized by @thebookjumper. I wrote this while watching the hockey game last night with no beta so be kind. Also available on AO3.

Oliver couldn’t help it, he just wanted to go home. If he was honest, he was becoming tired of going out every night with his best friend Tommy. There had to be more.

He looked around for Tommy to tell him he was heading out when he saw her. She was dressed all in black with black hair, she was so dark she would have blended in with the wall in the dark club, if not for her piercing blue eyes. He’d never seen eyes like hers. He was drawn to her.

He noticed she noticed him too. She gave him a sly smile.

Oliver began walking toward the mystery woman. All thoughts of leaving gone. He was almost there when he was suddenly stopped by Tommy.

“Hey man, you aren’t leaving already? Things are just getting started!”

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Damage Control

(AU in which our good pal Bits is a trainer and Jack becomes accident prone so he can see his favorite doctor)

Jack Zimmermann doesn’t purposely go down after a hard check, but he doesn’t mind it too much either. There are always going to be other injuries on the ice too. Like when people spear him or a puck hits him in the face. His favorite type of injury is one where he goes down, but can get back up again after a quick examination. Why? Because he may or may not have the biggest crush on their trainer. The one that handles damage control right on the ice.

It was a home game, and an angry Shark was looking for revenge after Jack scored a goal. The Falconers were destroying the Sharks, who were fighting for a spot in the playoffs. The Falconers already secured their one way ticket to the Stanley Cup finals, but they weren’t going to throw the game either. Especially not on their own turf.

Jack’s thoughts are jumbled and his vision is swimming. He feels the cold of the ice on the back of his calves and incoherent voices speaking above him. Jack hardly remembers what even happened, all he remembers is being elbowed in the face and the sound of his helmet cracking against the plexiglass. Elbowing should earn whoever checked him a penalty, but Jack isn’t well enough to say anything.

Suddenly, a worried face is staring down at him, blonde hair looking like a halo under the bright lights of the stadium. Jack’s heart races as he hears the smooth tone of a southern accent.

“Zimmermann?” The trainer, Eric Bittle, holds up two fingers and drags them across Jack’s vision. Jack only focuses on the halo.

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anonymous asked:

I hope you aren't done with SpiderBitty and are willing to tell me more on how he handled Civil War!!! -on my knees begging- pleaseeee, I just saw the movie and must know

Bitty: “Alright, I’ve gathered all of you here today so that we can peacefully settle our differences like the grown adults we all are supposed to be.”

All avengers are tied to their chairs from ankle to shoulder with loads of rounds of spider web. Several loud voices protest this treatment.

Bucky manages to get his arm free and tries to punch Spiderman, who is drinking coffee with his right hand and casually catches the metal arm with his left.

Bucky is now covered in twice as much spider web and hanging from the ceiling.

Bitty: “If you are gonna be childish about it, you don’t get to sit at the table! And I will hang the next person who interrupts me upside down outside the building. Maybe if I encourage the blood flow to your brains we will get some progress.”

Tony: “Is this a hostile take over? This feels like a hostile take over.”

Bitty: “I was around before you were Iron Man, and most of you lot only deal in covert operations, military or big world ending events, I’ve been doing the vigilante superhero thing for years now which gives me seniority and makes me qualified enough to act as a neutral party, but just in case I already asked somebody else to drop by to precede the negotiations. Also I brought mini pies.”

Clint staring at the mini pie in front of him with deep longing. “You realise we can’t eat the pies tied up right?”

“Think of it as extra incentive to finish quick. I have tickets for the Stanley Cup finals in a few days and a lot riding on The Falconers but I’m here dealing with you!”

“You know that’s a long shot right? The odds of The Falconers winning…” Was as far as Scott got before he was webbed in the mouth.

Bitty: “So how about Steve starts us off…”

Tony: “I object!”

Bitty: “With an apology for Tony.”

Tony: “Withdrawn!”

Steve: “I am not gonna apologise…”

Bitty: “Yes you are, because you gave a very nice lecture about hiding secrets to Tony a while back and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So either you are a big hypocrite Steve, which goodness me, I do not believe you are, or you believe yourself morally irreproachable and above this team.”

*supremely awkward silence*

Bitty: “And Tony stop looking so damn smug, put yourself in Steve’s place and Rodney in Bucky and tell me you wouldn’t have done the same!”

*even more awkward silence*

Steve mumbles, Bitty glares, he mumbles an apology slightly louder and Tony shrugs and avoid eye contact and mumbles something back.

Bitty sighs. “This is gonna take forever, thankfully the lawyers finally are here. Jennifer Walters* will be representing Tony’s side and Matt Murdock* will advocate for Steve, and Mr. Knight will serve as a neutral party on my behalf.”

“Lawyers?” asked Natasha with a skeptical eyebrow lift and already free of spider web and eating her pie, but totally being cool with where this was going.

“Yes, because even preschoolers learn that you don’t solve conflict by using your fists and since nobody here seems able to talk to each other, I hired you people that are both passionate about the side they are arguing and able to relate due to their own unique circumstances, to talk for you while you brood behind them and make faces at each other, and then because I know better than to assume that’s enough to ensure smooth proceedings I found somebody who will keep things amicable between them as well.”

*Bitty glares at all of them from behind his mask with the full power only a disapproving parent can gather*

“Y'all get to strategise for the rest of today and put your arguments together with your legal council, and come back here to sort things out first thing tomorrow and we will continue to meet until we reach a compromise, and if you can’t be civil at the grown up table, you are out of the discussions altogether and if you and your team walk away, I will personally give a press conference where I explain the reason we couldn’t come up with a solution is on your head. So, are we all in agreement with this wonderfully reasonable plan I laid out for you?”

*dead silence and suspicious looks are exchanged*

Spiderman claps his hands once happy to assume silence as an agreement.

“Excellent! I’ll bring the lawyers in.”

And that’s how SpidermanBitty solved Civil War and the Avengers learned to fear him. Also, how Shitty ends up meeting and later on working with She-Hulk.

Shitty was great as the neutral party and you know he has strong opinions about the whole affair, and accepts no bullshit from either side. And also he has tickets for the game as well so a deep interest in moving things along. They all manage to reach a compromise in 5 non stop days of discussions.

Bitty looms over all of them from the corner of the ceiling, passive aggressively bringing better smelling goods every new meeting and refusing to give a single one out till progress is made. It’s possible he Pavlov trained the Avengers.


Jennifer Walker: Bruce Banner’s cousin and She-Hulk, canonically a lawyer and on Iron Man’s side during the civil war comic book story line.

Matt Murdock: Daredevil, also a lawyer and also canonically on Captain America’s side during civil war comic book.